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  1. My Founder's photos: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/canfly172/library/2017 Gala Founders?sort=9&page=1 PW is Platinum 10 random pix that I kind of liked. Once again, a bit grainy cuz Clay's chair was the least lit of the 3 on stage, lol. Some pix have the lady's blonde hair in it from the table in front of us. Sawry. Did my best to shoot through a hole.
  2. I just uploaded some/most of my photos from the Fitzgerald's pre-party to Photobucket.Photobucket still likes me for some unknown reason.Posting some "interesting" or funny or pretty ones. The rest are here:Hopefully, this link will work. Password is Platinum. (as in Blonde, lol)http://smg.photobucket.com/user/canfly172/library/2017 Gala?sort=9&page=1I did not re-size the pix but PB seems to have re-sized them down a bit automatically. They're a bit grainy cuz I was zooming in from across the room (other than the last one and he was right in front of me for that one, lol) but reasonably happy with my Lumix's performance under the circumstances.
  3. Yup. My class was outside in short sleeves painting pictures of spring flowers last Thursday and today it was cold and wet. In hopes that it will warm back up again... Spring Imikimis:
  4. Hi Ladies! Due to health issues, one of our Toronto concert group members will not be able to attend our upcoming private concert in Toronto in a few weeks. While she is expected to make a full recovery, her recovery process has been much slower than anticipated and she asked us today to try to sell her "ticket" for her if we can. For Sale: One "ticket" to the private concert in Toronto in a few weeks. The opening is at our lowest price tier. As far as I know, the price is considerably lower than the lowest tiers for any other private concerts! If interested, please either PM me here or email me at canfly172@gmail.com Linda
  5. I'm hoping to, along with Nickikiwi and Allclaylong.
  6. Couchie, Please pass on my condolences to Muski! I had no idea. She doesn't post on any Clay message boards any longer does she?
  7. Great pix by Cloopy! Saw this so had to post: OMG. So sorry to hear of the passing of Muski's husband! What happened that he went so quickly??? Cancer? I'm not quite sure what "car" I'm in right now. I was in the "Sad that Clay won't be touring and recording in the foreseeable future but sure that he'll be continuing on in the entertainment field" car. Spoke to Luckiest1 before the show and she and I were pretty much in the same place and weren't in the "he's quitting" car...not my a long-shot. I guess reading all of the angst got to me because during that last song at the gala, I was trying so hard to hold back the tears and my reaction that night as I sat beside Allclaylong was overwhelming sadness. She whispered, "What the HELL?" and I felt the same. It FELT like a good-bye of some sort. Since then after talking to others, who are still in the "it's gonna be okay" car, I've felt better. I've gotten back to feeling a "good-bye to touring and recording Clay" (at least for now) but trying to put on my rose-coloured glasses and back to hoping for Broadway or something great for Clay.
  8. 2012 was a busy year for Clay! Thanks for putting that together LadyJ! Hope 2013 is just as busy and that his "nap" is a short one!
  9. Thanks for the pix! He looks great! I'm doing OK considering LdyJ. Justclay told me she told you guys about Dad.
  10. Yay! I hope that we can get the wire image pix bigger. :pray :prayer :please :beg
  11. I only recognize Clay, Arsenio, Lou Ferrigno, Penn & Teller guy and Debbie Gibson and that's it. I've heard Michael Andretti's son's name before but don't know what he looks like. I do know what Michael Andretti looks like and he ain't there, lol.
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