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  1. My Founder's photos: Gala Founders?sort=9&page=1 PW is Platinum 10 random pix that I kind of liked. Once again, a bit grainy cuz Clay's chair was the least lit of the 3 on stage, lol. Some pix have the lady's blonde hair in it from the table in front of us. Sawry. Did my best to shoot through a hole.
  2. I just uploaded some/most of my photos from the Fitzgerald's pre-party to Photobucket.Photobucket still likes me for some unknown reason.Posting some "interesting" or funny or pretty ones. The rest are here:Hopefully, this link will work. Password is Platinum. (as in Blonde, lol) Gala?sort=9&page=1I did not re-size the pix but PB seems to have re-sized them down a bit automatically. They're a bit grainy cuz I was zooming in from across the room (other than the last one and he was right in front of me for that one, lol) but reasonably ha
  3. Dat last stuff wuzn't suggestions. Didja mean to put the last to posts sumwhere else, lol? Canfly's suggestion: Askie Cindy on bended knee to make the banners wider or else make the areas on either side of the banner be mint green to match the background green? Or maybe both? The black is kinda stark. JMHPBO.
  4. I started a reply here a couple of days ago, starting from my first post here and quoted stuff and then lost it. I'm sure I would have had some witty stuff to say, lol. What was interesting as I went through was people who posted like 4 or 5 times and went bye-bye and then I was noticing certain people *coughtribecaandcanflycough* have kinda post-whored, lol. those who posted in this thread in the last year and who have stayed!
  5. Get an avvie woman!!! :smack:

  6. Clay checking out his own crotch? What's not to love! 10 (we have a 10 10 10 sign? I'm too lazy to look, so just imagine it, OK?) Hey...can somebody fix the spelling of avatar in the thread title. It's driving me nuts.
  7. Save it for Tourney Take 2 I'll give Jmh123's a 9. Clay giving finger to Reed would be the 10, lol. I'm cute! :Boss: I'm cute! :Boss: I'm cute! :Boss: Oh. The emote...not me. I went flying tonight BTW.
  8. canfly172

    this or that

    You and I should do a road trip. I hate being the passenger. I'm a DRIVER, lol. top or bottom for what or of what, lol? Me top. Him bottom. How's that? bloody perv... :spankin: Tear jerker or comedy?
  9. canfly172

    this or that

    Both. We can have both can't we? *pouts* Fine. Treasure trail. driver or passenger?
  10. canfly172

    this or that

    Treenuts picked a suit over lightweight jammie pants? pie (and can you make mine either apple or blueberry or strawberry cream cheese?) You ain't lived until you've had strawberry cream cheese pie made with fresh strawberries! clean shaven or stubble?
  11. canfly172

    this or that

    flip-flops suit or jammies? (we're talkin' on Clay here, K?)
  12. canfly172

    this or that

    Those are two of my favourite pictures. The NAJNT one is part of a wallpaper on my desktop. OMWH hair and NAJNT are my favs. I like the fluffy blond bang-less look the very best but it got a tiny bit brassy blond for the last Kimmel appearance....but really as long as it's not all "producty" and I can see his forehead, I'm a happy camper, lol. I've never seen the LA version I don't think and I was there for Hard Rock, Orlando, so I'll have to say Orlando, lol. ATDW or OMWH?