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  1. I can't go this year, hope it's a great one.
  2. Hi everyone sorry I don't post much but thinking of you! I have booked my flight to the gala in April as I got a good fare price. Just got email from Delta, they changed my departure from Burlington VT one hour earlier, so will have nearly 5 hrs in Atlanta airport to wait for next flight to Charlotte. If anyone flying with Delta or other airline and has a long stopover in Atlanta maybe we could spend some time together. I will post later one as I'm sure not everyone as gotten their flights yet. I'm flying October 10th.
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Hope to see you in 2013 before the next gala, a summer tour would be nice but I'd be surprised. Wishing you all a year of good health and happiness!
  4. Just love looking at all my pics from Washington! now beginning a 8 work evenings stretch so I could have last weekend off! but oh sooooooooooooo worth it! So much fun sightseeing and seeing everyone but too short time to see and spend time with everyone!
  5. I had a fantastic time in Washington DC! just love seeing folks at the Elephant & Castle, thanks for the bookmark ldyjocelyn! Love seeing others at the gala ! just love seeing Washington with all the sightseeing, hope to get there again for more. Also want to mention great seeing you Couchie, been so long
  6. Leaving at 8am for about a 2hres drive to Vermont for 12h30 flight to Washington! so excited Safe travels for everyone going to gala and I really feel for those who can't go
  7. One more evening to work! then off tomorrow getting ready for trip to Washington with my travel buddy on Thursday! Can't wait to see everyone again and of course Clay!!! sightseeing! Friday night dinner!
  8. In 4 days leaving for Washington!!! staying at the JW Marriott, can't wait for a fun filled weekend of sightseeing, seeing friends and meeting new ones! and of course the gala!!!! I hope it's as special as last year! See you there! I will be with the Clayversity group at the dinner Friday but will see you all there!!!!
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians here! I'm working but have 3 days off this week, going shopping in Vermont with my 2 sisters!
  10. ETA: More: I think she means medley of songs by Canadian artists. For those of you spiritual...could you please pray for my young friend Doug. His wife Diana gave birth to their first child Friday night, but his wife suffered complications and passed away yesterday. I can't even imagine gaining a child and losing a spouse in 24 hours... That is so sad!
  11. Wow only 27 days till gala can't wait! will be so good to get away!
  12. Hi everyone, sorry I don't post much but I think of you all! So looking forward to seeing some of you at the gala! It's going to be a fun weekend, it will be great to get away! I'm beginng aquafit exercices this morning, I'm so out of shape! Happy ldyjocelyn!
  13. Hi everyone, don't drop by too often I know! Looking forward to the gala in October. Off this weekend, have to get hubby to put up our 2 ACs today! It's been a very busy week at work. Looking forward to future things for Clay, so glad this TCA is over with, such a disappointment!
  14. I'm planning on being there for sure!
  15. Hope you all had a great Christmas, it was quiet here but nice. We don't have anything till New Year's Eve, thankfully I have to lose some lbs gained the past few weeks been binging on food and not moving enough since I'm off work, but got back on the program yesterday. I really didn't get much at Christmas because my real gift was the trip to Raleigh for the gala this year which I really didn't think I would have been able to attend! I was watching Clay's video chat from Oct. it was neat seeing reading questions from people I've met like ldyjocelyn! Anyhow if I don't get here this week for New Year's, I want to wish you in advance a very Happy New Year for 2012!!! We have a lot to look forward to with following Clay on CA and hopefully other things for him in 2012, I hope the song gets played on radio and is a success, it's such a great song!
  16. Hi everyone, I know that I don't post much but I do come here and read! Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! Trying a couple of WW recipes, mashed sweet potatoes with greek yogourt and apple-pear crumb pie that I heard was delicious and easy to make.
  17. My travel buddie who got the gala tickets may have got our too! :04: She just emailed it to me!!!
  18. This time next week, I'll be in Raleigh NC if no plane delays!!!! :04:
  19. Hi there, congratulations on your effort, I'm on WW too and it can be done to stay on the program at the gala! See you there!
  20. preden

    Gala 2011

    Hi funny you will in Quebec City and I'll be in the South! Have a great time in Quebec!
  21. Happy Birthday Clay!!! so looking forward to the gala, need this trip so much!!!
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