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  1. I am looking at the Biltmore right now and that is a bit iffy. Chastain is closer but that is also iffy right now. WHY do you ask, well the answer is I had surgery in Atlanta on Friday. Yeh, four small puncture homes and a 2 1/2 inch suture later, it is slow going. But it is what I expected and some that I did not expect. For such a minor/major surgery, things have certainly turned out way differentiantly than planned. Still down and out for 2 weeks and moving just a little bit slower, but still trying to eat what I am allowed. I tkink i need a hug. May be the Biltmore, Is that on a we
  2. ((((muski hubby)))) and ((((muski family)))) hope everything is better today. I have given up on Clay coming to Georgia ever again in my lifetime (LOL). He might get to Atlanta, but I try not to go there except for doctors appointments. Garden of Evil, I tell you. I am just a simple southern girl who lives in the sticks and likes it (actually this is an Air Force town so we have a lot of transient people). If you need a place to eat, a kwick shop or a church, we are the place to be. Hope everybody has a good day. Keep talking ladies, ya'll give me the chuckles. Waving to all my f
  3. Ladies, Sorry to those that are missing their husbands. If I had one, I am sure I would miss him, maybe!!!! Play hope you are feeling better after your fall. I swear I think sometimes that I am the most accident prone person in the whole WIDE world. I fall so often that I have my own zip code. Hope everybody is doing okay tonight. Am I the only one who thought Paula was acting a bit strange tonight. Only saw the last two guys tonight. Got home from work to late. See ya.... Clay singing Hall and Oates :medium-smiley-070:
  4. With my aching hand, I want to wish a belated birthday to all whom I missed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Couchie, I hope you mom is feeling better. I know you will enjoy your spa days when she is better. :F_05BL17blowkiss: Had to go to the doctor in Atlanta yesterday. I felt like a farm girl in the big city yesterday. Really hate Atlanta. Don't think I would be a good world traveler ): I really don't like the hustle and bussel of big city life. Too many people. Oh well. I too mourn the loss of the teefies and the chicklets. That picture reminds me why I lurve the man so much. Ya'll
  5. Evening ladies, Once again, I have enjoyed the spirited conversation that has been going on for a couple of days. I have been on the down low (really down, I fell down and broke my ring finger). Just puffy and blushish, but I will live. Giving a shout out to all my friends. Muski have a good time this weekend at the tourniment. Bottle, hope you had a good birthday. As for the broken finger, So I have an op date of March 9th to fix said finger. I hope I have plenty of drugs until then LOL. It really hurts like hell and I type for a living. What a blessing..... NOT!!!! So
  6. Happy, Happy birthday Bottle. May you have many many more and stay warm girl. Hope you can get out and celebrate. What are the temp's like today up there. Still cold for our standards down this far south. Can't wait until spring and bring on those hot summers. I can't stand the cold. Not a cold weather person here. So again, Happy Birthday Bottle!!!! and just for you, :00003653: :04: :2164: :3: and yes, I do have to work tonight. It is sad, but hospitals never close.
  7. Evening, Everybody gave such great remarks. I happened to love YWT as I too am a christian, but I don't go in for the "accept Jesus or you toast" shoveling down peoples throats. I have reached the great old age of 44 realizing that I can "witness" in my way (which is not the shoveling theory), but just to lead by example. I try my best to be a "good person" and people are going to think what they want to think, so go ahead and let them. I don't want people trying to indocterinate me into their way of thinking, so essentially I am saying that I am not going to do the same thing. I th
  8. :00003653: :04: :2164: :nana: :bday2: :large-smiley-003: Happy Birthday Luckiest 1. Hope you have a good one.
  9. Well, I am here to tell you that I too had "chicklet" teeth or baby teeth as my orthodontist called them. I just had them capped and it took me a while to get over the "new look", but I have had them for years now. Best thing that I ever did. They were also stained from to many antibiotics as a child. So they were "chicklets" and dark stained teeth, so again, it has worked out well with the capping. Lot's and lot's of money, but worth it. so and Bottle, again just can't help myself...... The chicken did it, really, it did, it did..... :3:
  10. Do the people over at OFC have lives. I have enough angst in my personal life. I don't need anymore online. I come here to relax and drool. :pod: when will they realize that :pod: I am miss cranky pants tonight. Have to go look at the video again.
  11. Don't worry Georgia. A kind soul took pity on me when I lost my hard drive and sent two well organized DVDs full of Clay pictures. I will copy and send you. Thank you Couchie. That is unbelieveable. PM for my address.
  12. Keep the pictures rolling in. I have to try to restock this computer. Lost all the other one. Thought I had saved them, but alas, no such damn luck. Can't wait for tonights pictures. VCR is rolling as we speak. And yeah for Unicef trip.
  13. God ladies, I had to buy a new computer yesterday. Mine finally bit the bullet and I had to go a whole 24 HOURS without my internet or my CLAY fix and I come back to a new picture, cute as always and I just want to say HAPPY freakin VALENTINES day to everyone. Hope they get lucky tonight. I have to live through osmosis I guess. Oh well, my "boyfriend" will be on Kimmel tonight. Lord, just to think of all that clack that I have to redownload. Can't lose Tyra, definitely not!!!. Hope everybody stays warm and well. :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: send
  14. Morning everyone, I see the pod people are on the loose again. Down pod, down pod. Go back to your own land of the pod people. None wanted here. :pod: :pod: :pod: ((((((( CLAYGASM ))))))) just for you. Hugs to you and your pod person friend. Bring her back from the edge. Hurry!!!!! You can do it. I know you can. So all I can say is: you are my sisters in the land of the pod people and all Clay haters.
  15. Good for you Play. Keep doing the good work with the dogs. They can use your hand and you might just take one home to be a stepsister or brother to Holly. I can see you being the mother of two. At one time, we had four dogs (two labs, a golden retriever and a mix dauchand and beagle) and two cats in one house. They really just loved one another and got along marvaously (I am not kidding, there was never ever any fighting or biting or trying to hurt one another). They were good animals. Don't ever want that many in one house ever again, but they were good animals. May be you are on the