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  1. I am from Georgia so I have to be a Falcons fan, although, I don't believe that they will win a game this year with all that is going on with the team. I also used to follow the Cowboys back in the day of the Irvin, Aikman and Smith. I guess I will have to find a new team this year. May be I will pull for the Raiders, but they are on the west coast. There is always the Carolina Panthers who are close and have a decent quarterback.
  2. Evening everybody, Just hanging around and reading. Everybody is so eloquent and the pictures were out of this world. Hey Bottle, how are you doing. Watching the little league world series. Why do you ask??? Because my home town is playing in it. We are so proud, LOL. Will just keep reading. :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  3. Hey everyone, just checking in quickly and then running out the door again. Everybody seems to be healthy and happy. I will check in again later when I get back. Waves to Bottle. How are you doing??? Ansa, glad you made it back. I been a serious lurker lately, but I am alive, really, I am. :F_05BL17blowkiss: :Tour3: :TourExcite:
  4. Thanks for the recaps ladies. Can't wait for clack from tonight. Should be priceless. :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  5. Oh Bottle, I am so jealous of you. Getting to see the "man" in honest to god live action. All I am going to get is clack this time around. SO sad ):
  6. waves manically again to everybody that I have missed lately. So glad its Friday.
  7. waves manically at Bottle, see I have not died yet. Just in hiding. Been lurking lately. :F_05BL17blowkiss: :Tour3:
  8. Glad to be back. Got to read up on all the post that I have missed over the past week. But it is worth it. All that time exploring. What have I missed other than the Afgan trip. Way cool for the guy. Gotta love him. He is a man of mystery that I would like to figure out. :F_05BL17blowkiss: I need a new avitar. This one is old. Going to look.
  9. Bottle, Just finished reading this little ditty on another site. I can see some "Clay fans" up in arms over this especially the paragraph about not knowing his business ie: marriage, dating etc. Now I don't have a problem with that, because I personally believe in if I tell you, I make it your business, if I don't tell you, then it is not your business. So I guess Clay and I have a con.nec.tion. LOL. But like I said, the Clay pods are going to have a field day with this one. I am just going to duck a while and let the fur fly. :TourExcite: :F_05BL17blowkiss: :pod:
  10. First and for most, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNAZ. HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD ONE. Cali ladies, ya'll be good. If you can't be good, have fun. Okay, today was my first day back at work after being out for two weeks after having surgery. Feeling better. Okay everyone at one time AWWWWW. The closest concert for me would be either Texas or North Carolina, since Atlanta is on a Wednesday and is impossible. I might just have to wait for clack. I am kinda on the broke side right now and I will probably find it impossible to travel. Another concerted AWWWW from the masses. I can hear you. Anyw
  11. I am looking at the Biltmore right now and that is a bit iffy. Chastain is closer but that is also iffy right now. WHY do you ask, well the answer is I had surgery in Atlanta on Friday. Yeh, four small puncture homes and a 2 1/2 inch suture later, it is slow going. But it is what I expected and some that I did not expect. For such a minor/major surgery, things have certainly turned out way differentiantly than planned. Still down and out for 2 weeks and moving just a little bit slower, but still trying to eat what I am allowed. I tkink i need a hug. May be the Biltmore, Is that on a we
  12. ((((muski hubby)))) and ((((muski family)))) hope everything is better today. I have given up on Clay coming to Georgia ever again in my lifetime (LOL). He might get to Atlanta, but I try not to go there except for doctors appointments. Garden of Evil, I tell you. I am just a simple southern girl who lives in the sticks and likes it (actually this is an Air Force town so we have a lot of transient people). If you need a place to eat, a kwick shop or a church, we are the place to be. Hope everybody has a good day. Keep talking ladies, ya'll give me the chuckles. Waving to all my f
  13. Ladies, Sorry to those that are missing their husbands. If I had one, I am sure I would miss him, maybe!!!! Play hope you are feeling better after your fall. I swear I think sometimes that I am the most accident prone person in the whole WIDE world. I fall so often that I have my own zip code. Hope everybody is doing okay tonight. Am I the only one who thought Paula was acting a bit strange tonight. Only saw the last two guys tonight. Got home from work to late. See ya.... Clay singing Hall and Oates :medium-smiley-070:
  14. With my aching hand, I want to wish a belated birthday to all whom I missed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Couchie, I hope you mom is feeling better. I know you will enjoy your spa days when she is better. :F_05BL17blowkiss: Had to go to the doctor in Atlanta yesterday. I felt like a farm girl in the big city yesterday. Really hate Atlanta. Don't think I would be a good world traveler ): I really don't like the hustle and bussel of big city life. Too many people. Oh well. I too mourn the loss of the teefies and the chicklets. That picture reminds me why I lurve the man so much. Ya'll
  15. Evening ladies, Once again, I have enjoyed the spirited conversation that has been going on for a couple of days. I have been on the down low (really down, I fell down and broke my ring finger). Just puffy and blushish, but I will live. Giving a shout out to all my friends. Muski have a good time this weekend at the tourniment. Bottle, hope you had a good birthday. As for the broken finger, So I have an op date of March 9th to fix said finger. I hope I have plenty of drugs until then LOL. It really hurts like hell and I type for a living. What a blessing..... NOT!!!! So
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