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  1. Well, you know I like the title and think it's absolutely true! It was crazy fun, and has made me pull out clips I haven't watched in years (like the bootleg TITN video and momo's WDC)
  2. Greetings and salutations! (waves madly at the FCA, wonders if I still have mod privileges and manfully resists the urge to jiggle everything) Since I am currently listening to Solo's recording of Kyrie in Dallas, my fingers automatically went to post on the board. Hey to all my old friends (and to those who don't know who the hell the eHP is, nothing can be proven and we have never been convicted!) I am so not a nostalgic person, but last night took me back (although I admit, for a second I was wonder why Anderson Cooper was singing to me). It was crazy fun. Clay was playing to the hard
  3. Please child, I said I had good taste - in naughty people! Except for PerusingOne - who has just put the evil in the evil Houston Posse! Hi new ninna! I have plausible deniability for anything I might be accused of!
  4. Hey sweeties! Had to say goodbye to the CH (and come check in here to make sure this is good...you stay good!) I'm glad I have good taste in singers (and friends).
  5. Ha! And I wasn't there - so it really is just y'all. Sorry to have been so out of it - but believe it or not, my 4-week remodel from the end of May is still NOT DONE. Seriously, NOT DONE....I hate contractors because I might have be able to go to someplace called Maine...
  6. Lord, it's like my head never gets above water anymore! Between my new job (although it's not new since I've been there a year now) and feeling Fear's pain (I bought a new house the first week of May, gave up my lease for May 31st, and thought I would have time for a little remodeling before I moved in - I watch HGTV! I have now discovered HGTV full of lies! It will be pretty when I'm done, but I will be broke, exhausted and crazy before then. Why in the hell do I have so much freakin' stuff? Ten years...and Clay has a career to make him and me happy! I can live with that!
  7. waves to all the nervous nellies Eh, was the opening supposed to be this boring? Why were there all the random male backup singing dancers? It was Donna frickin' Summer! I'm getting the feeling I have missed a lot on Idol in the last 6 years... Who is old grumpy critical dude "Jimmy"? OK, I'm happy now - he was so relaxed (although I missed the choir) and it was funny how quickly they seem to have gotten rid of Paula (and what was she wearing?). A lot fewer commercials than I remembered...
  8. Huh. Clearly I have missed much (oh well). So is this "Fairy Tale" a song? Is Clay going to judge people? Hell, am I gonna have to look up something? And did I win the NCAA tournament?
  9. Oh wow! This'll teach me to be distracted with real life! (Thx a million, merrieeee!) Hell, I can't remember the last time I paid any attention to American Idol...what do y'all think Simon will say to Clay?
  10. Weird Clay thought tonight - on the Colbert Report, Steve had on a dancer that did "jukin' " and during the performance I thought to myself, "Clay does that with his feet too! Still looks horrific!" Eh for Clive Davis...edge doesn't always work (and Clive has always struck me as the guy with the proverbial hammer - everything looks like a nail after awhile)...but if nothing else, Clay seems satisfied with how his life has turned out and is clearly still memorable enough to that old head - and he's been through probably thousands of singers. Hopefully at some point in the book he actually re
  11. Hi all! Looks around in interest... It's been forever! Sorry to have been out of touch, but it's weird to have a job I actually like and keeps me busy! Didn't listen to chat, but a radio show, huh? I haven't listened to the radio since...ummm...some time in 2003. Just can't do it. Hell, I don't even listen to podcasts, but I might make an effort for him, since I always do. I do want to play Couchie's game...and I won't even cheat! Yay me! On to the count down! 13. May 20, 2003 - This Is The Night - he was gorgeous and sounded perfect and I just knew he was gonna win! Well, I won inst
  12. As all I'll want is either the Shepherd's Pie, the Chicken Pot Pie or the Fish 'n Chips, I'm good with any of 'em. I'm sticking with the FCA.
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