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  1. Can't wait for Christmas!! I'll be attending Washington, DC and Red Bank, NJ, so far!!
  2. Claygasm, love your cat's name!! Playbiller, I agree with your "much" and find that with the endings of some of the songs, too.
  3. Not one of my favorites on the cd, but I do like the beginning and will always love anything Clay sings!
  4. I was most looking forward to hearing Clay perform this song! Love the music (I loved Celine, too) but now it will be Clay's voice I hear!!!! I will always think of the Claymates, too, when I hear this song.
  5. It was nice reading everyone's thoughts on the songs. I don't know much about music so it was interesting and educational learning from those who do. I just know I either like it or I don't. Where Clay is concerned, I will always love anything he chooses to sing to us!! Lyrics are very important to me. Tonight was fun and I look forward to next Friday.
  6. I love this song, too, but find it so very sad.
  7. I totally love this song and it brings back so many nice JBT memories. I've so enjoyed watching Clay perform this in person.
  8. I'm glad Clay has had Kristy to help him through the rough times, and I do feel he totally sings this song about her. He does seem relaxed and comfortable with it.
  9. Not my favorite on the cd, but I love the clarity of Clay's voice and how each song builds and builds. I can picture him singing each one more forcefully in concert.
  10. I'm curious, too. What clips??