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  1. Thanks! We are going to Deerfield, MA--it's kind of a mini Williamsburg and we are going to stay at the inn which is on site. I just sent you a message (email) and said I thought it had been therapeutic for him to be on WUWT!! They are great together. She is compassionate and she gets him!!
  2. I caught part of the show this morning--heard most of the letter (missed the first part). I was in tears. Anyone who doesn't realized after hearing a letter like that what a true friend and wonderful person Clay is does not deserve his friendship. Imagine pouring your heart out like that and being rejected. I was broken hearted for him. I paused the show since I had to leave the house before it was over. When I came back I resumed and started listening again. Decided to fast forward through the long commercial--big mistake. I started listening and could tell something was off. It was a different show--Jenny McCarthy, I think. So I had lost the Taylor show and will have to wait until it is up on demand or until some kind soul provides a link. I really want to hear a the whole letter and Kim story again from start to finish since I missed part of it and I want to hear the last hour or so that I missed!! But, right now I have to pack--going on a two day trip with DH for a late anniversary. Hoping the show will be up when we get back!!!
  3. Busy morning for me tomorrow. Granddaughter stayed over and I am teaching her counted cross stitch. She hated to stop and go to bed. Said she wanted to get up really early and do more with me. But, her "early" is probably 8 or later. I will start the show at 7 and then just pause it and listen later. That will be mid afternoon since I am doing a ladies' luncheon at noon. Dropping granddaughter off at her house on the way to the luncheon. I will be dying to hear the show!!! ETA--Merrieeee--love hearing about your trip. Looked like a yummy meal that room service brought you. I've never done room service. Must feel very luxurious. So glad your trip is going well. (Of course anything I don't have to cook is yummy as far as I am concerned!!)
  4. Merrieee, glad your trip is going well!! Send pics if you can. Twilight, I'm hoping he'll still do BOLD all summer and WakeUpWithTaylor.
  5. Yep! Carrie has officially thudded! Someone should direct her towards some clack! Imagine if she heard him sing "Home" or any number of songs. (Maybe she already has paid a visit to you tube--who knows?) Merrieeee--haven't checked the path of the storm, but glad to hear your trip will not be affected. Enjoy!!
  6. Thanks ldyjocelyn! I did get to see it on the replay on Facebook. But, I always appreciate the links you bring. I don't know how those of you who attended even survived. He has never looked better. That strawberry blond hair just suits him and makes him look 10 years younger. Someone said he looked like a young Robert Redford. But, I'd sooner think he looks like a young Clay Aiken!!
  7. I didn't even know there was a Facebook app!! Will check it out, i really do love Periscope though--I do have that app.
  8. Thanks so much for that!! Cannot watch Facebook live on iPad and didn't see it when I went to his page after the fact. I so appreciate the kindness of other fans who share!! What a well behaved and well trained dog Harlem is. Clay is so gentle and patient, yet firm. I'm sure he's also that way as a dad.
  9. Hey, Zakus!! So glad to see you here!! This is a great little board. It has been here forever and I joined years and years ago. Just came back recently thanks to ldyjocelyn!! Ldyjocelyn, your trip to Nashville and the U2 Concert both sound amazing!!
  10. I always love your $0.02!! I agree with you when you say you are not convinced about her sincerity. Saying one is sorry doesn't always mean that they really are. Apparently, she has a tour coming up. There is speculation that this was a set up (the picture and the subsequent apology) for getting her name out there ahead of the tour. I have absolutely no respect for her--never have.
  11. Clay is definitely a better person than I. And I told him that on Twitter. I think it's very easy to do something disgusting and horrible and then just say "sorry". I don't like Donald Trump, but I really cannot find it in my heart to forgive her for such a horrific picture. It brings to mind the beheadings that have taken place. Have we just reached the point where people can do and say anything they want and then be given a pass because they say they are sorry?
  12. Loved listening to Clay on the Howard Stern show again. Favorite thing he said (which I had forgotten) , "You can wonder in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first." He has some of the most memorable expressions and sayings. Don't know if it's a Clay thing or a southern thing--probably a bit of both.
  13. Can't wait to hear the beginning when it gets put up for replay. i was looking for it and somehow Clay's interview with Howard Stern came up. Litstening to that while I do chores around the house.