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  1. I still love Clay even though he is not on the charts and I will take whatever you have my address if 50 Taylor Lane Concord NH 03303 and my name is Debbie Stauffer
  2. has not set their status

  3. these tickets do not show up anywhere - can you let me know where this information came from
  4. :Tour3: have anyone going to meadowbrook email me - I want to try to network when we getthere. I will be livng in NH by the 18th so I will know where I am going for theconcert. :Tour3: :Tour4: :TourExcite:
  5. anyone going to meadowbrook in July - would love to meet up with you. Also looking for good tickets - anyone has them i will buy them Let me know who is going to NH
  6. I am looking for better tickets and possibly meeting up with claymates at the Meadowbrook concert. Anyone can help please let me know.