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  1. That was one Roomba - this is two. You can give one as a gift.
  2. Quick someone call Scarlett - there is a two pack of refurbished Roombas on sale at woot for $150
  3. Well, if you want to fight with people about this over and over, you too can watch the fan base just disappear. It seems like only perfect people should be allowed to stay for some. What amazes me is the ignorance on both sides where no one is listening to what the others say. This whole issue seems to ignite into unreasonable and angry posts, for what? Most people agree on the whole but have little minor differences and apparently they rankle so, that people would just as soon end Clay's career by fighting amongst themselves, rather than just let it go? Trust me ignorance is rampant on bot
  4. Paypal is easy - look at my board name, add an @verizon.net and that is my cash only fee-less account. Look at my board name, add a 2 then an @verizon.net and you have my fee paypal.
  5. To change the topic......I am packing bracelets and flyers tonight - I need the address of Spikesmom and Liney. Merrieee is going to get a personal delivery. I have the other addresses. If anyone else wants one, I have about 10 bracelets left. I should check Paypal,. I probably have the addresses there. The cost is 1.17 for shipping in the US, 1.18 for shipping to Canada. Bracelets are $2, but if you send $5, I will donate the difference. No photos, Clay is not supposed to do the stage door until after 12/7. I will be in NYC that day because I will be at Broadway cares Gypsy of the Year. I
  6. Back and very tired after rushing last night and this morning to get the signs and pictures done (damn, that Scarlett is a perfectionist, You don't want to know how many software packages and fonts that were used). Unfortunately no BC ...... but Scarlett is determined to take those signs to every stage door to get Clay to pose with them, and if she doesn't get it, I will take them in next week. Those who ordered bracelets are in luck I committed to so many people I went after them like a dog, heh. So those who had the forsight to order the bracelets, autographed playbills and posters and CDs -
  7. Scarlett here just saying *burp* What a great Thanksgiving dinner! I love it when Play's plans come through! Also, I figured out today how to take gobs and gobs of gel-like substances on a plane -- put them in a pie crust. I took 2 pies from Houston to Newark on the plane and never got stopped. *winks* Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving, including the cute guy in the v. warm jacket!!! ETA: What an adorable bear, anna! Ok, now I'm really thankful today! Though not for this. Clay took priority over me? *sniff* /jk -- like I wouldn't do the same!
  8. Off to get Scarlett. And Clay is on, She won't mind if I am a little late, right? Happy thanksgiving or what ever.
  9. Whew. plumbing problen will be solved, or is closer, and printer was a big help it is 25 for a 18X24 and 7.50 for two 7X11s matched and glued to poster board. you choice, but they want a PDF or a JPG, if I givethem a word doc, they will charge $15 conversion fee.
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