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  1. I'll be there this year! Marilyn and I got our tickets.
  2. Second? I guess that is pretty good though. I bet Clay thought it was funny.
  3. First page! :clay: Just a little over a month until the CD is released!
  4. Love love love! New wallpaper ... even though I hate to change it from my current one with me and Clay.
  5. Gibby - I would have done that too if the bus wasn't moving when we saw it! PuddinsJoy and I saw Clay everywhere. And when we got off the train going back to Marilyn's? Another ad was right there! I got this video when we were leaving our hotel.
  6. Hannah's defintely one smart (and lucky) woman!
  7. Meesa, what's the link to register, please? Clay Aiken Pix
  8. will be open for registration this morning at 10 AM Pacific time. We're accepting 300 more users. If you sign up and use a different name please pm so I know who it is. I'll approve you!
  9. Oooh! I love this discussion. I've had to answer to many people this past year how I could get to go to so many concerts. I save save save like everyone but also, I'm single. I do take care of my Grandma, but thankfully my parents live next door and are here to step in when I want to get away for a Clay concert. I would love to get good seats more often. I've been kind of lucky this year for where I have been able to sit but it's really just luck of the draw for me. I can't go to every concert and definitely not all of them that I'd like to (I'd love to meet everyone I get to talk to on the boards in person) but I go when I can afford it. It makes for such great memories. Last year had some pretty crazy ones. Living in the midwest doesn't always make for many opportunities for Clay road trips but I take what I can get and fly where I can afford to. And finally I get to sit in the front row with PuddinsJoy and Marilyn at Spamalot next month! First time ever being that close for a concert.
  10. I got my pins today! Yay! I love them. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ..... For those of you that saw me in my not quite so normal state in Omaha, here's my pic with Clay : Clay & Me Finally!
  11. There are only 7 new pix. That one is the same as the other. Two of us were uploading the pix at the same time and it got added twice. We're going to fix that tomorrow.
  12. Hey Meesa..will you guys be opening up for new membership soon? I missed out!! I'll pm you. Sorry about the second tag near his face everyone. We had to do that because people were cropping them and re-tagging the pix with their names.
  13. It looks like you all like the pix we added to the gallery at ClayAikenPix tonight. I love these new ones!
  14. PuddinsJoy and I are going on March 13th. We're flying in on the 12th and leaving the 15th.
  15. Awwwwwwwwww. Just look at him. I love to see pics of Clay with kids. And while I'm on the subject of kids, I just found out my sister is pregnant again. This will be her fifth child. I don't know who was more shocked ... her or her hubby.