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    I'm an artist, a crafter and a student. I make teddy bears, design patterns, rubber stamp, scrap book, quilt & attempt to knit. I love my family, friends, pets and of course, Mr. Aiken.
  1. Welcome again, tribeca! Glad you decided to de-lurk & join us. Don't worry about not being good with the internet - practice makes perfect, so just keep posting & soon you'll be a pro!
  2. EEEEEEEEE!!! It's almost time!!! My travelmates & I will be arriving from Newark on Thurs. evening. We won't be going to that show, but should be checked in and around the Shubert by the time the show lets out. Anyone up for meeting up after the show, maybe heading over to Junior's for cheesecake or coffee or a drink?
  3. You'll be all alone like King Arthur, cha cha!
  4. I'm adding these here rather than in the 'laughter' thread because they're job-oriented. And because we can all obviously use a laugh in this area... Some of these sound *awfully* familiar!! Real-Life Dilbert Manager Quotes A magazine recently ran a 'Dilbert Quotes' contest. They were looking for people to submit quotes from their real-life Dilbert-type managers. These were voted the top quotes in corporate America: 'As of tomorrow, employees will only be able to access the building using individual security cards. Pictures will be taken next Wednesday, and employees will receive the
  5. Stage door? :wetkissf: Glad you received an apology, luckiest.
  6. Aww, I read the other day & thought I commented. Sorry, I guess it was only in my head! Glad things went well. The meds are a really tough issue to deal with at any age, but especially when you're young. Good for him!
  7. OK, back in July they wouldn't send 3 of us to SF for a week of training because it was too expensive, but they're paying some guy to fly over from India for the week, sit in the front of the room, not answer our questions, and IM back & forth with his co-horts in India who are doing all of the system configuration 'examples' in real time while we sit there twiddling our thumbs. Gee, maybe they should have been done ahead of time so that we could do the exercises in our 300 page/pound book?! Then, he doesn't even work in the system! Whenever we're watching a demo, they're doing it by
  8. Welcome, Sue! I recognize your name... I'm thinking you've done some montages?
  9. Welcome to FCA, clayzycoffin! :arg-dancing-welcome-whitebg-url
  10. BWAH claytonic! I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the likely absurd amount of truth to that... I guess this emoti will do:
  11. That's my disclaimer for this post! I am so sick of not being included in meetings, yet being asked to do things that were discussed in said meetings with the afterthought, "Oh. We should have invited you to that meeting." Ya think??! Then there are the meetings where they think to invite me, but only as they're walking past my desk on the way to the meeting. Why of course I can drop everything I'm working on and head off to a last minute 2 hour meeting with you! I'll just have to work through my lunch hour to get things ready for the afternoon meeting that was on my calendar ahead of ti