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    I'm an artist, a crafter and a student. I make teddy bears, design patterns, rubber stamp, scrap book, quilt & attempt to knit. I love my family, friends, pets and of course, Mr. Aiken.

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  1. FCA! ausdon! Hee! I remember that like it was yesterday. Me & my mom, first time in NY, standing around in Shubert Alley at night. Once everyone else but you & your family and me & my mom had left, it just kind of figured we had to be the strangers from half way around the world we were all looking for, right?! Of course, there was also the time a few weeks later when I bought a last minute ticket to NY for the May final show & flew by myself to spend the weekend with people I'd never met... Couchie, luckiest, and cindilu I'm still around, though mainly just on Facebook nowadays. Saw Clay in Cinci in March, which seems like a year ago already. Keeping busy, but not necessarily in ways I enjoy... I lost my job of almost 10 years back in October and haven't been able to find ANYTHING since. My former employer has been a real PitA and I've had to get lawyers involved in the mess. It's gotten to the point where I have to make some difficult decisions, like giving up my condo, which brings with it even more messy and difficult decisions. Hope everyone here is well!
  2. As if I need to say it - ENJOY your show tomorrow! Great recap, luckiest! I've done several impromptu trips like that and they usually turned out to be some of the best adventures. to all my other FCA peeps! :wetkissf:
  3. Love reliving Spam - so many great moments & memories! That was my first night of my first time in NYC, ausdon. I remember our phones weren't working for some reason & we ended up finally being just about the only people left in Shubert Alley, so I decided to walk up and ask if you were Donna! And the May finale... flying to NYC by myself to share a room with couchie, cindilu, and luckiest - none of whom I'd ever met before! I can't believe that in January, it will have been 2 years since Spam closed on Broadway. I miss all of those madly talented people.
  4. I downloaded from iTunes just after midnight. The Voice! They've finally, really, truly captured The Voice.
  5. :laught31: Just please don't start busting out the Madonna!
  6. You could always tell him to stow away in a large wooden rabeet. Or badger. OMG - now come and explain my outburst to my boss. Please. And please come and calm down my puppies. Hey now....
  7. Ah yes... just a little over a year ago, I was trying *not* to dump you out of your wheelchair as we walked from the Gershwin to John's Pizza! Snazzy new digs, FCA.
  8. I'll join you in the congratulatory hugs for all those attending, spikesmom! :04: Not in the cards for me either. I'm just back to work this week, after being off for two weeks (with a few other days thrown in here & there since the holidays) with a sinus/bronchitis combo that developed into pneumonia. Fun. NOT. Since my wonderful workplace combines our sick & vacation time into one pool, I'm out of any time until mid-April. Please, if anyone comes down with any kind of upper respiratory crud, SEE A DOCTOR!!! [/end ] I hope the special & the new album are great successes for Clay!
  9. :thbighug-1: I feel for you. I've been fighting sinus crud for over two weeks now. Agreed. I love that song. Yay!!! For news!
  10. Wishing a very, very to georgiesmybaby & spikesmom! How sad about Ashes. My condolences to her friends & family. That's terrible about your co-worker's grandson, liney. My condolences to their family as well.
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