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  1. With all the drama around the fandom and the board I thought I would post for the first time in months to show my support for two of my favorite people....

    Couchie and Clay!!!!! are the best admin ever ...luv ya!!!

    Clay...what a guy!!! I love his honesty, his candidness and he is fearless. I never really like going up in arms when a celebrity criticized or even dissed Clay cos I figure they are entitled to their opinion, so now I think Clay is entitled to his opinions too. He is so right about AI...I still enjoy watching it but only because I like the soap opera quality...but it has lost a lot of its charms. This is the first year that I ended up really caring about a contestant and it is precisely because of what Clay said...Kris was a boy next door that was given a chance and blossomed and reached his peak by the end of the show. That is rare now in the AI seasons and I am so happy that the AI audience showed him so much support.

    This fandom is always filled with drama ...I cannot keep up!!!

    waves to all...and I will try to drop by and post more often.


  2. Just watched the YWSOB banter clack before he began singing (Toni's clack) and I do believe he was talking to our own Karen Eh; lucky girl...and he is too funny!


    This was just the funniest thing...lucky Karen eh for that cute conversation. So was it scarlett that said she was from the Philippines? HEE

    His comedic timing is his comeback to the Houston answer and Montreal and the comment on gas prices. ...GAH he needs a variety/talk show!!!

  3. After being away from the boards for about 4 days (due to work and bad cold) I get on this morning not really that excited about the gala...went straight for the last page and those you tubes...

    DAMN IT...he made me cry again!!!!

    OMG I TOTALLY LOVE RHW!!!! I have to admit I was never too thrilled for that song....but this version had me bawling!!!! SO sweet and seem so personal!!!

    haven't read any reports yet or read any posts (ack I think I have over 20 pages to catch up on)

    I just wanted to say that EIDN and RHW were fantastic...the voice is a great as ever...I need mp3s!!! I have to watch that again and again...then off to catch up!

  4. (per bottle) For laughn, missin' ya & hope to see you sometime!:

    Starlight Blue (PANTONE 12-4609) - #b4d0da

    Just 7 more sleeps, FromClaygary!

    Thanks for the beautiful banner, cindilu2!

    ETA: Ansa, I can't tell between you, couchie and ldj, Hee!

    Golden Ochre (PANTONE 16-1346) - #ca7b45

    WWWMMMXXX Brandied Melon - #d18160

    WWWMMMXXX Autumn Leaf - #b6694c

    wow our colors are pretty close...couchie and I are a day apart in our birthday...thanks a lot...

    this is the color according to close are they...

  5. I just think that the ranters and ravers have had their chance and their continuing to rant and rave is more like propaganda right now. They know very well that they are not going to persuade the people that are posting to counter them. But they are there to influence that silent majority that continues to follow all this drama. Those that are silently trying to figure this out. That is why to let them simply have the run of the show over there can be very dangerous too. It will give the illusion that this is how a LOT of fans feel and may generate a group mentality to those that are silently reading.

    If the goal is to heal at this point...then those OFC threads are no longer doing that. It simply perpetuates the bitterness. Essentially I do think that people should start looking to their own circle of friends...whether they made it on line or in RL and talk this out one by one. I honestly think doing a support thread on OFC is just not possible. Maybe in the smaller boards or in group emails...but not in that toxic environment.

    College tuition? That is a scary thought. Right now we have two teens that want to be doctors... so they realize that a lot of it will depend on them. We will need scholarships badly. Thankfully with their grades that's very possible. But here in Quebec high school only goes up to grade 11. Then they go to CEGEP...which is like junior college...and my kids are expecting to go away for that Montreal....and my eldest will only be 17 at that point. Its scary. But my hubby and his siblings all managed to get University degrees from great Canadian schools by bursaries, student loans and working their butt off whenever they can. Their parents was of course right there to help financially but everybody pitched in. With our kids my mom already has some funds put away...I do believe my brother is also willing to pitch it truly will be a family endeavor. You do have the right attitude Muski...just have a positive attitude that it can be can work it out, as the say...where there's a will...But keep your daughter in the loop of what your limitations are and what options are available. It looks like she is ready to be part of the solution and that's a great attitude. Just be thankful she wants to do this. In our community too many kids have no ambition at all and are on their way to welfare and relying in Unemployment.

  6. ALSO.... reading TWILIGHT. I can't seem to get away from it. I'm about halfway thru. The movie is coming out in November!!

    Hey, chach, I recently started reading the Twilight series, too! And finished all four books within a week of starting the first book. Those books are thick, too! I enjoyed them a great deal. I wouldn't call them classic, great literature, but they sure are a fun read! I'm looking forward to the movie. I've seen the trailers, and it looks like it's going to be really good!

    Twilight got me and my girls together this summer. Pretty much like the HP books. It was cute cos we read at different times...daughter 2 and I read it first so we had to keep some things from daughter 1 so we don;t ruin the books for her...It was fun when we all finally read the four books...great way to talk about different types of love.

    It is interesting to talk about the different facets of Clay. I just really think there is a danger of over analyzing the guy right now. But I guess its inevitable...we have been doing that ever since AI2.

  7. Why was I wide awake at 5:30 when I am sooo tired...why was I pulled to go to the computer that early in the morning....but WHY did I resist for another hour????

    HE BLOGGED!!!!

    and what a perfect blog that was. IMO just the right tone ....and great idea...close up that thread, its enough.

    What a great explanation of that Rolling Stone article...that's exactly what I thought.

    And this guy is only going on 30? So wise!!!!

    I will be out for the whole day today...have fun discussing this great blog!!!

    Welcome clazycoffin



  8. I think when I read what some people are upset he lied or that he said he didn't lie or she said it was the fans fault...etc. what struck me is that a lot of the anger is based on interpretations of what he said ...not on his actual words.

    I also think that Clay was simply living his life. The Rolling stone interview at the time when he probably never thought that people would actually be preserving this magazine for years to come. For him that was one media person asking him and he answered the best he can at that moment. I really don't think it was calculated at all. Same with all the times he was interacting with women. He was just being real...and in the moment...reacting ...being spontaneous. But to us...every moment is like frozen in time. We can look back on it and analyze them. In so doing...we distort them. Its like looking closely at a painting. We get so focused on the brush stroke that the beauty of the whole picture is lost. I do beleive that is where a lot of fans that are struggling are stuck at the moment. They are scrutinzing everything that the truth is so distorted.

    CG...I understand where you are coming from. its like letting a fire rage on without feeding it with fuel...hopefully it just dies out. That thread will close soon and hopefully...the true healing will begin. In a way...I feel like this is a purging. This fandom have always been unstable because it was based on hopes and dreams for this guy. As Clay develops his definitive style and forge his own path...the fans whose dreams were not compatible leaves. Now that this big question mark in Clay's life has been answered there will be more that will be affected. But in the end the fandom will be stronger...and it will build up with people that will be here because they like his music, like him as a person and entertainer...and who can accept him for who he is.

    I have to say thanks for all those fans that tried to put a balance in the OFC. Thanks too for keeping those of us that do not have the stomach for it in the loop.

  9. (((play)))

    Yes this has been difficult for all. I know you are struggling and believe me...there are a lot of your friends that care about that. I know that a lot of members here are coming in and ranting about the OFC thread. Some are being defiant and saying who needs these fans...and some are trying to move on and use humor and fun. BUT it has been tough to watch these reactions because even for those that didn't have a problem with what Clay revealed now has to work through what this revealed about the fandom. Has to try and understand not just Clay but those that are having a problem with it. For the most part I think most of the rantings and ravings are now about the most OTT people out there.

    I am glad Clay had that thread open. What that open policy did was let people put their guard down and people are posting from the heart. Right now...Clay has a choice of reading it or not so I am not worried about him. I'm sure he expected the hate...that is precisely why it took him so long to come out. The people that are being the most ugly and intolerant are just hurting themselves at this point. They have shown an ugly side of their personality and I doubt if their fandom can ever be repaired. They probably will go once the thread is closed and for them I will not be sorry.

    At this point I think what made this revelation so difficult for some is that we have been made to be defensive about his sexuality for so long. That is not Clay's fault nor is it ours...its the fault of the asshats that think its ok to make fun of an effeminate man...its the fault of those asshats that felt it was their duty to drag Clay out of the closet before he was was the fault of all those people that suggest we are crazy to go nuts about a gay man... That is what made a lot of fans hold on to every scrap of evidence that he is straight. Lots of fans held on to this trust like a talisman against all the proof or clues of his sexuality. When they were proven to be wrong against all these shook them to the tested their perception of their judgement. I believe for these fans...we need to be patient and understanding. I hope they will be able to resolve this conflict and continue to enjoy Clay...

    For those that prove themselves to be homophobic...I hope they eventually leave...

    so another busy day ahead... :F_05BL17blowkiss:

  10. It wasn't actually a picture of Clay on that shirt. It was a picture of a SNL castmate Clay'd up.

    Maybe she didn't have time to get a real shirt--and copywrite may have prevented her from just having one made up of a internet picture.


    Hey Cori welcome!!!

    thanks for clarifying...and I am glad she did that.

    I am not surprised that they didn't do anything. At this point its a bit sensitive cos its all so new and people may misconstrue the joke as making fun of him instead of showing support. I think Jimmy was able to do it because he is a good friend of Clay and he probably has known for a while so he knows Clay's humor.

    YAY for the stage door !!!

  11. So I hope people who are having problems don't just disappear. I know it's tough but I was talking to JennaZ this morning and it hit me that there are a few of US that I haven't seen since this story broke. And I miss them. And I wonder where they are and whether or not they are somewhere feeling like they can not speak here and say they are lost or upset or devastated. I think hearing points of view from people who are accepting, who have gone through this themselves, who have run the gamut of emotions and moved from over here to over there can only help.

    I can only speak for myself couchie, but personally...I'm holding back on posting some of my deeper thoughts on the subject because I've seen some of the posts from public message boards used in media reports, and they're downright cringe-inducing. When I read a post from someone saying they cried all day and didn't go to work, or whatever, I just feel so embarrassed for them. I know that's going to get me some tomatoes thrown at my head. I would just feel terrible if something I posted showed up on a major new website. So, I post with caution on this subject and hold any feelings of conflicted emotion to myself.

    I say do whats best for you!!!

    I really think a lot of this has to do with this "battle" we have had with asshats that keep wanting to put him down cos he is so gay...I know for the longest time a lot of the fans felt all indignant and angry at that...and now they feel maybe foolish for being so vehement. Don't be...what a lot of us were fighting for is respect for Clay...for him to be recognized for his talent and respected for it regardless of his Conan is still wrong, PH is still wrong because they took his right to self identiify and they ridiculed him for it. The fact that they were right that he is in the closet does not mean that they can publicly make fun of him. So many men and women are in the closet and have every right to be there.

  12. Just read Jaymes' comment. YOU GO, GIRL!!! I just love that woman!

    something new? can you post the number please?

    laljeterfan...sorry if you feel that others are attacking you. I can understand why you would feel that way but as I read through the board I suspect most of these people talking about lies and trust issues are basing their comments on things they read on the OFC. From your posts its clear that you are trying to work through things and understand the issues ... I don't think that is what bothers some.

    Scarlett is so wise. ITA that a lot of our reactions are based on our life experiences. I have been surrounded by family that are gay out and proud and those that are in the closet. I had an Ucle that died deep in that closet. I have a brother that never came out to me but I know he is gay and he probably knows I know but most of the family are still waiting for him to meet the right girl. So I know how hard it is for a gay man to come out so i was pretty mush ready to forgive him

    laljeterfan...I also believed him and I really thought, based on his reactions to Angela, Mary from Cary, and Tyra that he is straight. I didn't even only base it on what he said but from my observation of him. But when the news about Parker came out...I was pretty much ready for anything, specially with his emphasis that Jaymes was his good friend. I am just not a very black and white person. I think everything is simply different shades of the technicality of the lie is very small when compared to the complexity and difficulty of coming out of the closet in a most public way.

    I do believe that he is basically a man of integrity. If he wasn't then he would've tried to hide behind fake relationships. But he was always Clay...never changing his mannerisms...always candid about his no relationship status...I don;t think he ever intended to keep hiding who he is. He just needed time to get to the point in his life when he was ready..

    About the timing of the announcement...this cannot be planned according to a marketing scheme or what would be best for the fandom. Only one timetable can be followed, his own comfort zone. Why didn't this happen at any other time...its because he was not ready until now.

    I loved his interviews...what a role model he was for all. I am amazed at how willing he is to put other people's feelings and peace of mind before his own. What an incredible human being.

  13. Well CG...since I am a fan of the whole man ...I am interested in every aspect of his life he chooses to share with us. I can't just talk about his music or his being an entertainer cos thats too limiting.

    There has been so many great posts ...but I am so happy when Jenna posts...cos she is my brain twin...

    WORD to Couchie, Kandre, Wandacleo...and so many others.

    I totally understand why Jaymes did what she did. Just because Clay seem more reasonable than her...does not mean he is somehow superior and that She must now emulate him. It has been my experience that it is easier at times to take personal attacks aimed at ourselves than to see our loved ones attacked. I have a feeling that if the table was reversed...Clay could probably be fiercely protective too.

  14. Getting ready to go out and take that drivers test.

    But can;t go without giving (((Play)))....

    I can understand why that post would upset you... after posting with you on other boards and getting to know you on this one ... I know that you do not fall into that 2% that Jaymes was talking about. But you know this fandom so know that she is right about some of that very loud minority. I feel sad that you felt you may be part of that group...but you are not. Take care and you can share your feelings here or in PM...