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  1. Well there's no right way or wrong way to be a fan. What I love about Clay Nation is that there is a place for everybody to express themselves in the way they sit fit. The cultures clash sometimes, well a lot, but now that our main goal of making sure he doesn't go away has been accomplished, I'm not suprised. And Ansa, your annoucement reflects what I love most about Clay's fans. I want that cover with the microphone.
  2. The Creator Lounge (which holds 2 threads so far I think) should be the only place non registered people can post. That is for the pin makers to be able to post their new designs and share their tips and experiences without registering if they choose not to.
  3. Oh my god...Craigslist is the best thing ever invented, after the ipod of course. Craigslist Basically it's an online classified ads. It has job listings, people sell and trade everything you can imagine, find exercise partners, and other types of clubs, apartment listings, and even those looking for dates. It also has all sorts of forums for discussion. And it's all free. From what I understand only companies in the two largest markets pay to post their job listings. What I like about it is you don't have to sign up and give them your life story or post your resume. You just find the job you like and then send them your resume. It's the only place I look for jobs now. Also, I found bar stools and a desk through Craigslist. People usually post photos. I don't know how great it is in every city.... once you're on the site you can locate your city...but in the Bay Area it's "happening."
  4. Nope, did not purchase chat...may in the future... I need to figure out how to remove it from view.
  5. I'm trying to figure out when I stopped going to movies... so I can only talk about rented stuff. The last 2 movies I saw by rental were: Hostage: I hated it. And I hate when I hate Bruce Willis movies because I have been inappropriately in love with that man since Moonlighting. He's so black for a white guy. LOL. Anyway, the main problem with this movie for me is that I didn't give a flip about his wife and daughter. I just cared about the kids in the house. It was also very predictable. Diary of a Mad Black Woman: OK, I had a fear that I would hate this movie but I didn't. I laughed. I cried. Yes it was very smaltzy and not very original but the characters were likeable..well all except Steve Harris. I wish his chacacter had been more 3 dimensional but all in all not a waste of 2 hours.
  6. I put this over in the community thread but thought I'd put it here as well so that the pin makers could see it.
  7. And the winners are: Missmobius #26 Weak4Clay #88 I'll be in touch in a couple of days to get the information to send you your gifts which will include a photo album, stickers, color paper and a few Clay photos to get ya going. Congratulations and welcome!
  8. So clack shows up in the least expected places. I had to help move my mom's sleigh bed to the middle of the room because we're (as in my bro in law) is painting her room. And what to my amazement should appear? The AI2 tour book! I have been looking for scans of that forever. Now I can just do it myself. Boy, I bought that tour book back when I was sane. Now all my clack has a special place/box/cover/ uh you know what I'm saying.
  9. my thoughts on the article... I've thought for awhile that the CD wouldn't be released until next year. And I've thought that he and TPTB were in a real struggle to determine his future direction. After reading that article I feel even more so that this is the case. The joy he has for singing can't be denied. But the business of making music? Don't think he cares about it at all. I think the music community is who he is talking about when he says L.A. ..not Joe Schmoe living on 110th and Western. So what happened to going into the studio in March, April, May? He may have gotten stuff to record that he just didn't want to do. Does he really have enough clout to say no? And who did he piss off along the way. Dang, I'd love to be a fly on the wall. This new producer seems willing to let Clay have imput into what he will put out and is perhaps encouraging him to find his voice. That can only be a good thing in my book. Hopefully he will continue to have the full support of RCA. As for selling his house? He should just DO IT. That's what frequent flyer miles are for. Or he should at least buy himself a home that he can escape to as often as possible. I don't worry about his going there permanently because he would just do it...he wouldn't be so conflicted. He understands where he needs to be to have a career. I don't think for a minute that this is all him, just a piece of him and for some reason he wanted to go there. As always, he intrigues me. More hints on the tour though. The Beattles? I foresee lots of medleys.
  10. TV Guide Scans coming in at the Clayboard! Thanks to Starrynight4Clay! Here's the link TV Guide Scans
  11. OK I admit it I had trouble coming up with low Clay significant numbers other than 7 and 13 1/2. And I couldn't go too high because well, I don't expect 612,000 members. So 393 is actually for the 393K of the clingle and 88 (and this number comes fromAnsa so blame her if it's wrong LOL) is his Charlotte audition number. In case none of that makes sense, just think of them as random numbers pulled from a hat!
  12. I'm actually interested in finding out what those torture devices might be as well.
  13. Monday... I'm getting irritated by mail merge as I type this.
  14. Well I've bought about 35 different pins and I think I got some deadlines coming up I don't want to miss. I'd have at leaset 5 more but I missed the dealines..Thud pin I'm looking at you. Hopefully I'll be able to trade for it later. I do need to slow down because my trip to see Clay next month has turned into a 5 concert odyssey plus I want to throw in NYC at the end. I've already spent enough to have paid for a couple of hotel nights. But they are all so creative and pretty -- can't help myself.
  15. I bought my photo ipod 3 months ago and I'm still enthralled with the music side...haven't even tried to add photos yet. I think I'm scared to do it because it wll be another thing I become obsessed with doing!
  16. When I got laid off in February I took 2 months to find the perfect job. What's that saying about god laughing when you show him your plan. Well my perfect job is perfectly hellish. Love the people so at least it's tolerable going to work. COMMUNICATION people! Dang, I guess all the peons are just supposed to learn everything by some sort of psychic power. Anyway, craigslist, here I come.
  17. OK I've never done this before...but here's a You Send It Link for the clip... You send it - Clay on TV Guide Channel capped by Hockeydonna ETA He is one gorgeous man and he really looked awfully grown up in the clip. A long way from AI Clay. And I do think we heard Clay Speak for I'm doing it my way. I'm hoping that in choosing an executive producer with something to prove to produce his album that they will come up with something special. Clive Davis may be a genius but I've never had much faith in him when it comes to Clay. Oh yeah, he likes the money Clay puts in his pocket but I still need convincing Clay is more that just dollar signs to him.
  18. lesson #1 Have head examined lesson #2 be prepared for the onslaught lesson #3 be organized - I'm not sure if I did everything exactly right, but Ansa and I had a plan and it felt like we were never overwhelmed. Well not too much anyway. We'll see how well organized I am when I start packaging everything up tomorrow. I think Pin Promotions is a great company. I think they are probably a bit overwhelmed by all the orders but I thought they had great customer service and follow up. Things I'll remember for next time: 1. I really didn't think about pay pal fees when I set the price but fortunately I had so many orders it didn't matter. This would have been a problem if the order was just a few hundred. 2. Your website or fan groups URL (or something else) can be put on the back of the pin instead of the phone number to pin promotions. I should have remembered this because I had my clackhouse pins and saw that on the back. Tips Thanks to Geekette at the CH, I got my "4X8 bubble mailers" off ebay for about 11 cents/envelope. I probably could have gotten my mailing labels there too but my shipment surprised me by arriving a couple of days early so I just went to Office Max. ETA: Had to add was the best part of this whole process was chatting with other Clay fans. I made a few connections with people on different boards that I probably would have never met without the pins. Did anybody use a company other than Pin Promotions? I would love to know how that experience was.
  19. Yes, I'm replying to myself. When Ansa and I did the FCA pins we pretty much flew by the seat of our pants. And I've heard some of the war stories so I know I'm not alone on that one. I learned a lot going throught his process but much too late to help me. Now, I did get through it with only minor injuries but thought it would be great if all the lessons learned could be in one place. And that's why that first post is blank. I want to take all the good advice and tips that you have and put it in the first post in this thread. That way, people who decide to make pins for their group won't have to start from scratch... So please share your war stories!
  20. WELCOME! We officially open today. As a Grand opening Scheme we decided to give three lucky registrants a special Creative Memories/Clay Aiken gift basket All you have to do to win is be member #: 26 88 393 Watch for the next announcement to see if you are one of the lucky Clayfans... as of now...26 is taken!
  21. Clay will be featured on the cover of TV guide. This will be for the July 24-30 edition, which will be available to subscribers and some newstand starting July 19.
  22. I said that last year when things were jumpin'. OK, this year it hasn't been quite so constant. I can feel it though. He's coming!
  23. Post comments about the site...what works, what doesn't. If you have any suggestions for improvement, ideas for forums or threads, please let us know. We will read this thread and take all things into consideration.