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  1. I have nothing to say that is wise, smutty, philosophical or interesting (you all stop rolling your eyes and saying "Do you ever?"!! ), but I do have this to say.... TGIF!!!! That is all.
  2. Now the shock is your first two and my first two are the same first two! Who would have thunk it!
  3. As a TV addict, that is really difficult. The first two are a no-brainer for me, but #3 is tougher. But, right off the top of my head I would say... 1) The X-Files 2) WKRP in Cincinnati 3) The Practice (except for the last season or two) or maybe "24"........ But I did LOVE me some Homefront too couchie! Great show. It was cancelled way too soon. ETA: How shocking that something like this would happen in this fandom!! I am sure speculation has never turned into fact before!! <snark> :clay:
  4. Scott gave me the creeps. He kind of looked like a serial killer to me... I still kind of like Idol. I'm not invested, but I do still enjoy it. Hi Couchie!!
  5. Thanks my friend. And give totally a great big hug from me when you see her! And there will be another installment in the Outlander series? Note to self: READ FASTER!! I love Clay's AI3 Solitaire too. And he looked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! Poor Natasha Richardson. I can't believe she died after what seemed to be such a minor accident! Scary stuff.
  6. Muski - that book sounds fabuloous! Just up my alley. I'll put it on my list to read after the book I bought when we were in NY in January. I finally finished the 2 had to finish before I could start that one and I am just getting into it. So much to read. So little time..... Hmmmm. A mojito and a new Mexican place near Casa Muski? YUM!! Can I come for a visit??? Couchie - Congratulations!!! Woo the hell hoo!!!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIBBY!!!!!!! 50 is the new 30, doncha know! Hope it was a great day!!!
  8. Ah but there is apparently a need to know for some or why else would someone spend so much time seeking out Reed's itinerary or any and all pictures of Clay and Reed? I do not think it has (yet) reached the point of physical stalking, but I do think FOR SOME it has reached the level of cyber-stalking and it skeeves me out. ITA about how he looks in the banner, but I do not embrace this banner for another reasons and that is the stalking aspect. I have found it a bit hypocritical that SOME Clay fans expressed outrage that the owner of the photo booth sold what were supposed to be private
  9. muski watches while some Clay fans get out their PDA's, Day-Timers and whatnot in order to evaluate the chances of making a trip to Paris, Milan and Athens in the upcoming calendar year. checks maps to make sure that none of those places are near own upcoming travel destinations... BWAH!!! Unfucking real. Muski, you're psychic! This is really turning into stalking and I am NOT kidding. Did it EVER occur to anyone that maybe Clay and Reed are NOT joined at the hip? That maybe they're just great friends? Or having a fun fling with no commitments? Or just sewing their wil
  10. I've been to Australia. I LOVED Australia. One of my very favorite trips ever! Covers: FOR ME it is not just the fact he does covers, it is his selection of songs he chooses to cover. They tend to be among the most ubiqitous songs out there! I wish if he feels he must do covers he would pick a better variety of songs and a better variety of tempos and some that are far less known - and surely are not currently getting radio play by other artists. But I do think he is getting himself trapped in a box - especially coming off a show like AI that was all about singing covers. There must be
  11. NOT FUNNY!!!! Are you trying to give me a heart attack??? (Don't answer that!)
  12. From farouche at CV for t jose of us who missed it: This is the Moment POYB I Don't Have the Heart Mandy???????? RHW SSTBTHW
  13. I am not sure about this. I received the pictures in an e-mail from my DIL. She got them from Perez Hilton (I didn't know she went there) Anyway, the caption read Clay and his super cute boyfriend, Broadway actor Reed Kelly, at the closing night party for Spamalot earlier this month. We're hearing rumblings they may have broken up, though. That'd be sad! I don't look to Perez Hilton for truth but I guess we will have to wait and see. What I don't understand is how friends pose for pictures in a photo booth and have them end up on the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true
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