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  1. I haven't disappeared...just taking care of medical stuff I knew was going to have to be done...but said NO not till DC has come and gone (my only show). We had our 5 and 3 year old grandsons over yesterday to decorate "their" tree and it was so funny watcging them put the same ornament over their brothers ornament again and again. They were also streeeeeeeeeeetching their necks to peek into the closed doors when they had to go to the Bathroom. Little did thye know the gifts were upstairs. We are having the Shannon Christmas on the 28th.due other in laws. Wishing everyone a blessed Holiday S
  2. About has been reported there will be items or sale at the OFC......
  3. Where do I find LNM Scarlett's Jazzy Medley??? I don't know my way around the boards like 99.9% of you. Anyway if interested DH and I will be in Orchestra row F 101 and 102 seats tonight.
  4. >>>>I was just one of a board full of witnesses to the cleavage talk and how gorgeous Clay is.>>> Clay has cleavage?????????
  5. Love the smilie...I still think it should be had not have....
  6. CV will let you post the pin info.. Angela did you receive a response from the emails addy I suggested????
  7. The pin buyers/collectors are still out there. Trust me they will come a knocking when word gets out there is a new pin.
  8. Does FCA have a new pin/keychain out??? I was away Dec/Jan and may have missed the info... Can someone fill me in???
  9. Keep in mind also postal rates have been increased. The bubble mailers use to be treated as an envelope, now it isn't . I have had upwards of $2.00 just to mail 1 pin.
  10. I beleive you will easily sell 100 pins once word is out to the other boards and the pin groups that are still in existence. 100 is less expensive to the seller but a pin company will make whatever amount is ordered.
  11. I am going to NH and Philly... Also have 1 tix for sale for Philly..if interested please PM. Thanks!!!! :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  12. Meadowbrook, far..Waiting for mores to be released.