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Billboard Night...Top 8


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Billboard Number Ones Night - Top 8

Stripey Shirt Stripey Shirt eeeeeeeee! (Oops, sorry - the keyboard got away from me there.)

A field trip to the headquarters of Billboard magazine. Waves to Fred Bronson. Clayyyeee has a lovely plum colored shirt. And it's pretty pointless overall.

Number Ones - Paula really had six? And sadly, I think I remember all of those songs, including the one with Keanu in the video. The 80's were kind of a low point in music, weren't they?

Lionel Richie is the guest judge, before he became famous for being Nicole's dad. Do you think he had work done on his chin, or does it just look different with a beard?

CLAYYYYEEE - At This Moment - He is an unfortunate shade of orange; IIRC I think this is the pumpkin head low point. I love the evyf**k, followed by the arm swinging back on "Twenty Years from my Life" - very dramatic. EEEEEEEEE!!!!! Waves to Diane Bubel in the audience. Lionel: "I'm still in awe that all of that is coming out of that body." Y'all have to come up with your own smut here. Simon: "That song was perfect for you. Absolutely on the money. Well done."

Kimberley - My Heart Will Go On - And again with the gasping. Why did she never get called on that by the judges? Rough at the beginning, better with the belting part as the song goes on. Randy again proves to be the grumpy one tonight, while Simon is complimentary.

Rickey - Endless Love - Is the hat is tribute to his fallen comrade Corey? Rickey actually sings with quite a bit of power, although he sounds a little off on the end.

Camera phone product placement: Carmen has the stupidest giggle I have heard in a long time - and stop sending those creepy camera phone pictures to Clay! 919 beats 205? Well, it should have.... And, gee, who gets to read the tag on that bit?

Kimbermeee - Everything I Do, I Do It for You - She is not dressed so skankily this evening. I almost didn't recognize her. Plus, she only shows us her armpit once. Quite an accomplishment.

Josh - Amazed - Very twangy. And the point of the stool was what? His voice goes kind of flat in a couple of places, I think. Just boring to me. The judges uniformly approve of the song choice.

Carmen - Call Me - Yeah, she's the epitome of NY punk, isn't she? She looks horrible and sounds worse. Yeesh. I could go on a rant about teenagers picking songs that require a certain world-weariness on the part of the singer to work effectively, but whatever. Simon: "That was dreadful." What else do you need to know?

Trenyce - The Power of Love - Hate her outfit. Hate the song, but I think she does a pretty good job, considering. You can't outshout Celine.

Ruben - Kiss and Say Goodbye - No 205 shirt - He looks sharp, and sounds very nice and mellow. I don't think the cap did him any favors - it blocks his eye contact somewhat. Much tongue-bathing by the judges, although it was probably deserved this week.

Results Show -

Group song - All Night Long - The guys sound pretty good together. And two, three step and back, with hip sways... And the infamous Clay and Carmen pseudo-clinch at the end. All that cinnamony goodness concentrated on that little tra,,,,, Oops, got carried away there.

WTF? I watched it twice and Clay was the only one not included in the recap of the previous night's performances. What's up with that?

Kelly Clarkson - a promo for the movie, and Miss Independent complete with slutty choreography and trampy looking back up dancers. I must admit I enjoy yelling along to this song when I hear it in my car. I put it in a category along with Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" as one of those songs you just gotta shriek along with.

Bottom three results: Clay has the puke face going on and is clutching Rickey. Awww, how could anyone ever vote off that cute little lopsided smile and those rolling-back-in-his-head with relief green eyes? Kimberley, Kimbermee, and Rickey are in the bottom three.

The very disturbing multiple Carmen "Get Out of My Dreams and into My Car" Ford commercial with Ruben. Yikes!

Kimberley goes back to the couch, and Rickey goes home. Boooo! Too soon. And he doesn't even get a sing-out. Pffttt.

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Hee ...I think we may limit them to five...but I kinda like all the choices we have.

I am so behind on this AI2...

Will check it out tomorrow.

oh Musikfest would love for you to jump it..the more the merrier!!!!!


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Oh, yeay! Ok...gonna go watch my season 2 Billboard Night show...then will be back to contribute my sterling commentary, which will make you all wonder, of course, how you guys ever got along without it before now.... :P

And what's this about emoticons? You mean couchie isn't fond of emoticons? You mean emoticons like these?

:00000430: :04: :21: :all_coholic: (This last little guy looking suspiciously like couchie herslef last night...) :juul: Wow...there sure are a lot of drinking emoticons on this board... :00000462:

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Ok..just watched the episode. I'll need to go backwards when I can to catch up...it's interesting to see and hear the JUDGES' comments. They were much more...CANDID, it seems. This season, especially, they seem washed out---they're never exactly MEAN and in some surprising cases, Simon is downright gentle!

But not in this episode of Season 2, however. Lord.

CLAY: I know a lot of people don't like this performance of his; I always have. When Pauler sid he didn't sing it with enough heartbreak, I thought I would scream. He tugged at me with his voice in this song. The catches in his throat at the ends of notes (gah), the dynamics of power and then head voice and then sliding so effortlessly between...of course, the eyelashes and eyes (gah again)..When I listen to this on my AI CD in the car, I always repeat it because the vocals are incredible...Can you tell I liked this one?

Criticism? Uh...Clay, just tell Mezghan to lay off the lip gloss. If you need those puppies moistened, call me.

Kim Locke My daughter was watching this with me and when it was over, she made a snoring sound like she was bored. (She did the same after Clay's song too, but that's neither here nor there.)..Seemed like the judges liked it; I like her voice most of the time...and the thing I agreed with the judges on here was her decision NOT to belt it the whole way. Definitely enough to keep her out of trouble this week.

Ricky I could never stand listening to Ricky for a whole song. To me, his type of voice is best suited as a harmony voice or a backup vocalist. There were parts of this song that I enjoyed, but for the most part...not so good. However, I wouldn't vote him off this week.

Kimberly Caldwell Well, the judges might not have liked this, but I did. I liked that she gave a different, softer song a go...and her vibrato didn't bug me like it often does on other songs. She looked great---only about 10 pounds of eyemakeup on instead of 20.

Josh The beginning and ending of this song was strong for him. In the beginning he had just the right country 'twang' and in the end he was on pitch and sounded confident. Like Randy said, he definitely had pitch problems in the middle, though. This was after the "Celebration" debacle, right? Good save, Josh.

Carmen Oh dear God. I always gritted my teeth whenever she got on stage. And I thought it was a cruel joke that Simon selected her for his wild card. The girl THEN at least could NOT sing; I actually thought she handled all the comments (that were NOT gently given) incredibly well for such a young one. But...please...just make it stop.

Trenyce This woman is a real odd duck IMO. She definitely can sing. She delivers most of the time. I never LIKED her, though, and this was before there were any rumors that she was difficult or a diva or beyotch or whatever. And that impression of her interferes with my...acceptance...of her talent. Unfair or not, there it is.

Ruben Well. The judges' noses were bleeding brown after the big man sang tonight, huh? They'd have to brush and floss quite well to lose all signs of kissing his butt so much with their 'criticism'. Sorry, I heard lack of breath support and scratchiness in tone here and there (which I usually did with Ruben). I actually like the kind of voice he has AND he's a good guy, I think. I just never got all worshipful over his voice OR his performances like the judges did. He sounded good, though.

Haven't watched the results part of the show yet. Of course, we know who went. But If I didn't know...just from this series of performances, I'd boot off Carmen and Ricky.

ETA: Just watched the results show. I'd forgotten that only one went home! The wrong one, of course---Carmen. But RIcky went...and it seemed that many of the others hated that. Clay put his face in his hands when it was announced. I wonder if he thought it would be Carmen, too.

And it's true...there wasn't a clip of Clay's song at the beginning of the results show---just not there. AND it was fun watching "All Night Long" and Clay and Carmen's little pretend flirting and kissy kissy at the end! Ha! AND...gee...eight people still on the show, but Ruben and a chick got a Ford commercial JUST FOR HIM?!?!?!

And oh, Lord, again! I'd also forgotten how lip glossy and 'sweet little looks' and 'thank you-y' he was at the camera as he sat there on the steps. This would be one of those times that supposedly the judges were making fun of his mannerisms, wouldn't it?

Edited by muskifest
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If i didn't have a headache I'd drive to your house and kick your butt LOL. Loved your comments. I'm not here yet, but I still remember being so pissed about the Clay/Carmen interactions LOL. Oh I was a baby about it all. Because i felt clay was popular and he would give her some of his mojo and she needed to be gone!

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Crap! Was I supposed to 'catch up' before commenting on this episode? Heck, I'd never make it! Or if I did, I'd have to put my story writing on hold...and other little details, like my family.

Not that I don't WANT to, you understand...

Or that I won't...

because prolly I will...

cause doing that sounds like more fun than a lot of the things I really SHOULD do...


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Oh no you don;t have to catch up on the other episodes muskifest...but Couchie has to cos she posts her commentatires on the FCA retrospective...we are only up to wildcard there cos we have one episode a week.

I am so behind actually...haven't watched this episode so I can't comment on your comments...but I will catch up don't worry.

I actually love this perfromance...but now I understand Randy's critique...now that I know how Clay can perform when he truly internalizes a song...I can see how this perfromance was more theatrical than heartfelt...BUT compared to the rest of the AI field that year...I thoguth this was an excellent choice.

I wish he sang WAMLAW instead though. That would've killed!!!!

About the Clay/Carmen interaction...actually I thought it was really cute and I was eeeeeeeeing when I saw it. Not that I want him and Carmen together but he just looked so GAH!!!!!like there is no one else around!!!! intense!!!!Swwwoooony....

shoot don't we have any thud emoticons!!!!!

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What?!?!? I thought "being behind" was our modus operandi? Why don't you people TELL me these things? Sheesh.

Billboard's number ones! Most of which I didn't like back in the day! And still don't like now! Ah well.

I vaguely remember being annoyed with KLo for straightening her hair. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why go to Billboard HQ? Oh yeah, to waste time instead of letting them sing entire songs. I will confess, I liked (and still like) all of Paula's hits - mindless, poppy dance tunes have always been favorites of mine (Cold-Hearted Snake was a good song with a great video and chereography). Paula is still an empty-headed twaddlepate though. Lionel was an ok judge - I always liked him somewhat, but never went out of my way to listen to him (my ex would use "Sweet Love" as make out music. Almost ruined it for me)

My sweet baboo Clay is singing "At This Moment". I liked the original. I'm with muskifest - I believe he would "go down on his knees" (though if he did that to me you couldn't pry me away from him with a crowbar). His tone, texture, resonance was wonderful. And above the waist, very expressive with his face and arms. His legs were just used to awkwardly carry him around the stage. And his clothes just sucked. Sucked, sucked, sucked. But the man LIVES for the camera - he KNOWS how he is coming across the little screen down to that little last closing of the eyes. I wub him. Randy is a doodoo head. Lionel boiled down to saying "great job". Paula wants an overly dramatic breast-beating wail. Silly woman. Simon is right. What the hell does family ties have to do with that song?

KLo does "My Heart Will Go On" - I was so sick of the original I could just puke. KLo starts out by sucking in air like a hoover. She starts very low key to emphasize the power later (but she still freaking sucking in air right by the microphone! Turn your head!) She's pretty good, not great but pretty good. All the judges were pleased.

Ricky comes out with "Endless Love" - another one that I was completely sick of the original because they played it to death and I didn't think it was all that at the beginning. Just bad pop And I keep remember some dude on the Gong Show who dressed up half guy and half girl - and frankly sounded better that Ricky. He just sounded terrible to me. And Paula is crazy. Miss Ross can and will kick your butt since I think she has something like 22 #1's. Heifer. Simon is right again.

Oh look! It's a stupid pimpercial featuring phones AT&T couldn't give away! Goat girl is making kissy faces at my boyfriend! Grrrrr! Clay is amusing! Clay is the spokesperson! Clay is wonderful! The phone was still crappy!

KimMe and "Everything I Do" - never heard it before. She sounds just like KimMe! Girl ain't got no real range, does she? She also looks like she's wearing a wig. And she's not dressed like a skank. A very meh performance. Randy is still a doodoo head as I would bet most of the #1 are ballads - people like ballads, dude. KimMe was just not that good. Journey's most popular stuff were ballads - but you wouldn't know about that huh. Lionel is glad she's not dressed like a skank. Paula babbled. Simon babbled.

Josh and "Amazed" - I love "Amazed" but I hated this. This is where I really started to dislike Josh because he sounds so freakin' faux country - like if you cut him he would bleed corn pone and moonshine. Feh.

It was better than "Celebration" but shoot, bubonic plague was better than "Celebration".

One of the greatest sins AI has ever inflicted upon us: Goat Girl covering Blondie's "Call Me". It was like I was dropped in a time warp where someone also thought Pat Boone covering Little Richard's Tutti Frutti was a good idea too. It was like Strawberry Shortcake singing "Love Is A Battlefield (tee hee!)". Do y'all get the impression that I think Carmen should go? Well, you're right. Randy: you sucked. Lionel: you sucked, but you're brave for getting up there when you suck! Paula: You're pretty but you sucked. Simon: you sucked. The only thing good about this performance was the introduction of Tsathy.

Trenyce and "The Power of Love" - the girl can sing. And she showed what a serious power ballad can do especially when nerves are not an issue. Trenyce has a LOT of talent, just not IT. She would have given the winners a real run for the money in any other year but this one - Clay and Ruben were the only real options in this season. This is one of the performances that put her in the top five, and should have put her in the top three or four. Simon is a poopyhead on this one.

Ruben and "Kiss and Say Goodbye" - I just noticed Ruben really did do the lead for a lot of group song instead of soloist songs. This was a middle of the road performance for Ruben, but man he dressed so much better.

Clay - because I love him. And he sounds preternaturally good.

Trenyce - This performance was one of her best. No karoake, the sound was good, the girl had control. It was great.

Ruben - He dressed better. And it was good.

KLo - that vacuum thing brings her way down for me. Can't she hear that?

KimMe - borderline ok. She's reached the end of her skill set.

Ricky - meh

Josh - bigger meh

Goat Girl - Blech!


They all look like typical twenty-somethings during "All Night Long" - Carmen is clinging to my boyfriend! Heifer. WAIT A MINUTE! Josh is dancing in the audience - and doesn't look half bad! Woot! Ruben does sound good on his solo part. I sneer at Carmen and her desperate ploy to grab my man. And being a good kool-aid drinker, I allocate no blame at all to Clay. My bad.

Look, it's the world's worst movie! Ooooh, it's Kelly and the Bad Solid Skank Dancers! Kelly's hair looks like crap. I like Miss Independent though.

Trenyce safe; KLo goes down; Ruben safe but horrible hat; Josh safe; KimMe goes down; Man, Clay has pretty eyes and uses them beautifully and he's safe (if he's a manipulator, manipulate me baby!); Ricky goes down and Carmen for some inexplicable reason is safe and uses the opportunity to get closer to Clay.

The weirdest pimpercial of the season is here: Ruben sees Carmen dancing in the recording studio and then dreams of marrying maybe? multiple Carmens (lots in white bridal like dresses and one in red) and Ruben in a tux with horrible shoes - they stomp dance together and Ruben is wearing his audition number. Whoever thought of this has issues, people.

KLo goes back to the couch - Ricky is eliminated. Oh well. On to the top seven!

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