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Poughkeepsie, NY -- Dec. 8, 2007


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Damn, I went offline to have a bath and the thread seems to have petered out. Did no one hear the concert recap after the show?

I found these at CV:

4th Story ... Christmas in Hawaii ???

Quiana's song really good

Clay put unbottoned his jacket, put his hand in his pants pocket during DSIA, then rolled his eyes

Nails both Glory Notes. Crowd ... WoW!

He almost fell off the stand

Wonderful applause after Don't Save It All For Christmas Day!!!!! Screaming, cheering!!!

All Is Welll....

It is when I hear Clay's warm rich voice singing this. Allelujah...Low notes are so full...They radiate out and fill the room, even miles away. Cutting out a bit but can still hear the beauty of his voice....Allelujah.. Deepening the volume and key change....Song intensifying....All Is Well held so strong and glorious...whipping audience into a frenzy of emotion...

Next key change....even richer....crescendo to the skies....ALL IS WEEELLLLLLLL!!!!! Holding that glorious note. Audience goes wild!!!! Woo hoo...Applause and whistles and screams....They're amazed.

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