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  1. I am mostly a lurker here but you can put me down for Raleigh. Will be at the Marriott City Center from 3/11 - 3/13! I will be with an Iowa Clay fan mkg1027 but she is not a member of FCA.
  2. This lurker wanted to stop by and wish all of you a Merry Christmas (sad as it is with the loss of Claysmelody/Ashes).
  3. Luckiest, I mainly lurk here on FCA but wanted to tell you I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I just watched the montage her son created and you could tell from it that Cynthia had a full, wonderful, very happy life.
  4. Hi Couch Tomato, I don't post here often but do lurk and got the email notification of your thread and wanted to stop by to say I agree with how you feel. I too find it odd at how many are coming out of the woodwork now. I think the coverage is a bit of an overkill. I wanted to mention, as I am sure you are well aware of, that it's hard to force someone to get help unless they want it. My brother-in-law is a hopeless alcholic and his long-time live in girlfriend often attempts to make the family feel guilty for not helping him even though we have tried & tried to in the past. One time I even thought I would try just writing him a scathing letter telling him that unless he went for the help he needed, he would alienate the entire family with his drinking and resulting mean, mean antics. (He is such a nice guy when sober.) I wanted to try to shock him into seeing what he was doing to his relationships with everyone who loved him. Well, that did not work and neither of them spoke to me for a couple years! Now we are on good terms again, but quite frankly, there is nothing more we can do or try to do to help. He needs to want to help himself first. That said, I did not hear or see all these people who are now Michael's best friends trying to help Michael. IMO, Michael had few good friends that he seemed to trust and Elizabeth Tayor was one of them. I only want to hear from the celebs who were actually close to him and not those now jumping on the bandwagon. I thought it quite disgusting that Michael's father pitched his new label and am glad he caught flack from the media for mentining it. Then when asked why he mentioned the label, he said he was asked about it so he answered but yet he was not asked about it by the interviewer. Again, before he said why he answered, he plugged the darn label again. I always felt that father was basically the root of Michael's difficulties. I am glad someone finally made Brittany Spears get the help she needed and hope she never reverts back to her problematic years. Someone should have intervened with Michael.
  5. liney, it was on one of the many different versions of the OMWH CDs. My memory fails me as to wheter it was on itunes, or WalMart or whatever but hopefully someone will get the answer to you.
  6. nicki503

    2009 Super Bowl

    djs, before anyone gets Tony Dungi, I wish the Packers would consider him along with all new management. The Pack made a HUGE mistake when they didn't hire Tony when they had the chance. I remember he was a little hurt that he wasn't chosen. He is a class act all around.
  7. nicki503

    2009 Super Bowl

    I will be watching and rooting for the Cardinals too, not only because they are underdogs but because the difference between the Cardinals/Eagles game and the Steelers/Ravens game last week was huge for both my husband and me. The Cards & Eagles game was played with class whereas the Steelers/Ravens game was brutal and hard to watch. I never saw so many hemet butts with no penalties (from both sides) in my life. Those two teams were out for blood. (Sorry any Ravens or Steelers fans.) Being from WI and still liking Favre, I would have rather watched the Jets and Cardinals in the big game. Go Cardinals!
  8. georgiesmybaby - you have to go to the police immediately and also get a restaining order. Even at that you all will need to be very, very careful with someone like that as a restraining order is nothing more than a piece of paper a lot of crazies ignore. He needs to be locked up for a good long time to keep everyone safe. My thoughts are with all of you.
  9. Liney23 & aikim- thank you. Would post more often here but I have a really hard time getting used to linear threads. Hi smitten & cindilu!
  10. Hi all, some of you know me from the CB as I mostly post there. Kim, I am so glad you posted that about AT&T. An AT&T fellow came by this afternoon to tell us we could get that now so soon we will get a 30-day free trial on our PC and TV. We have Charter now. If we like AT&T and its faster, we will switch. May switch anyway as it is much cheaper than Charter. I wanted to share my new baby. I had to put my other black cat down last January and I so miss her to this day. Meet Scruffy Rose (named to honor Rose and because she has the scruffiest coat). She will be 5 in July! She's not Clay but she is cuddly and adorable. My departed Rosie -
  11. I was just saying that..that they were starting a thread in each forum, the "men who dont blog and the women that love them" was my idea, and was meant to be snark, because i was trying to find out a name for one to go in "get aquainted" yeesh, even though it doesnt matter so much to me..I do understand wanting more blogs, and even more content..I dont understand people who are making it so personal..someone even said he must be depressed..he is pulling away...he doesnt care about us..he doesnt need us... I need a drink, and I dont drink! why do I go there then...I have no idea lol believe me, Ive asked myself that very question. Hi smitten! Coming out of lurkdom to give you a hug. I was going to at the other board but never got around to it because my PC decided to get slow last night - so her you are - now you won't need to resort to drinking.
  12. Coming out of lurkdom to say its called Spamalot Withdrawl Syndrome. LOL! Also, came over to find the pictures a friend pm'd me about on CB. I thought I may find them here so thank you for the posts of those. ETA - I did not care for Juniors all that much either except for the fun of seeing other fans there and I liked Sardis' cheesecake much better - it was smoother.
  13. Coming out of lurkdom to say that so far the Spamalo show I will attend (may go to more than one) will be October 8, 8 p.m. Will be in NYC from 10/6 through 10/10. Claylily, am I going to miss meeting you again or will you still be in the citY?
  14. You answered so quickly that I didn't get a chance to edit. I accidentally quoted anabear before - LOL!
  15. Luckiest, I flew into Newark and took the bus into NYC. I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriot/Elizabeth which is right near the airport. They have shuttle buses to & from the airport. The folks I went with opted to take a bus into NY but there is a train from the airport into the city too. I know there is a Hilton at the airport but I don't know its cost. I also opted for a room by myself and it was $204 (if I remember correctly). It was a very nice room.