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12/22 Raleigh NC


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Raleigh Recap

Better late than never. I went to the concert with three friends, two had never seen Clay in person and one had never heard him sing. We started out at 4:15, when I picked everyone up from their place of employments. It would take us about two hours to get to Raleigh from Winston-Salem. We stopped to eat on the way. I got a little nervous when it was 5:30 and we had only gone 10 miles. I increased my speed a little and we made it to the RBC Center at 7:10, only to be faced with a terrible traffic jam entering the parking area. We finally parked by 7:45 and hurried into the concert. We got in at the last song played by William Joseph.

Waiting for the concert to start we fiddled with our cameras making sure we didn’t have any flashes. I went up to an usher with black tape to get a few more layers added to my tape. I kept flashing at her until she was satisfied that it was covered adequately.

My friend and I sat in the sixth row. We had an amazing view. Clay looked great and was very joyous. During the first act I was amazed when he came down on our side and smiled to someone in the audience and breaking character. Little did I know that it was his grandfather sitting two rows in front of us. We were so engrossed in the show we didn’t notice him until after the intermission. I called Playbiller and found out who it was.

Clay was going all out in Raleigh. I had noticed in Charlotte he was saving his voice a little. In HYAMLC I noticed that Adam Kent danced a much more subdued dance than he had in Charlotte. My friends loved the dancers in the show. We were supposed to change seats with our friends after the first act as they had the fourteenth row seats. The friend I was sitting with said that she hoped they didn’t want to change seats. Fortunately for us they were happy with their seats and we went back to the sixth row.

During the second part Clay was absolutely on fire. He got standing ovations after every song. At least I did. My friend who has no kneecaps was unable to stand much. His change ups on TFN gave me goose bumps. Of course when Clay acknowledged his grandfather and explained why they were doing a special number for him we were in shock. I had never heard that song before but my friend told me they had sung it in church. My other friend sitting in the back later told me she was hoping for this song. After DSIAFCD I told me friend that he really knows how to put on a show. She in turn said that now she knew why I went to more than one show.

On the way home they all talked about how much they loved the show. They loved Clay and thought that his voice was amazing. They also thought that he was plain folk, which is a big compliment.

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