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All About Clay Gabfest: Favorite Clack moments


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I really envy ya'll that will see Clay this Xmas. I've never been on this side of the fence but I'm happy for all of you and can't wait for the clack and to hear your reviews. And on that note..I have to cut out and finish my babysitting duties. Thank god the I'm so Raven marathon is over.

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Clay should just be proactive on this talk show thingie... put together something in his studio (wait, does he have a studio) and shop it around. I think he said he likes audience pariticipation a la Donahue and I can really see him tackling important issues which means Clay Nation's collective head would explode every day.

I also think he works well off others..so either a co-host or audience participation would be key probably.

See I wouldn't be surprised if this is already in the works. I bet one of the things he took note about Tyra is the fact that she is the EP of her shows. She is the boss. She conceptualized the shows and she probably has a chunk of her money in it too. So at this time I wouldn't be surprised if Clay is looking at this possibility.

Maybe this is why ATDW promo is so strange. Maybe there is a different plan in the coming year.

I don't know if I posted this already, but I see this show as starting with Clay coming through the audience and talking to them...not necessarily a monologue but letting the audience bring up topics they are interested in. Then he would have guests and he goes donahue...talk to the guest and let the audience talk to them, style.

I would really love it if he has one day that is a musical theme...he has his musical guests...he sings...he sings with a guest...or he challenges a non singer celebrity to sing...then he has other celebrity segments. But I think he would like to tackle more everyday topics and current events.

The thing about this is...he is opinionated...he has no choice but to take sides on topics and this may create several burnt puppies with people. BUT there is so much possibilities and I say I hope to hear his honest opinion on controversial topics.

I bet his desire to do this really got stronger when he found he had no venue to defend himself ...that must suck for someone like him.

Well, I have a download of the crush, but not thw lap thing. I guess I will have to learn how to do it myself. Someone made ipods of all of them, but only made regular Clack of 8 and 9.

I do think I have number seven saved...let me do a YSI

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Well, I have to type out and submit those auctions of no income this month.

How sad is it that I sawthe things I bought years ago to sell are worth noithing and I am now taking from my personal collectibles (that I don't need and really don't use) to get enough stuff listed out there - good bye giant snow man salt and pepper shakers all 10 inches of you. Soon I will be sellingthe glasses out of my cabinets - I just don't hold parties for 50 people anymore. the family has died off or moved on and a lot of my friends retired to other states.

So nice talking to you.

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The people loving Kelly Ripa is overestimated. I was really shocked at my in-law-in-laws insulting her all through dinner - not just about Clay, but about everything - they love their Rosie.
I totally agree...I mean even on The View Joy was snarking that Regis should've done that to her a long time ago. This would never be a big deal if she didn;t rant about it. But I have watched this show since the kathie Lee days (althoguth I do not watch it regularly anymore)...and I saw how that woman ended up getting kicked out...she took herself too seriously and believed herself to be the star of the show. She became caustic and was on her soap box too much so the show was just more than glad to lose her. I think Kelly is falling in the same huge ego trap that Kathie lee fell in. Her problem...I think Regis is ready to retire...and then she will discover that he was the one who truly carried that show.

you send it of Tyra on Clay's lap...or close to it... :D

I like when Clay toasts some puppies...I have to take off too...we are celebrating my mother's 70th birthday tomorrow...
Night...so you having a big party??? have fun!!!
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Hey guys...any of you have a link to that picture that was floating around of the note that came with the flowers Clay sent Tyra? I need to know exactly what he wrote...for...er...

some research...heh. :unsure:

muski...found the CB thread for you...


the note...

I had a great time during our visit. It's the best interview to date! Thanks, Clay Aiken

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