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Jacksonville, FL...Moran theater


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Yep, CV does the symphony - mainly as a test for phone reception. Tonight - not so good so far. The music is faint and we can't hear any of the conductor talking at all.

ETA: The intermission discussion has all been about who is holding whose phone in what position and in what row....Hee. :blink:

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YAY djs11 is in the 5th row center...just behind GBB the CH cellcerter...COOL for her cos she didn't know where her seats were going to be.

Hey Tasapio's there!!! I hope we get some great pix.

There are people with halos and mardigras boas....if it was a tiara I would;ve thought Kandre was actually in the concert... :D

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Good to be back here in the south?

complimenting the orchestra

he said feel free to talk whenever you want to...

talking about Jacksonvill being a big city...telling a story about gogin to dinner...can;t get details but the audience is enjoying it.

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he said he opened his hotel door in his roabe and his dog got out...then he said soemthing and he went back to bed...

now he said something that has them all really screaming...

he now noticed the woman with the feathered boa...and making fun of her...

I think he is looking for others with feathered boa...


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From Ch...

Many of you were stalking me today.

Somene let the dogs out of the room (maid?) for 15 minutes and I wasn't getting out of bed.

Good to be back in the south. Something about Jeff Foxworthy show.

Wow this is one of the clearest reception.

From Ch:

Something about Jeff Foxworthy show.

I think he was reacting to a bunch of people yelling out. He said something like, "Y'all just feel free to talk anytime you want...this can be just like the Jeff Foxworthy show."

Looking for guys in the audience.

binoculars wman in the second row...

now its non stop laughing...I am enjoying hearing their laughter...

asking the balcomy epopel how much their tickets are...55...and she is in second row with binocualrs looking up my nose

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Binocular banter and how much did you pay for those tickets,

Must be talking to a couple - how long they have been married.

Something he's saying is getting big laughs.

From CV:

Ha -- intro's Jesse AGAIN at the end!!

looking for guys in the audience... nobody will see you... no one will know

some just WON'T do it... someone yelling out?

2nd row w/ binoculars... people up there who can't see... he looks smaller than I thought -- and FATTER!!

How much you pay for tickets?

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He is talkign to someone who stole her seat...he said let us hope that those people don;t come...

he is moving the audience around

wow so much laughter and hollering...

he is on fire tonight...

now TCS...

he is talkign during the fist line again and everyone is laughing...

only came in on yuletide carrols...

From CH:

Yeah, I think that's the third time! Very warm reception for Jesse.

WW was so much fun.

"Who's up there in the Hollywood Squares section? How many guys in the audience? Put your hands up, come on, nobody's gonna know you were here. Some of you guys still won't put them up... guy whose wife is holding it up for him."

I've got to think most guys give him props for cracking on them a bit.

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HYAMLC...a few change ups...I think he may ahve another frog in his throat :D

SR...he is making them laugh again and letting them sing along..

Talking about Jesse teaching himself piano...

start of word of the day...fancy Eye talian words...

Gosh even when I don;t undestand all the banter...I am just enjoying all the laughter


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Let me catch up from CB backward - heh

saying how big a city jacksonvilee is..

talking to the people right next to

my cellcerter...they are from raleigh..

that must be where he said, well I could have just seen you at your home - heh - I heard that

putting the stool right in front of her..

well if you wasn't so worried.. I'll feed them when I get home..now Jesse again..married 7 years.. chestnuts. .and they laugh and he talks..counldn't make out what he said..

just like a jeff foxworthy show.. what ever you want..he forgot to introduce jesse the other night. .so intro him now..stand up jesse..I will into him ever single concert from now on.. I want you all to scream just as loud every time..this is a really big city..45 minutes half way across town.. like a different country..didn't get much sleep. .loitering in the lobby..the housekeeper opened the door to his room this morning. and let his dogs out of the room and she couldn't catch them and I wasn't getting out of bed..

he said that if they fall asleep there tonight

then they can say THEY SLEPT WITH CLAY AIKEN.

I should cover mouth more often.. huge screams..he is gonna shut up and sing now.. laughter again..still chatting something about stops at the door..screaming is crazy.. talking about the way people are dressed. .sparkly..feathers..




back of hair trimmed a little..

He has now introduced Jesse Vargas at least 3 times! (He mentioned earlier that he forgot to introduce him at the last show so I guess he's trying to make up for that oversight now!)

paid 65 for the seats and she is looking

up his nose with the binoculars...

just let three women go take three

front row seats...


a real word....talking about dictionary..

but this one is real.....

someone screamed out and he said

i won't call on you.....

everyone laughing..

you should know where you arefrom...lots of laughter hard to hear him..still talking to someone.. lots of aweeeee and ohhhhhhhhhhhhsssss...I dont like that..think that is what he said..where are you sitting. wait a minute.. where is your seat this is my stage..still talking to her lots of laughing.. this isn;t working ..

still chatting. and they are still laughing..huge screams..you are gonna be ok.. your ok..ok...lots of laughing.. MDYK.

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his hair is still there. He only had a tiny trim.

talking about quiana...

getting ready to sing..


here he goes....listen to words..

very pertinent on what's going on

in our nation today.....

Interuption - Gerwhisp put up the ET Canada stuff and I am downloading - will upload and post it on main.

And..... none of us are watching Larry King where Trump decided to dump on Clay and praise Ripa because?? he is mad at Rosie?? Eh.

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