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Jacksonville, FL...Moran theater


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Thanking people for BubelAiken.org - yadda. yadda

UNICEF speech

Waaaah only 2 more songs.

OK going to main to post link

Heh, I think I am the only person who doen't listen for the glory note, but for the Yeah that follows.

Ooops - no encore - guess he was still struggling - must have a hard time recovering - although Eva thinks it is a timing issue.

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I think its a voice issue he was struggling through the show. I was hoping the cracks I heard were just from the phone but when he didn't do the encore I figured he still had that frog.

If he did oversleep I think he didn't have a chance to warm up properly.

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Saw this from berkleylovesclay at CH and it made me think of last year's JNT...when Jacob sang the song and I thought about how he'd said in his book? that he loved that song or that it was his grandfather's favorite? And I, too, thought how incredibly selfless it was of him to let Jacob have that solo.

Clay started singing the traditional version of OCOCE with a very strong, very bad Southern accent.

What a goof...

Simply gorgeous. His favorite Christmas song... what a generous soul to have given it to Jacob.

I'm not so selfless. I want to hear HIM sing it...

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