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I just can't cope, without my soap

Couch Tomato

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Damn you... I just bought the whole season on iTunes! :lol:

UH OH..don't blame me if you don't like it. heeeee

I'll make you a fuzzy treasure trail ok?

oh man, but you have to catch up with GH so we can talk about Spinelli. heh

He has a storyline on Nightshit too...it took awhile for me to look at that as a completely different show that has absolutely nothing to do with day time GH.

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Heh, it was cheaper than signing up for the Clay Aiken Fan Club.

And probably less drama too.


I need something inane to do for awhile, so I'm thinking GH will be it.

I'll letcha know when I'm caught up... I can speed watch a bit of it.

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well, crap... now I really wanna catch up. I'm still at the beginning of August!


I'm trying tho!

I'll watch more tonite.

I hate that Kate woman... I cannot see her with Sonny... at.all. Yuck!

ah man LOVE Kate!! She's a grownup. She's not Carly :cryingwlaughter: And I kinda like that she won't be too easy.

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Ok, I like Kate now. Heh.

I JUST finished Nightshift. WTF?!?!?!?

That's how they are ending it?!!?

I am so confused.

And I'm in mid-October on regular GH. Jason's hair looks like shit. And Spinelli's looks like Clay's. :lol:

Sonny is just arriving at Zaccara's house. I have to go watch a few more hours now. Heh!

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you crack me up. Guess what..the last 3 eppies of nightshift is still unwatched LOL. But I HATE HATE HATE that after I got used to Nightshift being a separate reality..they integrated the stories into regular GH..crazy.

Anyway... as usual..still hate Sam. What a waste of space.

Stupid shit coming up for sweeps. heee.

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I used to love Lulu..thought she was a perfect mix of mother and father... but GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK. There are a lot of female characters in town, wasting away with no storyline..meanwhile Lulu has how many guys in love with her? It's stupid overkill...and she's starting to remind me of Carly and that's not a good thing.

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I think she's supposed to remind you of Laura. Hee.

I'm a sucker for Sonny and his bipolar thing tho. I'm still upset over Lily blowing up. LOL!

OK, WTF again... Robin is looking at Robin. Huh?

What I'm sick of is Lucky and Elizabeth's divorce mediations... oy!

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what do you mean robin is looking at robin.

I LOVED Lily... hated Brenda. Sam reminds me of her I guess.

Well keep watching cuz the Liz/Lucky stuff comes to a head...and...

somebody dies heee

that should keep you going

ETA: lines 2 and 3 may or may not be related. heh.

I'm really sick of the mob stuff...wouldn't a Sonny and Jason try to go straight story be fantastic!! I think so.

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Oh, I guess she is just hallucinating herself on the gurney... I finished Nightshift just at the right time to sort of see some unfolding/crossover in the regular show.

And WTF... that was Brenda, huh? The patient with the face bandages in Nightshift.

I don't mind the mob stuff... But I wish it would get more complex again. Or some new enemies... based on old stuff. Like Helena needs to do something crazy. Or Jerry needs to have a tie in that is some historical thing. Or something.

I don't really love anyone right now... Spinelli is funny tho. Hee. Wow, they said "bitch" and "ass" today. LOL!

OMG!!! Jason's face when Robin asked Spinelli to donate sperm for her baby... BWAH!!! LOL!!!!

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Well hello...I'm not a GH fan anymore but once in a great while I tune in to see what hasn't changed much... Sonny was telling Kate about the most wonderful woman in his life, yada yada and I thought he was talking about Brenda but not sure. If Brenda was in bandages on a gurney I guess his little discussion was about Brenda. I also like Kate, she's different.

Didn't mean to interrupt your conversations for two. It must be nice to have your own thread!!!

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:lol:Toots! Feel free to join in. Hee.

I have no idea if Brenda is going to make an appearance, but I'm sure if she does it will be bad timing as always. LOL!

I'm caught up... I'm caught up!! Wee.

TEN HOURS it took me. I watched it all yesterday -- the whole month of November and may I say... that was FUN as hell!! WooT! Anthony Zaccara cracked me the hell up. HAHA!

Wow... a lot went on at that ball, eh? Nice setting up for a whole year of discovery.

Now where's Lucky, demmit?

I have to say... Monica's reaction surprised me. Hmm.

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what? You caught all the way up?

yay..I can acutally talk about the show. heee

First of all, Monica and Bobbie are frightful to look at. Why on earth would they do that to themselves. ALl that plastic surgery yuck. Lesley looks better than both of them combined.

OK Sam and Lucky! Why on earth do those hos get to lord it over Elizabeth. Good lord, look in the mirror. I really wish they would do something with Sam or get rid of her. I want to scream at the TV..He's just not into you. Get over it. If Jason wiggled his finger she'd god running back.

So are you still liking Kate... they kinda made me sick last week. I wish one woman would say..well if you love that mob life so much bye bye and let him make a real decision about that life.

Georgie and Spinelli..so cute..but now they've brought in Nadine. I wanted to hate her but I Can't. She told Lula it wasn't all about her so that made me quite happy.

I like Rick..lots of potential for his charcter and for him and Sonny to make peace..

Remember back in the day when Monica referred to Jason all the time as "that bastard child." Then she came to love him like he was her own.

Nice to see Ned.

Sick of Carly.

Luke and Tracy crack me up. Love the way he calls her wife.

Anthony Zacchara was funny as hell. I laughed a lot too.

But please Nicholas... I'm so sick of his grief already.

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Bwah!!! OMG, Bobbie has looked horrifying for years. She killed me tonight tho. Yeesh! And Monica too, but not nearly as bad a Bobbie! Yeah, Lesley just looks like a normal human being. Good for her.

No, I do still like Kate. But that's because the mob shit doesn't bother me. Cuz, well we know them and their history. I'm glad Sonny/Maurice are exposing the bipolar thing. That's pretty cool that he's shining a light on that real issue.

I adore Spinelli but sometimes he needs to dial it back a bit. I love the looks on Jason's face when he gets going tho. LOL!

Carly... ugh. I'm even not liking Jax so much these days; God, he's boring. I still can't figure out why they are all letting Jerry/Mr.Craig run around and not kill him or something... now that he no longer has Emily in that spot he had her in (spy or whatever), I guess he has no leverage.

Wonder who the killer is? Coop? Logan? Johnny (who is adorable)?

Yeah, I wanna beat Sam to a pulp really. What a conniving, hateful bitch she is. And they're really going for it on the "bitch" and "ass" comments. Cracks me up.

Aww, I thought Nicky did great with his grief... I could feel his pain. Poor Nicholas.

It will be interesting to see how the whole Trevor, Rick, Sonny business gets sorted out or if Rick and Alexis can really be "friendly". And what's Skye up to? She drives me nuts with her drama and facial expressions... always pained. LOL!

Jason needs to cut his hair... and stop with the 'roids. Jeez. And seriously, are there any Quartermaines left? LOL about Edward comparing himself to Joe Kennedy! :lol:

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I honestly could not watch the two of them: bobbie and Monica. They don't look younger or better just scary. Does no one tell them how they look?

Jason does look like he's on roids..heee but I swear it's that brain damaged bimbo that keeps drawing me back to GH.. it's always him. sigh. Anyway, they need to stop killing Quarteramines and give htem something to do. I almost died having Mac, Robin, Georgia and the bad seed in the room all at once. I forgot they were related. And Mac is raising all the deadbeat's kids. Give that man a storyline other than keystone kop. And he still looks great.

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I have no idea... I remember one time Bobbie must have left for her facelift of the year and came back TOTALLY stretched out on her face... like she could barely move her lips. They must have MADE her come back too early or something. And hello, her brother had a heart attack... is she gonna at least visit him and say, "Luuuuke" with that face she always makes. LOL!

What is Felicia's trip? Why'd she supposedly leave?

The bad seed... Hee. Remember that movie? I saw it as a kid and I still think of it. :lol:

I too am compelled to watch because of Jason. Oy. Clay was my replacement until it didn't work anymore. Now I need both. :cryingwlaughter:

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Anyone here still watch AMC? I got sucked in one day when I was bored and watched a week's episodes on Soapnet. Still don't know who some of the people are (its been maybe 3 years since I last saw it). But now they are not only advertising the return of the "real" Greenlee, but also the return of super couple Angie and Jesse!

Um, didn't Jesse die like 30 years ago???? Very dramatically. On camera?

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Anyone here still watch AMC? I got sucked in one day when I was bored and watched a week's episodes on Soapnet. Still don't know who some of the people are (its been maybe 3 years since I last saw it). But now they are not only advertising the return of the "real" Greenlee, but also the return of super couple Angie and Jesse!

Um, didn't Jesse die like 30 years ago???? Very dramatically. On camera?

bwah..this is the first soap I quit watching and have never been tempted to go back. Jesse huh. yes he died ON CAMERA so long ago. The actor never did have the kind of career I thught he would. Every now and then I see him and he still looks good though.

OK let's talk about soap actors and their "aging." I'm not normally one to do this but I'm sorry...the botox or plastic surgery or whatever it is that is going on is just out of control. Bobbie and Monica on gH look unreal. On the other hand, Leslie looks great. Either she has never had plastic surgery or she has a good one.

I saw Fiona Hutchinson of OLTL (Gabrielle) on one of the CSIs or L&Os or something or other my mom was watching last night and the woman looks 60 years old. No plastic surgery though so I'll take it. The thing is Max (Jim DePaiva) came back recently for Asa's funeral ...both he and Cord and they look 20 years younger than her. They look older but great.

Play, BWAH.

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