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  1. HALLELUJAH!!! I finished my income tax, copied and mailed it to my tax lady in Nashville. The first time we didn't have to pay was when she did our musician/self-employed taxes; old habits die hard. :clay: I voted first thing this morning and will have a new blog up tomorrow RE October's Pepsi Refresh. I am very interested in ways you are enlisting others to vote and/or text. There are a couple of great suggestions RE recruiting more text votes in the current Carolina entry by queenmama247 and ncgran4clay. If you have an idea, please share here or PM me. I notice that queenmama also posted there's a family birthday coming up this week and she plans to ask everyone to get out their cell phones and text for National Inclusion Project. Aron Hall has been writing about GROUP TEXTS for weeks. Last night I noticed on the Carolina's "live feed" that someone had arrived at my blog by searching for 100842 to 73774. Of course, I immediately recognized a Pepsi text number and checked out the link. Look at the results that come up on the Google search, and don't stop with the first page: Rett Syndrome. Included are several blogs, FB/Twitter posts, a standing post on the Woodland High School home page asking for daily text votes, etc. Rett Syndrome finished #1 in the $250k category for September. I think we can learn from this and go viral with the National Inclusion Project. Where supporters have a connection, National Inclusion Project votes can be requested on school web sites, work sites, churches, wherever. This is the post that appeared on the Woodland High School home page during September: The Clay blogs mainly reach CA fans, but there are journals in the Carolina sidebar that focus on other topics, including home schooling, books, dieting, painting, etc. I plan to ask these bloggers to urge their readers to help us with daily votes. Many CA fans post on non-Clay boards. Perhaps you could make a similar request. Together, we can reach whole new segments of the population. Scarlett may have inadvertently hit on a slogan for October in a morning FB post -- THIS.IS.THE.MONTH! She plans to work on voting widgets for sidebars, boards, websites, etc., this weekend. I am including the CV posts by From Claygary, a Canadian with a US-based cell phone, and dancermom2. I wonder how many more non-US residents have US-based cell phone. :smile: Also....did you see that the "National Inclusion Project" is giving away an Ipad for those signing up for the daily email reminder? Please continue with the "text messaging" project we started late in September....ie, anytime you have an opportunity to have friends vote by text, or to use a friend's phone to text 102308 to 73774....please do! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! WORD!!! Have a great weekend, all. Look forward to your ideas so that THIS.IS.THE.MONTH!!! Caro
  2. Late last night I uploaded a new Carolina On My Mind blog that features new montages by LovesClaysVoice (UM/DWTS11) and Wowzers4Clay (SM, 2005-10) as well as the final four-day push for National Inclusion Project Pepsi Refresh voting. Thank you for your blog comments/visits, Facebook reposts, tweets/retweets, etc. Hope you enjoy! Great reminder, Bottle! I just may have to change the Carolina's Pepsi image several times during this entry's "shelf life." Most of all, I hope we can find many more supporters for the final four-day surge! Thank you for posting this, keepingfaith. I had heard of the montage but couldn't locate it on YouTube last night. I have been glued to NBC/MSNBC's education reform programs this weekend, and this would have tied in so well. It's pouring here, and I dread the drive to High Point for lessons this afternoon. I have a feeling the teacher will be drenched coming and going. Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  3. Many thnx to keepingfaith, merrieeee, JoJobugs, and texwriter for your recaps of Clay's 'InnerVIEW' with KUHT, the main topic of the new Carolina On My Mind blog. Special thnx to kf for the five cellphone photos, which supply the art. Thank you for your blog visits/comments, Facebook reports, tweets/retweets, links on other boards, etc. The comments are so important. When I posted the "new blog" info on my FB wall, the site quoted the first comment that had already come in. Hopefully, the National Inclusion Project is poised to make a move. Time is running out, despite all the kewl Pepsi images Bottle brings us. Happy TGIF, all! Have an awesome weekend! Caro
  4. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features the countdown to Clay's 10/14 Chicago concert (thnx to a widget by Scarlett with photo by Cotton), DWTS montages by SueReu and LovesClaysVoice (and a list of several more), the new X2 CD, and (hallelujah!) new graphics by AmazingCA. Links for Inclusion Project Pepsi Refresh voting and the 2011 CA calendar orders are also included. As always, many thnx for your comments, visits, FB posts, tweets/retweets, links, etc. ACA's Internet was down throughout most of the Timeless Tour, and I sent her your link, kareneh. The reward was sweet. I also sent her a link to the Wowzers4Clay YouTube Channel with two complete concert TT playlists of videos by Scarlett. Hope she's in "clack heaven"! Bottle, I'm about two Pepsi images behind; but I right-click from your post everyday. Thnx for posting them here. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful birthday, aikim! :04: Have a super week, all! Caro
  5. Well, I made the supreme sacrifice (LOL!) and sent grandson Kai's birthday blog to the second slot with a new Carolina On My Mind entry about the National Inclusion Project's campaign for the $50k grant. The Voice newsletter provides some really good suggestions for expanding the number of participants. These, as well as the voting alliance links, are included in the blog. Thank you again for your sweet birthday wishes to Kai, who heard from Rossy in Colombia this afternoon. One day that will really impress him. I translated her post for the family. Very nice, 00lsee! Looks like fun, too! Yay for the Chicago plunge, luckiest1! We had T&T LIVE all over again in NC this evening. I thought UNC-TV did a really good job in mixing the live breaks with some taped ones when Clay was there last weekend. Have an awesome week, all! Caro
  6. Wishing Idyj a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for your birthday wishes and kind comments about Kai. AmazingCA's Internet has been down forever, but she sent me this "mowing grass" graphic this morning: Clickable by ACA Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  7. Thank you, Fear. It does seem like only yesterday that I was making the "It's a Boy" announcement on this board. Last time I talked with Texas, they were breaking out the cake and ice cream. I look forward to the party pix. Caro
  8. Today is grandson Kai's third birthday! The new Carolina On My Mind blog replays many photos/graphics/experiences shared by and with his Clay Nation "aunties" over the past three years. From Day 1, CA graphic artists have been very generous and kept the Carolina journal filled with Kai art. Kai's favorite toy in Hawaii was a play lawn mower, so his gift from Grandma Caro was a no-brainer. He has been mowing the apartment courtyard for a couple of days now. Not to be left out, Lia also received her favorite -- a play vacuum cleaner. They have cleaned up inside and out: Kai celebrates birthday by mowing the courtyard. A link to the previous entry with the Pepsi Refresh Challenge voting and 2011 CA calendar info, as well as a reminder of UNC-TV's 9/19 telecast of Clay Aiken T&T LIVE is included. :loveclayssmiley: My daughter reads the blog if you'd like to wish Kai a happy birthday there. The entry will also be posted at the OFC as soon as I can change the codes. Right now, Jen and her dad are setting up a new laptop, and (note to Scarlett!) I expect Kai will be back online playing games on her Facebook wall soon! keepingfaith, how awesome for your sister, you ... and us! Thnx for sharing the happening with us! I need to go vote. Have an awesome evening, all! Caro
  9. Bottle, I borrowed this Pepsi gif! Thnx for the daily variety! The new Carolina On My Mind blog features the 2011 Clay Aiken wall and desk calendars, which can be ordered through Nov. 22, and the ongoing campaign to secure a $50,000 grant for the National Inclusion Project in this month's Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Aron Hall's latest reciprocal lists are included. The calendar, prepared annually by Rosaratana, is a fundraiser for the Inclusion Project, which receives all proceeds above costs. Last year she sent $581.20 to the foundation. All photos are by toni7babe. Below is a clickable of the wall calendar cover. More samples are in the blog: Thank you for your blog visits/comments. I bet the Houston peeps are watching Clay on TV again tonight. Have a great week, FCA! Caro
  10. The new Carolina On My Mind blog is loaded with UNC-TV special party coverage, clack (graphic and photos), as well as SueReu's reciprocal voting links for the National Inclusion Project. We have moved to #25! I replayed both telecasts of the UNC-TV telecast while writing the entry. Thank you to those who have already discovered the blog and dropped by. It only takes a moment, and your comments/hits help all Internet Clay blogs with Google placement. DITTO! Great to see you drop by, Kareneh, with such awesome pix! I'm going to send your album link to a couple of graphic artists. Have an awesome new week, all! Caro
  11. Like CANN, the new Carolina On My Mind blog is today remembering the fallen of 9/11. Featured is an Aspiegirl montage about the Iron and Steel Biker Brigades of firefighters honoring those who died while saving the lives of others. Inspiration for the montage was the son of CA fan Sally, "California Mike," who traveled cross country to participate in the 2009 and 2010 events. He will arrive back at his home fire station today following this year's ride from New York City to Arlington, VA. Thank you for your blog visits/comments, retweets, FB posts, etc. I doubt this entry will receive a Clay Aiken "alert," although I included a link to the previous blog for the National Inclusion Project's Pepsi Refresh voting links. I'm off to vote Group A ... and count the hours until the UNC-TV "Tried & True ~ LIVE!" telecast! Have a great day as we remember 9/11/01! Caro
  12. The Houston recaps "wrote" this Carolina entry, but thank you very much for the props and comments, liney and treenuts. I hope the UNC-TV telecast is as much fun. Have an awesome weekend, all! Caro
  13. The Houston folks described their evening with Clay so well that I quoted parts of several recaps in the new Carolina On My Mind blog. Included are Desertrose, jtgranny, texwriter, merrieeee, Cookie0, and Scarlett. In most cases, I edited down the recaps a bit; but there's still a lot there. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for your comments/visits/tweets/retweets/FB reposts/etc, which help with Google placement. For some reason, all my tweets go under "All Friends" and not "Clay Aiken," if you'd like to retweet the blog. Also included is the latest grouping by SueReu for National Inclusion Project voting in the Pepsi Refresh campaign. Thnx for sharing last night with us, Houston! Hope everyone is having an awesome day! Caro
  14. Happy PBS/Clay Day to the Houstonites! If you are voting with SueReu's strategy, the revised lists of reciprocating charities are in the Carolina blog. Vote for the National Inclusion Project and choose from Groups A, B, or C to complete your allotment. Be sure to go back through and copy/paste a message similar to the one below about your support: We are getting reciprocals by voting for others, but we must not have enough people voting for inclusion. I was amazed this morning to read on the National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam page just how organized their effort is. The National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam is promoting us in their blog. We are one of five charities under this heading: They also have four major groups they thank for helping to promote their effort: This is the group I noticed voting "all three ways." They are promoting the plan in their blog. They also have a promotional flyer in pdf form linked in the blog for people to print and hand out to the following places: Also in the blog, a news release is linked for members to send to local newspapers and radio stations, etc. The National Federations of the Blind has a membership of more than 50,000 people. They are going for a $250k grant; this is one of the groups we are supporting and vice-versa. Hope everyone who can is helping. Lori (From Claygary) has posted suggestions for ways non-US residents can participate. These are in the Carolina blog, too. Please share any ideas you have. For all our effort, the Inclusion Project seems to be stuck on #27. Entire households are voting for many charities. We definitely need to explore more options. Happy Birthday to Shortyjill! Have a great day, all! Caro
  15. Y'all have fun in Houston! I notice on Facebook that Scarlett is checking pollen counts and mold spore levels, making sure Houston safe for Clay! Wish we could see you folks in action. Look forward to the recaps! Caro
  16. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features the special Clay Nation party at UNC-TV in conjunction with Saturday's PBS Special telecast, SueReu's voting strategy for Pepsi Refresh, and From Claygary's ideas for participation by non-US citizens. The Houston peeps also have a couple of paragraphs since Clay will be in the studio with them Wednesday. Thank you for your blog comments, tweets/retweets (mine is in "All Friends" if you'd like to retweet it), FB posts/reposts, etc. I noticed two complete voting sets in the Carolina blog's "live feed" this morning. One linked from Facebook and the other from Ideal Idol. The strategy is spreading! Happy Belated Birthday, ausdon! Off to vote my group. Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  17. I am a member of the Clay Aiken Fans board, and we are divided into groups working for reciprocal votes from other charities. Here is the outline if FCA would like to join us: Everyone Vote For: National Inclusion Project http://www.refresheverything.com/nationalinclusionproject National Federation of the Blind http://www.refresheverything.com/nfbyouthslam Little Tree Preschool http://www.refresheverything.com/littletreepreschool Handicapped Treehouses http://www.refresheverything.com/treehousefordisabledkids SWOOP http://www.refresheverything.com/wheelchairramps CDF http://www.refresheverything.com/cdf http://www.refresheverything.com/cdf Group A: 5 people: Caro, Foxroad Elementary http://www.refresheverything.com/foxroad Mckemy Middle School http://www.refresheverything.com/mckemy Hematology / Oncology http://www.refresheverything.com/needypatient Charlotte Peace http://www.refresheverything.com/charlottepeaceathome Group B - 5 people: St. Joseph's School http://www.refresheverything.com/stjosephschoolcomputers Boise Bicycle http://www.refresheverything.com/boisebicycleproject Ovarian Cancer http://www.refresheverything.com/hopeheals Wild and Wonderful Pet Pantry http://www.refresheverything.com/wildandwonderfulpetpantry Group C - 5 people: Blind Cat Rescue http://www.refreshev.../blindcatrescue Chem-Bio tech http://www.refreshev...+Technology+Lab Despite Dyslexia http://www.refreshev...despitedyslexia Ella's Hope for Autism http://www.refreshev...g.com/ellashope After you vote your 10, go back through and leave a comment in each. Below are a couple of possibilities: Start to finish, this takes 2-5 minutes. Have your message ready to paste and you will zip through the second leg or comment part of the plan. We need everyone who can to vote. The Inclusion Project can't seem to get above #27. Hope this helps! Happy Labor Day/Monday, all! Caro
  18. Happy Birthday, merrieeee! Your real birthday present is on 9/8 when Clay will be up close and personal in Houston. Scarlett will be there, too. Y'all have fun! Thnx for all the handsome photos! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Caro
  19. Happy TGIF, FCA! Wow, is it football season already? Congrats on the win, treenuts! The Carolina On My Mind blog spotlights the National Inclusion Project's bid in the September Pepsi Refresh Challenge with info about the NIP as well as links/text numbers for charities reciprocating votes. You can easily put in your daily 10-vote allotment by clicking through the blog entry. I then go back through leaving each charity a comment to the effect that NIP voted for them and we would appreciate their support. If you have a charity you would like included in the list, let me know. Thank you for your visits and comments. Couchie and family. :thbighug-1: Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  20. Congratulations on the new house, merrieeee! Looking good! UNC-TV is wise to include 9/11 activities for everyone. Way to go, NC! :confettistars: When I returned from High Point tonight, I uploaded the Carolina blog with the montages by SueReu and Scarlett to the OFC. Thnx for your visits at both sites. At 8:30 p.m. Hawaiian time, please send good vibes to Jen and the grandkids as they start their long flight home. Actually, I'm sure the people on the plane will appreciate your good thoughts. Lia screamed all the way from West Texas to Hawaii. Hopefully, she'll be more comfortable with the drill this time. Have a great evening, all ... Caro
  21. Greetings, shortyjill! Thank you very much for your many kind remarks about my student composers in the previous Carolina/OFC entry. You made them feel very special. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features montages by SueReu (It's Just Dancin') and Scarlett (Those Magic Changes), three Not.Just.Us stories (thnx to keepingfaith, merrieeee, deemer), and four graphics by Fountaindawg and AmazingCA. Hope you enjoy! Luckiest1, I just saved your NJU story for a future blog. Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  22. [quote name='liney23' date='29 August 2010 - 10:46 AM' timestamp='1283093206' Had fun yesterday afternoon... there was a gathering of Clay fans in Santa Monica for lunch. [snip] We had a talk about the skills so many of us have learned through being a Clay fan. Her fab photography, cindi's graphic design, etc. It'd be neat to know if Scarlett took video with such skill before Clay. Caro's fantastic blog skills??? Lot's of computer skills for many. I know I wouldn't be able to burn music cd's if not for Clay. Perma was talking about how she now knows the way to get great seats at the Greek. LOL How many of us are now at ease in traveling almost anywhere by ourselves for concerts, tho we're not usually by ourselves once we get there! It's been a great seven years... and that's not even factoring in the fun the concerts are and the friendships made. So many of us never did this before with any other performer and I, for one, will be forever grateful I did it for this performer. So true ... and so many great posts in the past two pages -- keepingfaith, cindilu2, Idyj, bottlecap, et al! Best hair comment, evah. :clap: Thank you to all who have visited the latest Carolina On My Mind entry and left such sweet comments about my student composers. If they are reading (and I'm sure they are), they are probably beside themselves. The artist-high school classmate has also responded with a special comment about Clay. I have noticed lots of visitors from Pakistan in the feed. A note for OFC bloggers: I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Badongo player works at the fan club. I was prepared to supply a link to the Carolina site, but the player codes went right through. Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  23. The Indonesian release news is awesome. Placement interesting but good! The new Carolina On My Mind blog features Clay's UNICEF appeal for Pakistan aid, three of my student composers (with clack!), and a 2011 high school reunion that is blowing my mind! Thank you for your Carolina blog visits and comments. The students were giddy about being in the blog, so I hope you will stop by. One of the upsides of a reunion is reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. I featured one in tonight's blog. Erin Houghton, a very successful artist in California and a nine-year breast cancer survivor, was a member of my high school class. Her website is very impressive, as is all the press her work has received. I sent her an email so she would know who "Carolina Clay" is. Have a wonderful weekend! Caro
  24. Couchie, my sympathies for you and your family. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} Caro
  25. Thnx for asking, Fear. The ankle seems to have healed, but my knee still feels like sausage. I have ice on it right now. I have been making use of the Express Lane at Harris Teeter (punch in your order online, bags delivered to car, etc.), and someone (friend, neighbor) carries the groceries into the house for me. I have to park at the curb, so it's a bit of a walk to the house, especially with grocery bags. Oh, I like pickled okra; but I've never made it. My mother loved to can, and she put up lots of vegetables every summer. We favor quite a bit; but somehow I missed that gene, LOL! Caro
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