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OK I just wanted to start the thread. HELP!

Feb 20th - People Announcement

Feb 27th - WRAL - Clay spills Beans on upcoming album - Videos available on site. WRAL goes into the studio with Clay - we hear snippets of some songs and "meet' the producer. Picked up by Yahoo, AOL and

March 21 - billboard announcement picked up by mainstream media and bloggers

March 21st - album cover arrives

March 25th - AOL Webisode:eppy 1

March 25th - OMWH - album bio found on the RCA site

March 28th - Track Listing

Advertising for OMWH in Playbills for month of April 2008.

April 2: USA Weekend blog article

April 3: USA Today online article. Also in the April 4 print edition. hard copy will run the weekend of May 11th

April 3: Segment on Spamalot and the new album on "American Idol Extra" (Fox Reality Channel)

April 4: Press release!

April 7th - AOL popeater premier of - On My Way Here

April 7: mp3.com Webisode (second in a series, started with AOL in March)

April 7: Call 919.883.5111 and receive text messages/ring tones from Clay. More messages to come as the release date gets closer.

April 9th - OMWH is added to Clay's MySpace

April 9th - Sponsored link on yahoo, google, Gupta Media Info about his album/webisodes and scrambler game highlight the page. Gupta lists RCA as a client.

April 14th - Broadwayworld.com webisode premieres

April 17th - Amazon.com OMWH order page includes video of the song OMWH

April 17th - ClearChannel adds "OMWH on Demand"

April 21st - Itunes preorder - Bonus Track


April 23rd - PRESS RELEASE for QVC appearance

APRIL 23 - AI did short peice on Spamalot/ANNOUNCED ALBUM RELEASE DATE

April 28th Hot/Moderrn/AC Future Releases OMWH impacts AC radio

April 28th QVC - Clay Aiken Gadgets and Gizmos with 5 bonus tracks!

April 29: The digital single of 'On My Way Here' available via Amazon's digital music store as an exclusive.

May 6 - Satellite Media tour

MAY 7th - Good Morning America

May 8th The View

May 9- CW 11 morning news

May 9 - Nightline

May 9 The Today Show

May 12 - Leno

May 15th - Kimmell

May 16 - Rachel Ray

May 19 - Craig Ferguson

June -- On My Way Here will be released in anew music format called MusicPass. They look like gift cards - but instead of giving you credit in a store, they give you access to purchase a digital version of an album, along with some bonus music or video. (Fans chose "card" cover)

TBD: Rachel Ray



WALMART Forget I ever Knew You


QVC - When I Need You, Invisible, MoaM, I Will Carry You, TITN

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Feb. 28 the WRAL videos were picked up by Yahoo online as "featured videos" on Yahoo Entertainment video page. AOL too, but AOL isn't a searchable term at CH, so I don't have the specifics.

The Billboard article was picked up by a bunch of mainstream outlets, as well as blogs and websites big and small.

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Here ya go couchie!

April 7: Call 919.883.5111 on your cellphone, and receive a message from Clay! At that point, if you hit 1 when asked, you will join Clay’s “team” and you’ll get two text messages from Clay on your cellphone. The first text message thanks you for joining the Clay Aiken mobile group; the second one gives a link to a web page where you can download a ringtone for your mobile phone of Clay saying:

"Hey, I know ya'll recognize this voice. Yep, that's right, it's Clay Aiken, and I'm telling you, you MUST pick up your phone right now. It's really important, you don't want to miss this call."

There will be other text messages as the album release gets closer to May 6.

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I put some new stuff in bold, couchie.

All the Clear Channel radio station sites have OMWH "on demand," but it isn't advertised on the main pages yet and ads on the home pages of some stations' websites. They also have the "Spamalot" and "Producers" webisodes in Clay's video section.

Today a video of Clay recording OMWH showed up on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mpd/permalink/m1P6JENNKMYU0Y. <-- That's the the permalink. The video is on the page with his album: On My Way Here.

The guptamedia.com google sponsored link is showing up with all kinds of Clay Aiken search results now. A larger color ad from Gupta Media is on MJ's blog, dial idol, and other sites. There's a banner ad on MySpace and LALATE, and other sites (with available spelled wrong). iTunes has a rotating banner ad in its Pop section, and iTunes sent out e-mails to many customers announcing the preorder.

RockonTV shows Clay on Kimmel as guest and performer on Friday Feb. 16, and this, "Tune in to see Clay Aiken on The Tonight Show (5/2), The View (5/8), Jimmy Kimmel (5/23)," is on this RCA page: Sony Music Box - Artist News.

SONY store e-mail includes a link to pre-order OMWH for $9.99. Cap of e-mail here: http://theclayboard.yuku.com/topic/23000/t...ludes-Clay.html.

There's an ad for the QVC appearance in TV Guide this week.

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Thanks JMH..I will update the top thread...can you let me know if I've missed anything.

the rotating banner ads...does anyone know which sites these are turning up on.

And there was something aout idol..is it for sale on their website

I'd like to also list bonus tracks/name and outlet available




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Like this?

ON MY WAY HERE Ordering Info

Available now Amazon.com or Amazon.ca preorder

Available now - Walmart preorder with bonus track (Forget I Ever Knew You) and exclusive CD cover - U.S. only

Available April 21 - Itunes preorder with bonus track (Available on itunes Canada)

Available April 28 - QVC visit and preorder OMWH with 5 bonus tracks (WINY, IWCY, Invisible, MOAM & TITN video) - Canadians can order

Available April 29 - Amazon Digital Store download of OMWH single (U.S. only)

Available May 6 – CD available in retail outlets

KMart, in store, exclusive Poster available.

Available June – MusicPass with access to a digital version of the CD and probable bonus content

The rotating ads are Google-driven, so whatever they used as tags for them dictates where they show up. IOW, they are being pushed/pulled by sites based on the tags. I'm sure they're tagged with any variation of AI, Clay, Simon, OMWH, etc. They show up on my old WMS board, for example, because I stopped paying for ad-free ezBoard, so if you go over there, you'll see the banner, or the sidebar tag at random.

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