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OMWH Listening Party!


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The only problem I have with this thought is I don;t think clay wants to give that whole incident any significance in his life. This sounds like someone that was really part of his life or the composers life...hee.

But Ansa, he may not want to give it any significance but the truth is, it was significant. I can only imagine how it made him feel. I often think his trip to Slovenia et.al. was him being taken away by his friend to get him away from it all because it was having a very significant affect on him. He's human and I don't see how that couldn't have had a significant affect on him.

He got past it. He didn't allow it to ruin his life, but there must have been time he just felt like hiding under his covers and never coming out.

Yeah but he wouldn't acknowledge it with a song. I agree it can fit...I just doubt he had that in his mind when he picked it.

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