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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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Or you can listen through this. Clay's part is about 20 minutes in:


Recap Here: http://marksfriggin.com/news.htm#mon

Clay Aiken Visits. 04/27/15. 7:55am

After the break they played a clip of a reporter cursing on air not knowing she was live. They also played a ''E-Bobo Virus'' commercial parody. They played a song parody with Hanzi clips in it. They played a Baba Booey song parody to the tune of the Game of Thrones theme. They also played a cover of Prince's Purple Rain performed by Adam Levine and Train at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash.

Howard came back and said he has Clay Aiken coming in. He said he was on American Idol when it was huge in season 2. Howard said Clay has a documentary coming out and airing on the Esquire network. Clay said it used to be Style network. He said it's 114 on Time Warner. He said you can look it up. He said that it's at TV.Esquire.com.

Howard asked where Clay lives. Clay said he's in New York and North Carolina. He said he didn't like L.A. when he was there.

Howard asked Clay how big the ratings were back then when he was on Idol. Clay said they say that 40 million people watched. Howard said that's huge. Clay said they said it was the biggest non sporting show of the decade. Howard said that Clay lost to Ruben Studdard and that must be a relief of some kind. Clay said he and Ruben are still good friends. Howard asked if he ever got his stomach stapled to lose weight. Clay said he didn't but Robin said he did Biggest Loser. Clay said he was stick thin himself so it made him look even bigger. Robin said he didn't help.

Howard said he was reading about Clay and how he helped kids and he was working solo with one kid and the mom of the kid told him to be on American Idol. Clay said he hadn't seen the show yet. He said he was working with the kid and taking him out in the community. He said when this kid didn't want to do anything you didn't do anything. He said the mom hear him singing when he'd just be hanging around and that's when she told him to give it a try.

Howard said he must have never thought he'd be doing that. Clay said he never did. He said he isn't a competitive person or a risk taker. He said that it's counter to everything he's ever done. He said he only auditioned because it was in Charlotte and he was living there. He said the woman kept on him to do it too.

Howard said that people don't understand the way it works. Howard said he's on America's Got Talent. He said they line up auditions now but back then he had to wait on line. clay said he had to wait two nights. Howard asked how that worked. Clay said they took the first 4000 people in line. Howard asked if he ever wanted to just go back to his life. Clay said yes. He said there were people in the streets shouting and hollering and he knew he was better than many of them. Clay said he didn't show his cards and sing out there.

Howard said Clay memorized a bunch of songs and forgot the lyrics to them all. Clay said he did and what he did was sing the theme to Perfect Strangers. He sang some of that to Howard. Clay said that's all that came to him.

Howard asked Clay about being kind of paranoid when he was trying to get on the show. Clay said he was because he heard someone really bad singing on the street who they put through. He said that they told that guy that it was what they were looking for. Clay said that's what they were looking for but not because the guy was good. Clay told Howard that they told him to sing directly to Paula the day he sang. He said that Paula was actually out that day so he had to sing to the two guys. Howard asked if he felt Simon was mean to him. Clay said he never did. He said that he just gave his opinion.

Howard said Clay came in second. Clay said that's what he's best at apparently. Howard asked if he had to sign with Simon's record label. Clay said the final 12 negotiated as a group. He said that they all did that at the beginning. Howard said he must have had in mind that he'd do it for free if he got a deal. Clay said that they all determined how much they'd all get if they got signed. He said when you come in second you know what you're getting.

Howard said that Clay sold a shitload of records. Clay said for the day it was. Howard said it was millions. Howard asked if he got a lot of money for that. Clay said the contract wasn't bad at all. He said it was different because it was British but it was good. He said he was lucky enough to be able to tour for years without putting out new records. He said he was playing in packed houses for about 3 or 4 years. He said that he went out with Kelly Clarkson for a while and then went out on his own. He said it's diminishing returns each time though.

Clay said he moved to L.A. because he met a guy. He said that his mom thought the show turned him gay. Howard said he's been to L.A. a couple of times and he may have been turned gay. Robin asked how old he was when he started this. Clay said he was 23 when he auditioned. He said he was 24 on the show.

Howard said Clay had to live his life closeted and he couldn't be who he wanted to be. Howard said the whole idea that you can't admit who you are sucks. Howard said he couldn't come out where he lived. He said he would have gotten his ass beat. Clay said that it wasn't that he couldn't come out. He said that it was himself that kept himself coming out. He said he really didn't know that he was gay until he was 24. He said other people may have known but he didn't. He said he grew up in North Carolina and if you were gay you stayed quiet about it. Either that or you were so flamboyant that you couldn't stay quiet. Clay said he wasn't that but he wasn't working on the railroad either. Howard asked if he dated girls in high school. Clay said he did. He said he did it successfully too.

Howard said Clay came out to his mom and it was successful. Howard asked if mom's know in the back of their minds. Clay said his mom sure pretended to be shocked if she knew. He said that it was about 2 years or so after Idol and she should have known. He said maybe it was denial. He said he told her the night they dropped his brother off to go to Iraq. Clay said that his brother was gone and he was driving home with her and for some reason he started crying. He said his mom asked why he was crying. He said it was over this secret. Clay said he was snotting everywhere so she told him to pull over. Clay said that he pulled over and told her. He said that he told her ''I'm gay'' and he had never used that term before. Howard said that has to be the hardest thing in the world to do. Clay said it's irrational fear. He said that he may have thought she was going to have an issue. Howard said she was a saint in his life. Clay said she still is.

Clay said that his dad tried to beat the shit out of all of them when he was about 1. He said that he and his mom lived on the run for a couple of years. Clay said that his mom had a judge who was very helpful with keeping them safe. He said they did a fund raiser for his campaign and his mom recognized that the judge was part of the fund raiser they did. Clay said that it had been 35 years since he helped her. Clay said that he gave her restraining orders and stuff. Clay said that he didn't remember her but his mom had pictures. clay said that he had no idea that he had been involved in keeping them safe.

Howard asked if his biological dad tracked him down. Clay said he actually saw him. He said he and his step father didn't have a great relationship. He said he would go visit his biological dad once in a while if he wanted to avoid being grounded or something. Howard asked if his dad ever reformed himself. Clay said he doesn't know actually. Howard asked if it was a disaster there. Clay said he'd watch movies while his dad slept so it wasn't so bad. He said he didn't have a great relationship with him. He said when he turned 18 he changed his name to his mother's maiden name and never saw him again. He said he died in 2004. He said that it was while he was on tour with Kelly. He said that they had off that day so he had to just say he wasn't going. Howard said he gets that. He said he wasn't really a father to him. Robin said that he didn't have anyone to connect to at the funeral either. Clay said some of the people there were mad at him for changing his name. He said it was best that he didn't go.

Howard said that his step father wasn't so great either. Clay said he's more sympathetic for him. He said that he may have known he was gay before he did. He said he doesn't think he knew how to deal with it. Clay said he died right before Idol. Howard said that it seems like his childhood was pretty painful. Clay said he was the hot guy in school. Howard said he had to sit by the school bus driver to make sure he didn't get his ass kicked. Clay said he did. He asked Howard how he knew that.

Howard said Clay said that his best friend was a Viet Names exchange student who didn't speak much English. Howard said that he had another one too. Clay said he didn't have two friends. Howard said the other one was a partially deaf girl. Clay said that they weren't at the same time. He said that was when he was like 5 or 6. Clay said that she didn't have any friends and he knew that he'd be in the same situation so he was always very attached to those kids.

Howard asked if he ever had to fight in school. Clay said no. Howard asked if his mom pushed him into show business. Clay said she was very supportive but she never pushed him that much. He said she's not a stage mother.

Howard asked Clay about his career and how those couple of years when he got out of Idol he went out and toured. Howard said he must be set for life. Howard said the shows don't have that kind of impact anymore. Clay said he stopped watching after season 4. He said he would love to go on the show and judge though. He said he'd love Howard's job. Clay said that when he was on the show they were completely naive. He said they didn't know how famous they were or if anyone was even watching the show. Clay said when you watch the show now it's too much about the judges. He said that the kids come in too polished. He said that he doesn't want to root for a kid like that. He said they all think they're going to be famous.

Howard said Clay made a good point about how they were right off the turnip truck and then they were crowned and they had a huge following. Robin asked what happened to the Claymates. Clay said they're still around. He said he was upset that Robin said she ''was'' one. He said that's in the past tense.

Howard said that Clay was asked to be on Rolling Stone magazine and he didn't even know what that was. Clay said he's sorry but he didn't. He said that he wanted to just give them a head shot. He said that he realized later that it was a really big deal. He said Ruben told him how big of a deal it was.

Clay said that he and Ruben went to see the play Rent and they had to be moved because people were turning around taking their pictures there. He said that's a big deal for someone like him.

Howard asked Clay about this run for congress. Howard said he had gone out and did Broadway and all of that. Howard said he could have kept touring. Clay said that he has always been interested in politics. He said that he had moved back to North Carolina. He said he had seen a lot of shit happening there that pissed him off. He said he realized he had an ability to get people to pay attention. He said that Rosie O'Donnell told him he could wait until he was 50 or do it now while he is young and people are paying attention. He said helped get him into it. Clay said his manager was helpful too. Clay said he was very supportive and advised him through it.

Howard said he thinks politics is easier than figuring out a song that could be popular. Clay said it's really not. He said the whole campaign thing is all about money. Howard said he watched the first episode and it was very interesting.

Howard asked Clay about what the numbers were in Idol when he lost. Clay said that it was like 13,000 votes. He said he really doesn't know but he thinks Ruben is very good and he should have won it. Howard asked Clay about sneaking a peak at the cards Ryan Seacrest was reading. Clay said he wasn't really trying to but he saw the card. He said now Ryan keeps them hidden. Howard said it ruins the whole show. Clay said it really doesn't. He said that he wanted to see Ruben's face when he learned he won. He said that he just saw a long list of letters so he figured it wasn't his own name.

Howard said Clay also came in second on Celebrity apprentice. Clay said he lost to Arsenio Hall. He jokingly said he's considering becoming a racist now that he's lost to two black men. Clay talked to Howard about Apprentice and what that was like for him.

Howard asked Clay if he's in love now. Clay said he isn't. He is a single dad though. Clay said that he shares custody with the child's mother. He said it's difficult. He said that he misses him. Clay said the kid is in school now and when he's not in school he's with him. Clay said he saw him last week when he was in town. Clay said that the mom was his executive producer and she was the one who wanted to have a child and asked him to share custody with her. Clay said that he thinks he realized that this was his opportunity to have a child and he said okay. He said it's working out. Robin said they did the turkey baster thing. Clay said it was in vitro and no turkey baster was used.

Howard said that he doesn't like when people out other people. Clay said he's almost 100 percent against it. He said that there are some in politics who vote against gay things but they are gay. He said they should be outed.

Howard said that Clay's documentary is called ''The Runner Up'' and it's on the Esquire network tomorrow night. Clay said he got into running over a bunch of different things. He said he was at a Cracker Barrel one day and there was a lesbian couple there with 5 kids. He said they all had disabilities. He said he sat down with them and thought to himself that these two women have taken these kids in who were unwanted. He said that it pissed him off that they do that and they won't let them get married. Clay said he just thought ''Fucking hell...''

Howard said Clay ran as a democrat in North Carolina. Howard said that he ran against a 71 year old who had served in politics before and he didn't try to push him out because he disliked him. Clay said that the primaries are rough and personal. He said the guy ran personal ads attacking him and he got very competitive over that. He said that guy spent like 3/4 of a million in his campaign. Clay said he only spent about 80 thousand.

Howard said the guy Clay was running against ended up just dying. Clay said that he had a heart attack. Howard said that he spent a lot of money on the campaign and he must have been under a lot of pressure. Clay said he was a really nice guy too. Howard said he had won the democratic nomination so that must have been part of it too.

Howard asked Clay about what happened and why he wasn't able to get the votes. Clay said that he thinks people thought he wasn't qualified. He said that people pick a party and they don't sway. Clay said he had to talk about issues and policy. He said that he had advisors who told him he didn't have to answer the questions. He said that's what he hates about politics.

Howard said some of the people who donated to his campaign thought they were duped because of this documentary. Clay said it was just 2 or 3 people. He said that they enjoy attention too. He said that they knew full fucking well what was going on. Clay said it's not his thing.

Robin asked when he decided to film it all. Clay said they had 3 groups call and ask if they could shoot it. Clay said he said no to all of them. He said then this fourth group called and they said no again but his a manger knew the group. He said that he asked him to hear them out because they're real. Clay said he thought it was still going to be a no but he talked to the guy. He said the guy told him if he wins that's great. He said if he doesn't win then what has he done. Clay said that was an argument that was important to him. Clay said he figured he could do it and talk about a lot of things in the show that way. Clay said the things that are more important to him are things he has lived through going through that process. Clay said he hasn't seen all of the documentary yet. He said that there were people who wanted him to be on the phones 40 hours a week asking for donations. He said that's not what it's supposed to be about.

Howard asked how his brother made out in Iraq. Clay said he's home now with a kid. He said he came back okay. Howard asked what we should do about ISIS. Clay said a big part of this is making sure that the countries around that area are fighting it. Clay said that we need to push for other countries to get involved because they're directly threatened.

Howard asked if Clay is dating at all. Clay said he's not. Howard asked how he gets him. Clay said he doesn't know. Howard asked how he found the guy he was in love with. Clay said it was actually on Facebook. Howard said he went out with him and was he nervous about him wanting him because he's Clay Aiken. Clay said that he has a pretty good bullshit detector. Howard said when he dates someone will he keep it quiet or will he go out and around with the guy. Clay said that he will do what other people do. He said he thinks that he can sniff out the people who are just in it for attention. Howard asked how long it's been. Clay said that it's been like a year and a half.

Howard asked Clay what he does for fun. Clay said that he doesn't leave his house very often. He said he will go see a show once in a while. He said he saw Mormon this week. He said that he got dressed up for Howard too. Howard said he needs a guy in his apartment. He said he should go on Grinder. Clay said he wont' do that. He said he's not that much of a whore.

Howard said Perez Hilton is on Grinder. He asked if he knows him. Clay said Perez has gotten nicer lately. He said that he has tried to right some wrongs. Clay said there is some history there with some of the stuff he's said. He said he is trying to make up for it though so he's proud of him for that.

Howard asked Clay if there's anyone who was so mean to him that he can't look them in the face. Clay said he doesn't think he has any enemies.

Howard asked Clay about Kelly Ripa who got mad at him for putting his hand over her mouth. Clay said she didn't let him talk. He said that was a heart breaking week for him. He said he felt bad about it. He said that he called Diane Sawyer afterward and asked what to do. He said she told him to send flowers and don't apologize. He said that she thought she'd understand. Clay said he had them ready to send on Monday. Then Kelly got on TV and did 3 full minutes bashing him. He said that Regis tried to change the subject but she kept going. Clay said he called and canceled the flowers.

Howard asked if that makes him more of a recluse. Clay said part of that comes from that mentality. He said that week might have been the hardest for him. He said he felt badly because he thought she took it in a way that she shouldn't have. He said then she went on The View and Rosie said that he was gay when he wasn't really out yet. He said it as just a tough week. Howard said that he doesn't think that she was being homophobic though. Clay said that when she said ''I don't know where that hand's been, honey'' and he never thought that she was being homophobic. Clay said if Mario Lopez had done that then she would have licked his hand. Clay said after that they tried to turn the whole thing around and they did a couple of things together.

Clay said that Diane told him to send the flowers now. He said he did that and Kelly was told he was flying out at 1 and to call before then. He said his flight was delayed and she called late. He said that he answered and she apologized. Clay said that he was going to go back on the show and bring Purell with him. He said that she won't have him back on that show. Clay said they haven't seen each other since then. Clay said he doesn't like having an arch nemesis. He said he doesn't think of her that way but that's what it's like. Clay said he thinks Howard was part of it too. Howard said he was. He said he remembers saying that a man has to be careful how he approaches a woman. Clay said he knows that. Howard said that even if you're a woman and do that it's very aggressive. He said it's shocking and violating. Clay said it was supposed to be a joke. He said that her comment was supposed to be a joke. He said it was two jokes that didn't get laughs. He said actually his joke did.

Howard asked if he was filling in for Regis for a week. Clay said that it was just on a Friday. He said once that shit went down the blackball was thrown at him.

Howard said he thinks that Clay may have felt pressure that day. Howard said he must have been like ''Let me talk and take over.'' Clay said it was like that. He said they were all watching him and he didn't have a moment to talk so that's when he did that. Howard said he can understand why he would want to hide in his apartment after that. Clay said that people all wanted a picture of him with his hand over their mouth after that.

Howard asked Clay if he minds people asking for pictures. Clay said he's gotten used to it. He said that he takes the phone and takes the photo himself. He said that way it goes quicker. Howard said that Clay lost out that job with Kelly to another black guy. Howard said this is the Clay Aiken life.

Howard gave Clay a plug for his show and said that they kept the show moving and it's really good. Howard said that he's covered it all. Clay said they went through his whole life story. Howard said he should get started dating. Howard said he has to get on that.

Clay said when people friend him on Facebook if the guy is cute he'll accept them. He said that there is no particular look though. Howard asked who he finds attractive. Clay said he likes Seth Macfarlane. He said he likes dimples. Howard said he can set him up with Seth. Clay said that might not work out well. Clay said he'll accept guys on Facebook, look at their pictures and then he'll unfriend them. He said this particular guy was online and he ended up talking. He said they went out to dinner and they had some romance. Howard asked if the guy broke up with him. Clay said he did. Clay said that he was a law professor too. Howard said that could have worked out nice. Clay said they're still friends. He said that he was an Aries and they're flighty.

Howard asked Clay if he's ever been with a closeted celebrity. Clay said if he was he wouldn't tell him. Clay said he hasn't though. Howard asked if he's been with a celebrity. Clay said maybe. He said at the time he wasn't a huge celebrity. Howard said it was a pleasure having Clay in there. Howard gave him some more plugs for his documentary. Howard said that is on this Tuesday at 10pm on Esquire. Howard thanked him for coming in and Clay said that he's been a fan of him for a long time. He said they met one time when he was in Vegas at a Craps table. Howard said he remembers that. Howard said that was a bunch of years ago. Clay said that was in 04 or 05 or something. Howard said maybe he'll hook him up with Bradley Cooper. Clay said maybe he could hook him up with a gay man. Howard said maybe he'll do that. They wrapped up and went to break after that.

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More Clay tweets and retweet.

@clayaiken: Where's my cut? RT @Tron3232: @sternshow @clayaiken @HowardStern Now I see where Zack Galifianakis modeled his accent after in The Campaign.

@ErinMBarlow: Thanks to @HowardStern I'm now a fan of @clayaiken . Didn't see that coming! Great interview!

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Love this tweet.

@AngiTaylorKISS: The @clayaiken interview on @HowardStern just changed my opinion on him. Much more self-deprecating and fun than I knew...Great interview!

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Clay retweets:

@JLW2380: Just heard the @clayaiken on the @sternshow he was honest & eloquent. I never thought he would ever come on. I have a new found respect

@NCGuitarJeff: Great honesty @clayaiken. Whether people liked it or not, you were yourself with @HowardStern. Everyone could learn from that.

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Clay tweets

@clayaiken: But it's such a shame. #greatcandidate This 2012 Presidential Candidate Has A Good Excuse For Not Wanting To Run http://t.co/5EePdKgynP

@clayaiken: Bwah ha ha! “That awkward moment your mom catches you rioting ???? #baltimore #baltimoreriots” https://t.co/bdZBGbsjB8

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From Twitter -- the tweeter works for American Idol:

Christine Staley ‏@ckstaley 1m1 minute ago

@sternshow Clay came to visit in 2013. Here's the real Clay Aiken with his Clay Aiken bobble head.


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Clay tweet

@clayaiken: CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friends Casey Nicholaw, Brad Oscar, and @KChenoweth on their well deserved #Tony nods this morning! Yay!!!

Too many nasty and negative tweets this am so I'm not looking for any.

Retweet by Clay

@gopinsixteen: @sternshow although I am a Tea Party member I thought the @clayaiken was great.

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