We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Would you believe I haven't had a chance to listen to the song yet?  DH was being a pest last night, and then today, I had to hit the ground running at work.

But...I did set my Spotify at work to start streaming the song on repeat, even if I'm not in my office.  Streaming counts!

ETA:  according to Billboard, 100 streams equals 1 song purchased.  https://www.billboard.com/p/billboard-charts-legend  The song is just over 5 minutes in length.  With my Spotify on repeat, that's 30 streams an hour, 240 for my 8 hour workday.  

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Please vote for Clay in Grease!  You have to have a valid email to vote.

To vote, click on the link, & enter your email address at the top of the page. There are several categories that you can vote on, or click past. Voting each category is *not required.  Watch for this category: Best Actor in a Musical (professional) where Clay is listed. After voting, when you reach the end of the voting categories, the form will require you to enter your name & email again. (Phone number fields are not required) . There are some items automatically checked, under that, that you might want to.uncheck to opt out of (daily emails from them, etc). Once you have submitted your vote, BWW will email you. Click on the link in that email, to confirm your vote. Only *one vote per email is allowed. 

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Studdard said he also enjoyed doing the comedic  Christmas show last season on Broadway with his buddy and season 2 runner up Clay Aiken

“It was a lot of work but a lot of fun,” he said. “Eight shows a week is eight shows a week.”

But who is funnier? “Clay does physical comedy better than I do. I have those set up punchline situations. We’re both funny in different ways.”

He hopes to do the show again with Clay Christmas season 2020 but they plan to tour instead of stay in one place. 



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Sorry just getting to this now....1 1/2 days before a vacation, so there's lots to get done!  Unfortunately, it's an Instagram Story, and those go away after 24 hours, with no way for me to capture it!  I can show the screenshot though, along with some info about the Raleigh Christmas parade this weekend.


Instagram 112019.jpg

Raleigh parade info 1.jpeg

Raleigh parade info 2.jpeg

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Well I’ve been out of the loop today. Finally closed on our new house!  My furniture, that’s been in storage for 6 months will be delivered Monday.  I have to get rid of a lot of stuff!

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