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  1. For me, Lisa is obnoxious! She completely wears me out just listening to her continuous screaming & swearing rants. And she tears down people for little reason, or so it would seem in the editing. But Aubrey is a coniving, narcisistic (sp?) USER! I recognize this all too well. She does not show her spots, while Lisa almost always does. That said, I cannot stand either of them. Ugh On another completely unrelated topic...I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THIS FUCKING RAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Had to work today and got home just in time for CApp to start. Just now getting caught up on everything. I have to say I physically shuddered when I noticed Clay sitting next to Lisa in next weeks preview clip. nooooooo
  3. Clay: "Here, take it in your hand". treenuts: "Okie dokie, pokie!"
  4. GREAT scans ldyj, thanks!! I must say I'm exhausted from last nights episodes. A lot of intense crap flying from all corners! And Penn's blog at huffpo has pissed me off royally. Between his not so hot guide book idea which ya know....um....LOST, to his incredibly stupid BMG stunt gone very bad (they are lucky there were no serious injuries in that melee!!) costing them $$$, I almost wish they had lost so they could send his ass home. And his defense,support and near admiration of that whole debacle is jacked! At least with the two headed Aublisa you can see what is wrong and why you don't like them. They are obvious. With Penn, I think it's a lot of smoke and mirrors (which is about right for a magician, heh) and frustrates the hell out of me. TM Clay Unfortunately I believe Aubrey is like a bad penny and will turn up again soon, ready to play. But I am going to miss Dee *sniff* An interview with Debbie Gibson - http://www.okmagazine.com/blogs/red-carpet-confidential-debbie-gibson-makes-peace-teresa-giudice-after-celebrity-apprentice Her fondest memory?
  5. How cute is he in that #15 pic!!! I LOVE this show! I know I am in the minority (shocker*g*) But this was such a treat for me to watch him and Jenna together. She actually had more class than many I've seen on here before. And this comment tharilled me: When asked what porn name she would give Clay he began to get worried and laughed but she said he was "very sexy in person. I didn't expect that"! Of course he is.
  6. Loved his "classymoment" and his SINGING! Why weren't there more mentions about his fantastic VOICE? SINGING!!!!!!!! OMG Other wise he looked wonderful and was full on as this projects leader. He made me proud! *sniff*
  7. So sorry to read about Gerwhisp!! RIP And the circle of life continues....Congratulations, aikim ! So happy I actually have today off so I can watch and follow along with tonights episode for a change Love all of the twit pics from today too But I fell off my chair laughing when I noticed he had on an undershirt under his tee! But dayum he looks so fucking fit! He must be working out in some way to keep that upper body so FINE
  8. I also love the way Clay is playing thus far. Might be the edit, might not. Doesn't matter though cause I'm rather bias Dr. Will actually WAS obvious in the BB house. At least I think so. And that was what was sooo brilliant about him IMO. He frequently told the housemates to vote him out and it was both somewhat intimidating and manipulative. But still charming! He definitly played the best game on BB evah!! I miss him. *sniff*
  9. ldyj, that's interesting because the "psychological study" IS the game for the most part in all of these shows. The social game can be key and the best players usually do their homework (psychological study) ahead of time. You would probably be great!
  10. Couchie, Jackie is Joan (Alexis) Collins' sister. She is a very well known author of "novels". lol MY TWO FAVORITES! Hands down!!
  11. I get a similar feeling with Arsenio, calurker. But I do love his smile ;-) heh Wow! Jackie Collins?! Cool!
  12. Supposedly it's a pose where you push your booty out...like the way she is posing with Clay. VERY cute pic of the two of them! BWAH!! I don't doubt it for a minute either. He seems to have that effect on people. heeI'm BEAT! Just got home from work and the worse of it is I have to work tomorrow night too. No CApp for me until Monday
  13. weird....I just popped back in to see what's new, glanced down to the bottom of the page and saw: 2 User(s) are reading this topic 1 members, 1 guests, 0 anonymous users treenuts,Google How/why is Google reading here?? Ok, I'm sure there's a simple explaination I'm completely missing, but WTF? LOL
  14. From CV - This is the day after the Crystal Light challenge when Clay is PM.
  15. Game Change is a movie made for HBO starring Woody Harrelson (sp?) and Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin. It's about the McCain team picking her for his running mate and all that came with it. I've been rewatching CApp on demand at least once a day. I love the TVgasm recap each week! This is some seriously funny shit. For those who have been following the bruhaha over the Trumpettes big game hunting pictures in the news this week (shudders), I LMAO at this... Best captions/quotes from this week's recap - Sick? Yep. Just saw this posted at CV - He really is a good looking guy! Doh
  16. Best Clay quote evah! Ok, maybe not the best but certainly the most suprising. And there's my contribution for a thread title!!
  17. ldyj wrote: I really hope like hell you're right. As for Takei, I sense a clash of some sort between the two of them from the start. And I don't think it's in the edit, or drama spin. I certainly dislike the verbage (nasty catty remarks) Georgie used thus far. Hurt my back and heading off to bed since I need to be up at 5:30AM for work. Remember to set your clocks ahead tonight!!
  18. ldyj, I could be wrong but I think what aikim is asking is why you - Or not. heh
  19. This summed everything up for me perfectly! And after everything that has followed, IMO George has proven himself to be the truly "catty" one. Oh My!!! Thank you for doing this! And I loved the radio interview with Clay & Lisa. Though I still think she goes too far for my taste, I can somewhat understand why she and Clay have bonded. And Don Jr. (DJTJ) is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I sense he and Clay have become friends. They obviously share a very similar sense of humor. heh
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