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  1. It's not the d-fence we need to worry about LOL. You're right. I'm not sure this is what you were thinkning about when you made this statement but....my biggest concern is for the Niner's O Line!!! Ugh If they can just hold back the Giants' defense then Alex may stand a chance! ldyj, that sounds like a great idea to me
  2. OMG I'm a wreck! Big game day has me so excited for my 49ers. They weren't suppose to be here this year. They weren't suppose to be this good just yet. Reminds me of the 2010 Giants. If they win it will be FANTASTIC! And then several more weeks of an.ti.ci.pa.tion. heh If they don't win.....well then it was one fucking hell of a great year! One the fans have not seen in this area in many years! So it's all good. Chips & dip - check Pizza - check Corona & limes - check NOW GO OUT THERE AND KICK SOME ASS D-FENCE
  3. One word here... RAIN ETA- GO NINERS!! This is gonna be one hell of a WET game!
  4. Morning all. Getting ready for work. Wanted to drop off Clay's most recent twat tweet - ETA- The CA commercial is reportedly now up at the OFC. Now I'm off to work.
  5. New tweet from Clay: I believe in response of some kind to these tweets possibly - Then Penn replies to her: Loved the one quick commercial! It's already up on YouTube. Very funny... "For charity".
  6. Well, I don't know about couchie but I'm out of breath! OMG what.a.game! I've been screaming, cheering, biting my nails and now I'm CELEBRATING!!
  7. I think it was a wise move to start the show with a better chance at higher ratings. GO NINERS!!!!
  8. Arsenio twattedtweeted Clay - At first glance I thought it read "Welcome to the Twittiverse Horny!"
  9. for promo! Who knows WHY he does what he does with what's on top of his head. I think I'm just numb now to the whole hair thing It certainly doesn't change my view of him no matter what he does with it cause I still Besides, that smile just melts my heart quicker than a blow torch! As for Lisa L. I'm still on the fence. I think I'll withhold judgement until I see/hear what she says about him AFTER this is all said and done. For now I guess she's ok. Though I prefer "Mr. Aiken" to "Miss Clay". And I'm willing to bet Clay does as well. meh
  10. BWAH! I'm in love all over again! One was Dee and the other was Paul Sr. who suprised me by saying "He's my man!". WTF This is gonna be a blast to watch.
  11. I went to see War Horse today and all I can say is WOW! Such an incredible film about a remarkable animal. I kept saying "how the hell do they get the horse (horses) to do that?" It's really a beautiful film with magnificent cinematography and excellent performances. I went through 3 hankies too. If this does not win an obscene number of awards it'll be a crime. Spielberg is a fucking genius to pull this off! Best scene in the film......the wire cutters! bwah
  12. LOVE the pics and recap! Thanks for bringing it over ldyj It says they raised over $500,000! This makes my heart smile. I'm so glad the event was successful. Now if we could just get them to post a video or two Holy crap! I come home from work to find I've kilt FCA! :-( where is everyone?
  13. Yeah, you'd think, right? Unfortunately we've been around this block a few times before. Same old, same old. I look forward to reading all gala reports as soon as I get back from Quebec, and hope I don't have to wade through the shit to do it. Amen and OY!!! I got a serious headache reading the whining drama ( not here of course) and it made be both a little angry and sad. What gives with some folk? Why is it so hard to understand and just be happy we actually have something(s) to look forward to hearing about. Not all that long ago noone was certain we would have ANYTHING on the horizon for a long time if at all. I am thaaarilled for all who can attend any Clay event! And grateful for their reports that allow those of us who can't to enjoy some of the experience. And let me just add that I WANT AS MUCH RED REPORTING DETAILS ON EVERY ASPECT OF THE GALA AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! PLEASE AND THANKYOU :-) Oh, and no spoilering pleeeeease! It is impossible for folks like me on mobile devices to read them...which would make me a very grumpy puppy. *begs those attending. muah*
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  15. Anyone here attending the Cyndi Lauper charity event on the 4th?
  16. Yep, November 30th and it was mentioned in the latest People magazine (Dec. 5th issue I think) which hasn't happened in a few years! I hope it's a good sign of things to come! Spending the day with good friends and mom. Have a wonderful day everyone <3
  17. It's so nice to have a full calendar of Clay events to look forward to again :-) Just one of the things I'm "thankful" for this year!
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