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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So, anyone here live near NYC and have a $1000 or so to blow this weekend? Being poor is way overrated
  2. Ok, I know it's early and I worked late (equals really tired eyes) but where is the "army crawling" reference coming from? What did I miss? Oh, and congratulations, Fear!!
  3. I'm loving all the pics and reports and want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone providing them!! Awww man, I really got it baaad again! hee This is FUN Now I need to get a few hours of shut eye before I have to get up at 4:30 am. Remember to set your clocks BACK one hour.
  4. Holy crap, Msjenna, thats a mighty awful big load of atti.TUDE you're draggin around with ya
  5. I got called into work on my day off last week and then ended up putting in 3 hours off the clock due to payroll being over. Management can sure suck at times. I think this job may end up kicking my ass! I just want to know if Clay is still in it!! That's all I care about right now. Well, that and some much needed rest
  6. eeeeeeee Way to go 49ers Gee, a whole day has gone by and no other posts after mine. Hope I didn't break the board again. Good luck on you're first challenge, Clay!
  7. Shortyjill, I believe "sideways" video was the first way clack was seen. Go for it, it's a classic ;-) Hooray, FCA is back up!! Is it just me or does Clay's face look orange in that pic? Probably just the lighting.....I hope.
  8. George Takei & Penn Jellet? (sp?) This could be a lot of FUN! Except for all the nail biting I'll most likely be doing. I may need spoilers before I can watch each week. *big wuss* Kandre, good luck on the job front! And I hear ya about "Dance Moms". UGH Hope mama couchie has a wonderful time. Get your puter fixed soon Couchie or do what I'm doing and use a mobile device for now. Hey, get a nook
  9. Thanks kf and liney (Im on my nook so I cant bold any names, hee) eeeeeeeeeeeeee for the NYC Clay sighting!!! I cant seem to bring the most recent tweets from Joel Madden over here but Id just like to go on record as saying: Go fuck yourself, Joel! Ok, back to :twinklewhore: ETA - Well it looks to be (almost) official....notacanuck just posted link at CH (cant bring it over ) to People.com that announces both Clay and Debbie Gibson to be on the upcoming season of CA.
  10. Well hell, I guess Im just a boring fan cause I like Jaymes, hope he does do a weekly show even if it is CA so I can see him and watch him and listen to him laugh once week on my tv. And I honestly dont give a rats ass if the new single is a ballad, a rap or a Hungarian folk song as long as it is well received. I just want so much for his talent to be acknowledged and appreciated by the general public so he can continue to perform, tour and sing for meeeee! Is this asking too much for christ sake?! Is it, huh?! Because afterall it is all about meeeee!
  11. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my roomie, Liney! Good to see you here RIP Steve Jobs
  12. H APPY BIRTHDAY, keepingfaith! I'll have a lemondrop martini for the occassion
  13. Does anyone know if the video chat is available to watch on a mobile device? TYIA
  14. Well, in the off off waaay off chance that it's GHOST I would love to see him take on the Whoopi Goldberg role!
  15. wish I was going to be able to watch it/him. Ask him if he sees "TV" in his future, ldyj
  16. Bwah! Shower maybe, but never bathtub. Just for purely scientific reasons I gave it a try but no luck
  17. HELLO FCA. Just wanted to check in and wish a happy birthday to ldyj! And a happy birthday and happy anniversary to all who have celebrated recently! Sorry I have been missing in action but work and the commute are consuming me these days. And now my pc monitor has died on me :-( So I am back to typing on my Nook, which is better than nothing, thankfully. Thanks to Couchie for bringing my greetings over for me last week. Looking forward to WHATEVER it is that Clay's doing, s**n!
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