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  1. Ha ha obviously she didn't buy 7 the first time around. I still am finding sealed copies of Clay's various albums in my house. Not that it's a problem, because I wear them out too! LOL
  2. I wanted it for him but he gave it everything he had, and I'm proud of him for that. Cool about the docuseries. I am excited to find out what he has up his sleeve now. He always keeps us guessing!
  3. LOL. I really don't understand most of what is being discussed. I just see red when she speaks to Clay as though he's an idiot (which he clearly isn't) or blatantly ignores what he says and continues to state untruths about his stance on issues. STFU woman.
  4. I'm listening to it with the occasional peek at video right now (because I'm at work) and I just want to strangle her. She is so freaking smug.
  5. Late to the party, but I also noticed Simon Renshaw and Peter Paige (Queer as Folk actor). Cool!
  6. Wow, some great photos and recaps. I'm glad everyone seems to have come away from the gala this year with good feelings! I hope audio surfaces of the new song at some point. I'm really happy to hear that Clay went around to every table to greet people. Considering how many people have had the opportunity to meet him at political rallies, it is nice that he also extended that privelege to NIP supporters.
  7. merrieeee, I think a fair number of us are still hanging on to a glimmer of hope that he will one day come back to singing (in an affordable format). I know the days of huge tours and throngs of fans are gone, but I still think he could do Broadway or smaller plays like Ogunquit or even sing in intimate venues again, if he wanted to. I expect that he'll continue in politics regardless of whether he wins or loses this election, although in what arena I don't know. I don't wallow in despair over it or anything, but yeah, to me it's depressing when someone who is so good at something, quits doing it. I've had this experience with a few other fan favourites of mine, and it's hard. But ultimately it's their life to live, and they have to do what makes them happy. Belated happy birthday ldyj!
  8. Oh, how cool that his brothers from Joseph were out supporting him in NYC! I hope we have some people heading to the gala this weekend. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.
  9. I haven't watched much interview footage (no interest in US politics LOL) but even I would watch an Ellmers/Aiken debate! Bring it on! Loving all the selfies. Ok, maybe he wasn't quite Clay Aiken but this past weekend I had an almost private concert with one of my favourite Canadian singers Darren Evorglens and posted my selfie with him on Facebook. Of course I want Clay to win this election, but realistically it probably won't happen, from what I understand. I'm not sure what he will do if he doesn't win, but whatever he decides I hope it makes him happy, and it comes with less restrictions on public appearances (especially those with an international appeal).
  10. I take it the bowling contest is US only (i.e. funds are going to Clay's campaign)? Man, how I'd love to be able to get my butt to NYC to go bowling!
  11. My son is a Survivor fanatic. Every season, he creates a Survivor pool where you pay $10 and can pick 3 potential winners. Last year he had over 20 entries, and it was a lot of fun. If anyone wants in, let me know. I haven't decided yet who I'm going to pick, but I don't think Reed is going to be one of them (nor are the twins). I'm trying to be strategic about this and pick those with the most chance of winning (in my mind!)
  12. I know Clay doesn't want Parker's picture out there but you would have to think, with him starting to attend public fuctions, it's going to happen. I'd love to see one.
  13. I think it's awesome that he takes Parker swimming........even if he has a fear of it.
  14. Wow, interesting discussion and pretty disturbing reading (but thanks jmh123, love your posts, they open my eyes). I grew up in a religious environment with a bit of the stuff you are talking about, but obviously nothing like the south. Clay just has balls. He impresses me so much (even if I still wish he'd sing LOL). This place has always been my refuge, and continues to be. I want to know what Clay's up to but other than twitter & facebook, I would definitely lose track without FCA. I appreciate so much everything that is brought over here. Don't know how many of you remember disneykid (Lisa "B") who used to travel with us to Clay events, but she and her husband had a baby on July 1st (Canada Day), a little girl named Kori. I've posted a few pictures on Facebook recently. I've got my mom out for the weekend and we went to visit yesterday. Neither of us has ever held a baby so tiny. She was 6 lb 14 oz when she was born. None of my kids were ever that small!
  15. Thank you so much for bringing all the pictures and tweets over! That was fun to look through. Personally, I'd prefer not to read any mudslinging articles. Sometimes I stumble on them elsewhere, but I wouldn't mind if they were kept in a private area. Kind of like "the den" used to be at CH.
  16. I think I saw one of those fuzzy Parker pics somewhere, and I wondered if that maybe was him. Cool! Thanks so much ldyj.
  17. So did the CNN thing happen or get bumped? I watch the Arsenio occasionally, too. Loved that he sang for us.
  18. Words to live by, merrieeee. My father passed very early and I have been living the life ever since. Hugs.
  19. Thanks Fear, that's nice of you to offer. Let me know if you have anything extra. I just really wish I could participate in some way. I'd love to get in on the cool raffles they are offering. I just read that story, that was a nice encounter for Clay!
  20. I have $52.30 but I'm not allowed to donate. I hope eventually something is done for the out-of-the-USA fans. It's getting harder and harder to read and not be able to participate.