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  1. It disturbs me that I even know what "gerrymandering" means. I sure didn't a month ago. Anyways, I agree that we are rich with a wealth of clack and thank God for that! I still listen to Clay every day (the addiction to the voice hasn't stopped). I hope to hear it live again one day (and not for $2000 a head either).
  2. Supporter? I fully support Clay in every endeavour, but on a daily basis, it's getting hard to come and read all the wonderful things he's doing that I can't be a part of. I guess now I know how those outside of North America have felt for the last 10 years. I will definitely still be here if and when he decides to entertain again outside of the political spectrum (someone might have to nudge me!) But for now I'm kind of checking out and following other interests. I think we are going to go on another Carribean cruise this fall. And, thank God, spring finally seems to have arrived in Ontario. I hope to be able to start prepping my gardens in a week or so. This weekend and all next week, I will be in Toronto with my mom while she undergoes knee replacement surgery.
  3. It's getting harder and harder to be a foreign fan. I keep telling myself he's happy so I should be happy too. I can get as far as "I'm happy FOR him".
  4. Sorry Gene, would if I could. That is the part I hate about politics the most, the tearing the other party down mentality. It's even started here in Canada. I have seen 2 different ads against Justin Trudeau recently, saying he is in over his head, blah blah blah. I am so glad Clay is not going down that path.'' I am keeping my options open for gala, until we find out more details.
  5. Wow, he is definitely looking fabulous, isn't he? Love all the pictures. Keep them coming! Hope you are feeling better, ldyj!
  6. ldyj, exactly about the added sugars. I did a tally the first two days of my normal eating habits (which are fairly healthy I think) and I ended up with 88 grams of added sugar! Of course, 47 of those were the Starbucks.... I agree, he does seem to be in his element now and much more at ease. Definitely not a popular opinion, because I wish it was the other way around. Still, it is what it is. We have to be ourselves, and do what makes us happy, and that includes Clay. I still hold out hope that he will "sing for all of us" soon, as he apparently told a mod he would.
  7. If he does, he's sure hiding it well. I can't help but be a tad jealous of how social he's being now....I wonder how many people show up just for the star factor? I'm kind of glad I don't live in NC right now, because I would be fighting with myself every time they announced another public appearance. LOL. I'm doing this 32 day sugar-smart detox thing right now. You gradually reduce your sugar intake down to basically nothing (except for the natural sugars found in veggies & dairy) and then start to bring it back up again. The goal is to kick my sugar addiction, and appreciate the sweetness in regular foods again. The World Heath Organization recently reduced the amount of added sugar that one should consume daily. They are starting to link sugar intake to diseases other than diabetes, which scares me. I tallied my intake for a couple of days before starting, and realized I was way out of whack. I was hitting Starbucks almost every day for a large chai latte, and not only was it bad for my health, it was bad for my wallet. And hey, if I lose a few pounds in the process, it's a win-win! Currently, I'm on day 8. Friday, I get to add fruit and whole wheat wraps back into my diet. Wheeeee!
  8. That is too bad. Wasn't it her living room he recently flimed his political video in? I know I was driven past the house way back when (2004) by a local fan.
  9. I am happy to read that email. I am one of the fans that had unsubscribed to the emails completely, because I find it quite frustrating to constantly get emails asking for my support, when I'm not allowed to give it from Canada. Plus, I just don't have any interest in politics. I am glad to have some way to keep subscribed now. As much as I want him to succeed in this new venture of his, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want him to start singing again!
  10. Happy to help couchie. I appreciate this board. I totally forgot about the Oscars last night, and went with my daughter and her gf to see Non Stop instead. It was ok, not great but not bad either. Our temperature here this morning was -19C with a windchill of -27C. Even the dog refused to go out for his walk, which is unheard of. But the birds are chirping so I think they must know something. Spring must be on it's way soon.......right?
  11. Thanks for that video! Very proud of Clay today.
  12. Interesting, they've gone back to the old format with dinner included. Now I wonder if they will be specific as to whether the dinner and/or performance is for the VIP or regular gala. I am assuming they are still going to split it into 2 nights as they've listed the 19th & 20th of September.
  13. I think it's doubly frustating to be someone who abhors politics, and also to be Canadian. Even if I want to help support him, I can't. Ah, don't mind me, I'm just feeling blue because the Olympics are over and it's back to real life today. Add to that the freaking polar vortex is back in Ontario. Will it ever be spring?
  14. I'm glad some are enjoying all the media coverage and pictures of Clay recently. Me, I'm just sad to see him standing at a microphone but not singing. Still, whatever makes him happy....I'm glad he seems to be doing so well. As much as I don't enjoy politics, I still want him to succeed.
  15. Thank you for bringing the pictures over for us poor Canadians.
  16. Ha ha couchie, yes, I guess you could say it is. It's it's own entity entirely. Back in the old days, before this new scoring system, it was so corrupt it was frustrating to watch. If you weren't from a country with big pull in the ice dancing world, you got nowhere, regardless of how well you skated. In recent years, North America has become the ice dance capital of the world (particularly Michigan). However, it used to be Russia. I don't really agree with the judging in this event either, I think it's questionable, however we aren't going to begrudge a silver medal to our Canadian team. They got the gold back in 2010. They skated lights out and that's all they can do. To be fair, I do like the US team as well, they are also great skaters. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I obviously spent most of yesterday watching the ice dance competition, but later went out for a seafood feast with my kids, their SO's, and a few friends. Since only 3 of 8 of us actually like seafood, I think it was a testament to how much they like me that they all came. LOL. So I was very pleased.
  17. jmh123, glad you watched! We had Kurt Browning doing commentary. He is funny, I like his quirky style. I agree, no one really skated like they wanted to win. I was happy for Daisuke because he skated well and seemed pleased. I will be so sorry to see him go because I, too, have been watching him since he was young. I don't think I've really digested Patrick not winning yet. I doubt he has either. I really, really hope he continues on and doesn't retire. He's only 23 for goodness sake!
  18. Wow, I can't even imagine NC with that much snow! Stay safe, stay in, hopefully it will melt soon. We haven't had too much snow this week, but more uber cold temperatures (-27C the other morning). Supposed to be milder this weekend but then another dumping of snow on Monday, which just happens to be 3 things: a stat holiday called "Family Day", my birthday, and the day that our ice dancers Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir go for gold! Today, I have taken the day off work because my other obsession, Patrick Chan, goes for gold. Yes, I am officially addicted to the Olympics. Thanks for all the pictures and articles. I plan to show my mom the campaign video this morning. She is not online at all, so has not even heard a whisper of all the excitement going on with Team Clay lately!
  19. Ok how do I see the blog? How do I get past the campaign ad on Never mind! Figured out it's The blog made me cry. So happy that he came back to address the fans, regardless of their political persuasions (or those of us who aren't even US citizens).
  20. Wow, just catching up, but haven't read many of the articles posted, just too many! Also haven't seen any interviews yet because I've been having issues with my internet at home. Finally went and got a new power adapter for my router, and that seems to have fixed things. I've been spending most of my time watching the Olympics on TV. Love all the pictures, love that he's out campaigning and meeting people. It's a Claypalooza!
  21. Hopefully on the weekend I'll be able to catch up on all these articles and videos! Life seems to be in warp speed right now between Clay, Olympics, and my kids. I'm glad it seems as though people are opening their eyes to the fact that this is one serious, intelligent candidate!