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  1. Sure you can! And we'll dream right along with you. BTW, wasn't it nice that he ended with 'Talk soon'? Just hope he's looked up the definition since the last time he used the word. I shouldn't waste a page 69 post but I can't think of anything smutty right now. Maybe the birthday girl will swing by to help! ETA: Off to try some barbeque. Have a nice day, y'all!
  2. Yay, what a nice blog!!! He's right. No matter what we think of what we have now, we're very, very fortunate to be where we are. Happy 4th to everyone!!! And thank you, gbmifan, for enabling! *winks*
  3. gbmifan, I'm somewhat ashamed to suggest this but ...could you leave already?!! Take one for the team! (just kidding!) :laught31: Caro,
  4. Thanks for the blog links! Loved the fireworks display, Caro!!! And the USA collage, CSM!!! HBD, Muski!
  5. Sorry, liney, I don't! I have Realplayer and DL'd it to my player, but I can never figure out if it's possible to get it OFF of there. It it is, I dunno how. I got it from Facebook. If you're a FB member, just go to their fanpage and the link is there if someone can figure out how to DL it......Scarlett? I really enjoyed it too! Sure thing! I'll grab it and convert.... ETA: Wow, I didn't know you could upload higher quality files to YouTube. I may start uploading some HD clips. Thanks!
  6. You're welcome! *takes a moment too* When he was just starting out, I saw Andy Roddick play at the Westside Tennis Club here which used to have the only clay courts identical to the ones at Roland Garros. He was very good with his fans. Pre-baking chicken or parboiling it in the marinade (though grill purists will sniff at this) will improve the flavor and reduce the chance of undercooking it. Glad to see that couchie and luckiest have some time to play this weekend!!!
  7. Everything I should have done today except go buy milk and Splenda, and begin rendering Asheville TOA. (2 out of mumblety-mumble isn't bad) Happy Independence Day too!!!
  8. Thanks couchie! I turned in early (well, relatively) last night and didn't get to work on goldarngirl's list but hopefully I can get those later today.
  9. So glad I don't have to work today. It looks like a pretty day outside! ETA: OTOH, it's also nice to stay indoors and render stuff. I'm almost sorry I already did Frisco. Would love to re-do that today.
  10. About Jerome -- no story there. I just have trouble remembering faces. But at least I know the difference between West Point & Long Island.... ETA: *waves to jazzgirl* Try rendering Asheville clips while it's 104 outside!
  11. Nice pictures! Thanks as always, kf!!! Clay Concerts? Where to begin... Like a box of chocolates. Like being in class with a really cute teacher. Like a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster without the alcohol. Like floating on air from giggles. Like having and maxing out an all-day-front-of-line combination pass to Universal/Disney/SeaWorld/BuschGardens. Like listening to angels with halos set at a jaunty angle. Like riding a dragon. Like, like nothing else in the world!
  12. Just swinging by quickly to say thank you to Suereu for that beautiful blend! It's got to have the highest cuteness per pixel count of any picture ever!!! Haven't had the chance to swing by your blog yet, Claysmelody but I'll be there. Happy Canada to all!!!
  13. Whaaaaat?! You mean to tell me there is a "suggestive" one? Can you share? It's not overly suggestive but it can be... I guess it all depends on the listener. It goes like this: Hey, what's up? This is Clay Aiken. We're a little busy right now but hold on and we'll be right with ya. ETA: Lol! I guess you could say that!
  14. Just an addendum, I've sent the ringtone to others on AT&T and can also take requests. I think ringtones / answertones are fun to play with because they don't cost very much, sometimes they're even free, and we can mix and match them like we're "redecorating" our phones. Some services allow you to assign different tones for different groups of people. ETA: Answertones aren't free but they're cute because the people who call you can listen to them while waiting for you to pick up the phone. This is a transcript of the less suggestive one at AT&T called "Busy": Hi there this is Clay A
  15. No answers today? (yes, we're spoiled!) *waves to gg* ETA: Yes, I was sort of wondering but yay for your aunt!!!
  16. Thanks, kf. That makes 2 of us. I don't think there were many who got the direct download from the site. BTW, I meant to post that there are more files in the Asheville folder (WY, ATD and SSTBTHW) but of course I completely forgot once we got this afternoon's news.
  17. Ooops sorry, FromClaygary, I meant cell phone number... (I was rushing off to read some answers so I just dashed that off. Could I at least get credit for stopping to respond before running off to the OFC? lol!) BTW, it didn't work for a lot of people, no matter where they lived. Actually, could we have a show of hands on how many were able to save the original ringtone? HBD, Fear!!! Nice bike!!! (and nice present from the cute guy this pm. you should make everyday your birthday!) --> wait, didn't you just have a birthday? Sorry, I don't think on "Answer Days".
  18. Is it true?!!! Yay!!! And thanks for the answer post marker... FromClaygary, there was some place where we had to send our cellphones last year. One of the first things we got was a ringtone download though I think a lot of people had some problem or other with saving it because you had to pick it up the first time you opened the message.
  19. merrieeee -- Like I'd ever forget your answertone -- Lol! I'm not even going to talk to my DD while she's away; we're going to text -- 100 overseas text messages for $10 is reasonable. (if you don't sign up beforehand it's $50) And *sighs resignedly* I'll have to sign up on Tweeter to follow her notes and pictures. clayzy, when my phone goes off during a meeting people look at the door instead of in their bags because it sounds like someone came in. Hee! No one has ever said, "That's embarassing" to me. gg, I'm glad you have your ringtones now. Are those the main choices at Rogers or are th
  20. Thanks! To answer my own question, my ringtone is the one he sent all the fans last year, "I'm sure you all recognize this must pick up this phone right now." while my new answertone is the "we're busy...hold on" one I fussed about last night.
  21. Had lunch and a small shopping trip with MiniScarlett today to get her all set up for her 3-week overseas trip later this week. She's all set with her international data plan and overseas text plan, knows exactly what she can do and has reset her usage so that she can easily see where she's at on her limits (50 MB of data transfers and 100 text messages). Some tips for travellers: keep data roaming off except when you're actually using it, use wi-fi when you can and turn off "auto-check e-mail". Also, took care of other phone items this morning and finally got that answertone I always wanted
  22. For the folks who like continuous audio, I uploaded an mp3 with the first part of the 2nd set, ATD to the Classics to the Asheville folder. It includes the "black hole" banter. ETA: You're welcome anytime, gg and fear!!! (Actually fear should thank gg since she's the one who's making coercing encouraging me to do this)
  23. There are these things called "hands free" headsets. I believe you have several. Of course they're in one of the hundred boxes you haven't unpacked yet so I'll give you a few hours. I am so going to get that answertone of someone saying, "We're busy right now..." if it takes me 3 hours with customer service! (BTW, thanks! Turns out my phone was still in the car and that's why I couldn't hear it...) On topic: