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  1. I second the call for rain. Come help us, FromClaygary!!! *it does look like we're in for stormy weather over the weekend -- maybe just thinking about it counts!*
  2. 2nd page? better than first!!! HBD, jmh!!! Stay warm, FromClaygary!
  3. Sadly, there are no guarantees with ticket-buying, especially with an unknown site. The problem with this event is that normally, a non-profit fundraiser can be handled by a small, relatively low-cost web storefront. However, the fandom has been known to bring large sites like Ticketmaster or TicketsNow to its knees, and gobble up the smaller sites for breakfast. It's ridiculous for a relatively small foundation to have to use and tack on Ticketmaster charges for a gala. However, a ticket-buying fiasco is the last thing a newly-renamed/remodeled organization wants to have for its first big ev
  4. treenuts, you were responding to my post where I talked about wanting to help fill the need for care, possibly at my church. That was an earnest offer and I was hoping to receive suggestions on where to look, organizations that are doing a great job, previous experiences with volunteering at places that provide help and/or match needs with resources, maybe even just general encouragement and advice. No, I wasn't expecting anyone to say, "Here, have mine." and that's why I posted my response. I don't think there was anything offensive in it but I'm sorry that you felt hurt by it.
  5. jmh, strange things to be thankful for. *nodnods* I must say though that things I miss the most about my Dad are what used to drive me up the walll! ETA: BTW, I was able to find a 4-cup rice cooker last night and that should be ok. Should have thought to get one in Japan (or asked KAndre to pick up one) since they have 1-cup and 2-cup pots over ther. Would have loved to have yours! ETAA: Eeeep, I'm so late for services... *runs* EYATA: Ok, I give up. I guess I can't make it to something that starts at 10:30 am if I leave the house at 10:35 -- unless I drive faster than the speed of light
  6. Hee, couchie! I could use a free trip to the Bay Area!!! But really, if you should need some in-house care, try the local community particularly in Daly City. Maybe emmasage (is she still around?) can make some inquiries. OTOH, if you're able to sit more than 2 people, it may be a good way to get something extra. I think the going rate in NYC is $120 for 12 hours of care, though my cousin's friend in Chicago who got paralyzed on her entire left side was able to find an negotiate a good price -- $150/a day for 24-hour help (the person stays with them). Does anyone else know of the current r
  7. desertrose, :thbighug-1: We're all in there/have been/will be. (moved my ETA here because I didn't realize we'd gone to another page)
  8. treenuts and desertrose, you probably don't mean any harm but I don't particularly find elderly care and jokes about people's needs as they age to be any laughing matter. I know I am very fortunate to have grown children, good friends, a company that still provides medical care to its retirees and a very active church group that supports its members. the care team at our church is so efficient that even while I was still an occasional visitor and I just casually mentioned I had been in a hospital, they immediately offered to send people to help me with transportation, food delivery and other
  9. And when I heard it I never for one second thought that ever would be me. One more good thing Clay has done for me--prepare me for this. So very true! One never imagines this will be a part of your adult repsonsibilities when you're young. At least I didn't. I'm grateful though that I at least still have one of my parents to care fore for!! OT - I just get a feeling (nothing specific to base it on) that Clay may be in a funk right now both professionaly and personally and I want to send him a hug! Well, I'd love to hug him even if he's not in a funk, but just in case he really needs one
  10. There's some good and and some not so good things about overtime pay and vacation days and healthcare and everything. *wants to view the TV Medley 'Facts of Life' but computer's still rendering the Classics*
  11. Good to see you, geekette! And thanks in advance. I'm sure you'll be able to help a lot of folks while raising funds for TBAF at the same time!
  12. {{{to the FCA moms and dads}}} I didn't get to tell you this but last month, when kimiye was in town I almost didn't make it to our dinner because my aunt had fallen into a coma and I was on the phone with my cousins, helping them get home to her. We thought we were going to say goodbye that night, but somehow little by little she came back. Today was a good day for her and she was able to talk to my cousin on her cell phone, even tease her a little by answering, "How are you" with "Still breathing" and a little laugh. I know these are just what my cousin and I call "Bonus Days" as she'd been
  13. FromClaygary, most of us are still getting our stuff together (I haven't upgraded my phone, either), so we probably should set the dry run for September, maybe Labor Day weekend in the US? I know I'll be meeting up with some of the eHP on that weekend (some of them don't know it yet, hee!) so we should have some interesting updates. We do need someone to 'scope' out the venue beforehand & report on the strength of both the Wi-Fi and 3G (if it exists) connections. Any chance you'll be in the area over the next month or two, jmh? O canfly, the 'e' can mean anything you want it to mean!!!
  14. I wonder what's the best way to bring our online party to the Gala with us. We'll have the standard cellcerts but we've been doing those for years and so much has changed since then... Ideas? How many webcam-enabled netbooks do we have among all of us here? Does anyone know how reliable the hotel's wi-fi is? How about iphones as modems? How about streaming more than audio? I wish the Gala organizers would just register audio and webcam connections for a fee -- there will be intense competition for the Gala tickets so I don't anyone will willingly stay home just because a feed is available. Ho
  15. I wonder if it gets worse with repeat exposures?!! By sheer coincidence I'm having a couple of lab tests tomorrow. If they find anything that can be traced to too many front row seats I'll gladly take the hit for the rest of you since I've already got whatever it is. The rest of Clay Nation need not put themselves at risk!!! ETA: {{{luckiest1}}}, I know you're ok but I wanna :thbighug-1: anyways!!!
  16. So, who's the likely opponent next year? Never too early to send good thoughts&wishes. Sometimes I really hate watching laws being made, but someone needs to. Wish we could all watch Clay make them -- laws and sausages. ETA: Thanks, gg. Just checkin'!
  17. Yes, that's right. Last year some of us (ok, a few from the ehP) woke up too late to make it to the breakfast buffet but we were still able to walk around and have long chats with every single table over there. I think I got into more pictures than some who were actually at the breakfast, lol! (Fear, I can't remember what we were laughing so hard about but I love the picture that luckiest1 took of us) ETA: goldarngirl, is there something you're waiting on from me? twwmad got uploaded last night, I think?
  18. Just wanted to let everyone in Houston know that Continental IAH to RDU fares have dropped, probably in response to the Southwest sale. Might be a good time to book flights -- PM me if you want to travel together. (thanks for the info, PerusingOne) ETA:
  19. Had too many glitches with my files tonight so the only new one is Quiana's WTLGD.
  20. to calclay -- are you the SoCal calclay? I've missed you!
  21. Goldarngirl and luckiest1, your gorgeous work is always appreciated!!! It's very painstaking work ({{{hugs to you both for working through clips like Asheville WISYS}}}) but the results show all the love and care that was put into them.
  22. Thanks CSM! What a pretty hug icon -- could we keep it, please? (cindilu2? admins?)
  23. Can't believe the weekend is over...I got some items rendered and uploaded tonight, but they're mainly for those making montages. I'll have a few good clips coming later this week, and hopefully *crosses fingers* the TV Medley tonight. ETA: The TV Medly file is rather huge. Upload only if you have the time, space, bandwidth and processing power to play.
  24. It didn't turn out well with the two ways I usually get YouTube files (IDM and Firefox DownloadHelper), so I was going to try a few more programs today but I'm glad goldarngirl & cindilu found and posted the link below since I got roped volunteered into driving my aunt around this afternoon.
  25. But... but... if this had been Clay we would have loved it anyway!!! I even know some people with a shoe/sock/boot/foot fetish collection. And even if it had just been his shadow, we would have saved it anyway. I know of at least 2 treasured pictures that have nothing but his silhouette on them. No matter how "demanding" Clay Nation seems to be, we're really very easy to please.