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  1. Hi bottle! Increasing exposure to Clack day by day until we get to the SOURCE OF ALL THE CLACKY GOODNESS?!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Like you say, it's going to be hard. But bring it on!!! It's for the team! ETA: I wonder how much a "rendering session" with Clay would go for at a gala auction?
  2. Yes, losing it bad!!! ETA: Badly, I meant "badly"... it's the adverb that ends in -ly right? right?!! Aaargh!!!
  3. *looks up in wonderment at my previous post* Did I mention that the banner also seems to affect one's ability to appreciate the aesthetic value of white space and carriage returns? (not that it had anything to do with KAndre, that was all pre-Banner) Couchie, about that firm (hee, I got to say it) -- let's call it AIK, Aiken Insurance for Klutzes.
  4. Continuing the saga of that extremely distracting banner... I've been progressively clumsier every day that it's been up. Today I upturned a whole frying pan containing what should have been my lunch and then my dinner tonight. Now s me may question the wisdom of having the banner up on a large monitor so close to my stove but I hold myself entirely blameless for this. I think we should simply take insurance policies every time cindi releases new edition, especially if the new label heeds our request to keep the current look indefinitely. (couchie, how about if we start an insurance firm
  5. I have to post a small complaint, though. Our banner is v. v. distracting!!! I have never mistyped so many things, clicked on the wrong buttons and failed to click the right ones in my life!!! We need some major warning signs around it!!! I forgot to say this on the first day bec. my mind turned to molasses. but thank you so much for a beautiful job, cindilu2!!! And thanks also for getting it up so quickly.
  6. Yay, Page 1! Thank you so much for the beautiful banner and for the "large" picture versions and wallpapers. It's great to see him looking so wonderful!!! I can just sit here and stare up at the banner for hours and hours... better to sit 'cause doesn't he just make you go all weak at the knees?!! (and the same goes for yesterday's winning picture. Thanks for reposting, ldyj!)
  7. Absolutely right!!! (sorry for not checking earlier....)
  8. I was lazy on this one because it was late and I was mesmerized by the picture that canfly conveniently posted here... so I went through the title from left to right, picking words or word fragments (or words that sounded like them, eg. canfly's "ewe" instead of "you"), looked them up in an online dictionary or thesaurus and copied down whichever definition beckoned; after a while, the phrases just seemed to organize themselves around a theme... The "restroom" at the beginning of the title is a good place to start, because how many songs begin with a word or part of a word that means "restro
  9. restroom anyone overflowed most satisfying have it bad in excess murkiness
  10. *scratches head and imagines a fish with a helpless heart*
  11. I can't find anything like that, but I don't understand the innards of this thing. It's ok now. I think it was my workstation. Thanks for checking, though! And thanks for the blog link, Caro! ... how about powdered sugar?
  12. Question for the admins: do we implement flood control for screen refreshes? I've been getting some inexplicable slow downs (or maybe I'm just impatient). Thanks in advance for checking! ETA: baby powder?
  13. Good luck and lots of hugs {{{everyone seeking jobs}}}!!! Times are tough everywhere. Some women in my workplace formed a networking group and we share relevant articles, have a monthly lunch with a speaker or featured video and assign mentors to those who need or want them. These are some of the more interesting articles that have been posted recently. I hope you find them useful or interesting. Since these are generally geared towards 'women at the workplace' issues (I won't say 'working women' because that's always been redundant since prehistoric times), maybe I should put them in a dif
  14. Thanks for the bringing the niiice new picture, ldyj!!! Would that be PTTL or PTTR? Love him in every which way!!!
  15. just dropping in to wave and get caught up. I was out for most of the last 2 days so I didn't get to say, "Wow, what a clue that was!!!" to jmh's spider solitaire. :clap:
  16. Material Girl? No.... the other one from the Classics Medley!!! *aaargh! *
  17. Baseball diamonds? Web/nets for protective gear?
  18. can't put a connection to diamonds but WIDTL seems to be related to webs...
  19. DLTSGDOM? :smiley_84:
  20. Oooooh, jmh, you did not say "Glory of Love" .... now I have to go watch it mumblety-mumble times before I go to sleep.... Maybe I should just write it 500x instead?
  21. jmh, you're right! And "A Horse with No Name" is the band America's biggest hit song, as canfly googled! might I add how adorable his interactions with the other performers and his trademark mannerisms were that night... *sighs*
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