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12/30 Clearwater, FL


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Crediting Adam with dancing, Brianna for laughs and John for hair and style AND dancing

Says like when he saw Adam and Patricia dance were very romantic - then they told him they were brother and sister and he said "eeewww'. Says Patricia is perpetually happy.

Nolan was on idol tour, J+NT 2004, JBT and this tour - great clothes steamer and makes people laugh

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I think the time restraints may depend on the venue...They did GN last night after 11 pm so I doubt they ahve the same restrictions tonight...

and I expect Clay will do the last GN tonight...

Awww he said it was a bittersweet ending...then he mentioned that they will be doing a new album and people really cheered...

then he noticed the people in new years hat...and said thatn you...

he then introduced Felix and said they were so impressed with him they will chain him to his chair

Daniel...he had a very long intro said they met him in the middle of the summer tour last year...then he paused when people reacted and said...yeah I know...

WJ...said he is very good with the adlib and said he was introduced through Jaymes

Andy...he said he met him from the very beginning when they were doing MOAM he was with them in one form or another...he said he was one of the people he first met when he was recording

he said the ballroom dancers were suggested to him by Amy Tinkham...and that she said she saw them in a video...

Can't remember how he met Briane and said he was introed by a friend and she was the morale queen always there to make epoepl smile and that laugh...

John...he points at his hair...then he said one of the things that AI did was to get this geeky, skinny guy from NC look like a skinny, geekky guy from NC with better hair and better clothes...he said John was the one who first did that...he said John made him not looks so ugly.

Patricia ...he said when he first found out that Patricia and Adam were siblings he said EWWW...you dance like that together...but then they are so good that they are very convincing.

Nolan ...met him during AI and has been doing different things for them on different tours.

Gregory...Said that at first he wanted to get a different boy for every city...but his manager said you ahve to get one boy ...so because he was cheap and didn;t wan to hire a teacher they decided to get a boy from NC...but ebcause NC was not a mecca for the entertainment industry they were not sure what they will find ...

but they were so impressed with gregory and he was so mature that it was so wonderful to work with him

Allison...usual spiel and said a great mentor and friend...they hugged when she came out...then mentioned that she also taught the community theater groups and arranged to get them and that it has been very complicated...so introed the theater group

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He is finally getting all his hugs -

Felkix came down from the drums is giving high 5s to everyone.

Gregory's father is coming out as well -= they put a light on Junior under the stage.

Aw Gregory said a special thanks to Clay for letting him be on the tour.

Now a group hug

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Quiana...mentioned that he got cut in charlotte because of Quiana...but turned out to be a great vocalist and friend...

Angie...since he brought Quiana in Kelly brought Angie in and they all fell in love with ehr...and he said kelly cannot get her back...then he said he hopes he can have her for much longer...she then hugged her

then he introed the crew...they all came out and high fived and some hugged Clay...

gregory...then thanked Clay for everything he has done...and a huge cheer fromtnhe audience

AWWW group hug


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Clay sounds very verklempt here...said give hugs to everybody...because they won;t be around again till next holidays...AWWWW

this is really making me cry...wow big applause and laugh with baby thats a fact!!!!

he also invited everybody on the stage to sing...

OMG...his singing here is so heartfelt...he goes really soft at times...

wow his voice...is just so powerful right...now!!!!

Glory NOTE!!!!!! th whole place is errupting going wild!!!!! this is so intense!!!

oh no he didn;t try the falsetto his voice was really reaching its limit I think!

YAY he gave us the low ending....WE NEED THE CLACK OF THIS!!!! BADLY!!!!

What a huge ovation...They better sing GN...the last time!!!! snifff

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