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SPAMALOT - Ticket thread

Couch Tomato

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I'm putting this here, not sure the best place for it. I brought this link over via ArtyAna at the CH:

Information about the seating at the Shubert Theater

Help Me Choose My Seats ™

The Shubert Theatre has a similar seating arrangement as most theatres. The Orchestra section consists of right, left, and center sections. This theater also has Mezzanine and Balcony sections.

The best seats in the house, as with any theater, are going to be Center Orchestra. This section is 14 seats across. The rows begin with AA and goes through T. There are a lot of things happening on the stage so sitting in the first couple of rows may make it a little difficult to see everything. The ideal place to sit would be about 5 rows back in the center section. In the center Orchestra, you will find yourself in the middle of all the action. With an incredible up-close view of the actors. Right and left Orchestra off of the aisles will also be a good seat, but seats farther away from center may leave you with a slightly obstructed view.

For the production Spamalot, there is a castle center stage where much of the action takes place, but there is also dialog on either side of the castle making a far left or right Orchsetra seat a "Partial View". While you will not see the entire stage from these seats, a partial view ticket will also come with break in the price. All partial view seats for sale on our site will be clearly labeled.

The Mezzanine section is also separated into right, left, and center and are labeled rows A - K. The Mezzanine overhangs row L of the Orchestra. Seats in the first few rows in the center are considered very good with an incredible view of the entire stage. There are two steps between each row which means that the further back that you sit, the higher you sit as well. The Mezzanine and Balcony sections are only accessible by stairs. There are no elevators at the Shubert Theater, so those who have trouble with stairs may want to find seats in the Orchestra.

The Balcony is located directly above row C of the Mezzanine. It is separated in right, left, and center and is labeled rows A-J. If you would like to sit in the Balcony a seat in the first few rows will give you the best view of the stage.

There really isn't a bad seat at the Shubert Theatre. With a seating capacity of 1521 it is relatively small so the production feels very intimate.

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Tickets for sale

Day: Friday, April 25, 2008

Section - Orchestra Left

Row/Seat - Row A, Seats 3&5

Price - $124.25 each e-tickets (or make an offer)

Day: Saturday, April 26, 2008 - evening

Section - Orchestra Left

Row/Seat - Row D, Seat 11

Price - $124.25 e-ticket (or make an offer)

Day Sunday, April 27, 2008 - evening

Section - Orchestra Right

Row/Seat - Row B, Seat 4

Price - $119.25 e-ticket (or make an offer)

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