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Three Word Game


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One day, Clay fed fried fish to the dogs . Unfortunately, he tripped over the cat and hit his head on the new swing set in his backyard, head throbbing so and reached out towards Parker , who was toddling towards him, while carrying his favourite toy....watergun! Parker was aiming it at the snake Jaymes accidentally let in while picking up Parker's toys in the swimming pool and then Parker recognized Clive and bit his ankle, then needed shots to ward off evil snake venom. Jaymes said, "How in the hell are we going to get rid of the body paint we used?" Raleigh started digging on Clive's bald found it empty, just what I would have suspected from such a big ass "head". Durham bounded over and bit Clive's nose and peed quickly on his body painted head! Raleigh barked at a falling leaf that landed on the porch roof. This distracted everyone at Decca Records just as Clay laughed and kicked Clive's hairy butt all the way back to RCA.

"Time to play!" Clay giggled hysterically, since Clive deserved pee and paint. Clay stepped on a banana peel body painted onto the dance floor, slipped and slide off into a Claymate Zany's arms! When suddenly he girly-squealed and waved at Jaymes, who laughed and hugged Reed, who walked off wearing pumps and a lacey teddy with a picture of Clay tattoed on his tight, nicely rounded biceps! Clay couldn't believe his eyes, when suddenly he saw his Mom drooling. Clay squealed, ""Mommmmmmmm, please, don't make me take a picture of you licking Reed's ice cream cone. Let me handle that myself. Oh!" Clay hit his thigh with his very hard head. "Ow! Ow! Ow!", he cried as the lump grew BIGGER and BIGGER until he couldn't stand the pain.

When suddenly Raleigh started to bark. The doorbell rang. Still holding his hotdog in his hands, Clay hobbled over to the nearest sympathetic person and laid his head on Reed's very sympathetic lap. Reed's response was immediate and obvious but only Clay has the way to make him drop the tutu from his mouth and onto Clay's large, hard wood. Meanwhile, Jaymes answered Parker's screams for somebody to answer Mr. UPS shorts, who was holding a really heavy package addressed to canfly, who was Ruben Studdard. "Wait! I'm, not Ruben!" UPS man apologized. "MY package!" canfly yelled greedily, grabbing Clay's large, hard, frozen Breyer's Peach Ice-cream covered, package. Giggling with glee, Clay jumped up and dropped his hotdog! "I'll get Ruben on the phone. Ice-cream partay!!!!". "I'll go buy a chocolate cake and some pickles", said Jaymes, handing Clay a dollar and tucking it safely in his waistband. "You coming?" "Almost. Keep trying". Jaymes rolled her thumb over his belt buckle and shouted, "It's fake!" Reed's jaw dropped. "The dollar doo-doo-head!"

The next day, Clay awoke to someone sniffing at his sticky chin, covered with melted gooey and sticky, but very fragrant chocolate icing and peanut butter oreos. After thoroughly licking Clay's chin, Raleigh bolted towards Reed, who was wiping off his tutu, before pirouetting perfectly around the room and suddenly ripped the oreo bag, dumping the crumbs all over Clay's waterbed. The dogs jumped up on the bed, vacuuming with their noses and tongues, sucking, accidentally puncturing the blown up toy doll, which Clay had recently purchased.

Clay wasn't happy with the frisky kitten that appeared from behind the fugly fringed ottoman he had just covered to match his new outfit. However, fringed paisy was not his idea. Faye insisted and you know Clay couldn't say exactly what he thought. "It's ghastly". Clay decided to make his mother wear it first so she would know how painful fringe could be. "Yes...it's true", Clay said to let people see paisley and stripes can set-u free.

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