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Three Word Game


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I'll try adding a couple of games in here and see how they fly. I've played this Three Word Game a couple of times and the results can be hysterical. When we did it, we included our own names in Clay's story but it's totally up to you. If you want to see a "work in progress", let me know.

The idea is to write a fanfic together...3 words at a time. One person posts 3 words and the next person posts 3 more words to continue the story and so on.

Every once in awhile (probably once a week or so depending upon the frequency of the posts), I'll copy the posts and put them together into a paragraph.

I'll start:

One day Clay

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recognized Clive and

Seeing this is going along so quickly, I'll start putting this together, lol....

One day, Clay fed fried fish to the dogs :puppykiss: :puppykiss:. Unfortunately, he tripped over the cat :yow: and hit his head on the new swing set in his backyard, :Imok: head throbbing so and reached out towards Parker :babybuckethat:, who was toddling towards him, while carrying his favourite toy....watergun! Parker was aiming it at the snake Jaymes accidentally let in while picking up Parker's toys in the swimming pool and then Parker recognized Clive :scared: and

(I need a watergun emote, lol)

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