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Susan Boyle

Couch Tomato

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Yeah yeah yeah I know she started on a TV show but that show aired overseas. It's the internet that really launched her here in the United States.

I'm amused and strangely happy that she is selling so many CDs. I googled her last night and ended up on some message board and I got a kick out of people being so upset that she is doing so well. They blamed it on the old people who are too stupid to download her album for free and they are ashamed that America's old people haven't caught up with the rest of the world and they should be stealing music like all the other country's old people. Meanwhile their avators have pictures of Rihana and Beyonce and and other divas - female and male LOL.

What I find ironic is that old people somehow figured out how to use the internet to make her that worldwide sensation. I'm sure Ms. Boyle was floating around in many an ipod before her album came out as well. Maybe people just like a good voice without all the bells and whistles.

Anyway, she's sold 1.2 million in two weeks and is scheduled to sell another 600k this week. How far can she go? 3 million by the end of the year? I think so...because there are some good shopping weeks left and this appears to be the gift dujour this year.

I still never got around to listening to those snippets. I hate snippets though so I'll probably just watch her tv special this weekend.

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Hi Couchie!

I know I've only heard Susan sing that one song that was from the show she was on. I watched it on U-Tube. I did enjoy it. Haven't heard anything else she's sung so don't have an opinion on her other stuff. I waffled about buying the album... don't have it... yet. We'll see.

But good for her! I think it definitely says something other than everyone buying it is old or too stupid to download for free. A whole lot of people still don't think it's right to steal.

I think that a lot of people still like a person with a good voice, singing a song with a good melody and they can actually understand the words and, to me, that has a lot to do with her CD selling so well.

I say "you go girl!" I hope she sells a whole buttload more!! I'd laugh ALOT if she sold 3 million by year end!

My guilty pleasure is Glee and I've bought both soundtracks - physical CDs, no less. I enjoy listening to them. They're fun, I can understand all the words, the singing is good and I know most of the songs.

And you know, I'm sure kids would think I'm old and yet I do know how to download for free. I just choose not to. I like a song, I buy it. I guess I'm just from a different generation.

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You're exactly right, Couchie and Spikes. I'm happy for Susan Boyle too coz you don't have to look like a model to be a good singer, like Elton John back in the 70s, who looked like an anonymous accountant without the costumes and fancy glasses. Talent is talent.

I've learned a lot of new stuff about computers and downloading montages fans have done to Clay's songs, but I still believe you should pay for music and not just steal it for free. And what you said, Spikes, "I can understand all the words, the singing is good" is precisely what my daughter in college said when she heard Clay's music. I even took her along to 2 of the shows I saw during the Not-A-Tour, and we had a blast!

God, I miss him. I miss US, too -- the fandom was such a trip when we were all freshly gaga, and Clay was touring all over the place. I hope and pray that he gets back where he belongs -- on a stage in front of ME!!!


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I guess I qualify as an old fart because I did buy Susan's cd.

I really like most of it, but a very strange thing happened. I am NOT a fan of religious or inspirational music and there are a couple of hymns on the cd. First time around (yeah, I tend to just let a cd play, I don't skip tracks or randomize) I didn't like them and thought they really dragged, but I found one of the tunes that got totally stuck in my head was "How Great Thou Art". For days, I'd find myself humming it.

At the same time that I bought that, I bought Pete Seeger's remastered "Live in '65 Concert". I used to be a folkie back in the day. It includes a lot of Pete's between-song patter and one of the things he talks about is how a good tune never goes away. He sings some examples of the same tune adapted by different musical traditions.

Anyway, after listening to three cds full of real tunes and real lyrics it made me focus on why I usually hit the mute button on most vocal performances on TV. And I understand why a hymn that has stood the test of time with an engaging tune can become an earworm.

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I think it is wonderful that Susan continues to sell well, there is a market for a great voice. Who cares how she got started - and she has been singing all her life, just found the audience a little later than most.

Lilyshine, I hear ya about the earworm thing - one of the reasons I like song compilations from TV shows is that (usually after I listen straight through twice) I find singers I never would have picked on my own. Still love A2 (Sopranos, that whole first CD is pretty good). I did listen to more from the True Blood guy - I wanna Do Bad Things with You - but don't like his other more country stuff, and I guess this song was reworked quite a bit for the show, whereas the A2 song was added later in the process, as it was, because one of the producers had the CD playing in his car and thought the song was perfect.

I read that the new Bob Dylan Christmas CD has grown on people after the second or third listen. I love him anyway, but I know what they mean, and hope to get that CD at some point. (All profits go to charity). Some people just cannot stand his voice, but I consider that for most of his songs, no one else does them real justice or even phrases them as well.

I think that Cowell has managed Susan just fine, considering how unready she may have been for the "big time", and I am already very curious as to where her next CD will take her. I hope she will not be in any sort of niche, like show tunes or hymns, she will just sing what she likes. IMO.

I read a scathing review of Susan's voice written by a broadway singer, and the comments were interesting - pretty much all said oh you are just jellus, and others said hey, music is subjective, get used to it. Very mean-spirited review, reminded me of Idol reviews and comments about how they had not "earned" the popularity.

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Hi, I don't really post here but I get the alerts in email about new discussions and wanted to weigh in on this one. I bought Susan's cd too and I like it a lot. I wouldn't actually skip any tracks but Daydream Believer doesn't really do it for me, maybe because I never much liked it in the first place, but How Great Thou Art really shines for me. What I love about Susan is that she LOVES to sing. Reminds me of our singer man. She has a joy in her singing. I know she is still nervous about singing on TV but hopefully that will pass. I have great hopes she will come here to Edmonton and sing at our Winspear Centre, but perhaps she is already too big for that based on sales. Paul Potts, the operatic British winner has been here twice and sold out (not to me though) so I was hopeful about Susan. I would love to go see Susan.

I think her sales and the demographic have probably been a big shock to the record companies. The great ignored, that's us. Well, we have obviously stood up to be counted! Just like we did when Clay's cd came out but obviously they got it wrong then, perhaps now they will get it right. I bought my first record when I was 8, got my first tape recorder at 11 and I am 58 now and have never outgrown buying and recording. There are plenty of people like me who don't want crotch grabbing male and female skanky hos who for the most part can't sing. We want quality. Clay is pure quality. Susan is quality too. I really hope that Susan's success will be helpful to Clay, perhaps radio will take more notice of us, and our Buying Power now!

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My guilty pleasure is Glee and I've bought both soundtracks - physical CDs, no less. I enjoy listening to them. They're fun, I can understand all the words, the singing is good and I know most of the songs.

spikesmom, You know I watched the first episode of Glee but didn't like it that much so never watched it again. I regret that so will probably try again with rerun or when it comes to DVD. Everybody I know seem to enjoy it.

Cognitogirl - also miss the touring. Hopefully the new year will bring some new fun stuff.

Lillygirl - I didn't realize she had religious songs on the album. I cant' even begin to count the number of times I heard How Great Thou Art growing up. I have set my DVR to tape her special on TVG channel today.

Bob Dylan has a Christmas album? heee Why can't I imagine it.

Do you recommend another vesion Scarlett.

ETA: Finally listened to the snippets and loved enough to buy the album at some point before Xmas. Favorites: Wild Horses (the song from the commercial that was blowingme away), I Dreamed a Dream, and You'll See.

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watched her special... and now that Wild Horses is stuck in my head. It's a breathtaking song.

Anyway, I should have taped it so I could fast forward through Simon Cowell. Forgot how much I can't stand him. I don't think I've heard him speak for about 4 years..hopefully I can get through another 4 years before hearing it again. LOL

And even though it will put money is his pocket I will jump on the bandwagon and buy the album. I hope she survives the fame.

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I saw the special too. Really enjoyed it. They showed some of her natural personality and even Simon seemed a bit in awe of her. Loved all the songs. She really does have a special voice, like that guy we know. Guess I'll be buying her album.

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Dang!!! Susan sold another 582,724 this week, a +14% jump, Andrea Bocelli sold another 391,686 too.

Here she is at 22, singing I Don't Know How to Love Him, in a pub contest - really really amazing. IMO.

Terrible horrible nasty bad awful band, but she shines through. Not as polished sounding, but I can hear the talent.

young susan

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Some of you saw this a few days ago on the TV Guide channel. I don't get that so I searched You Tube for it.

Here is the Susan Boyle Story in 5 parts, about 9 mins each, in very good quality. I really enjoyed it and loved seeing her sing, especially with Elaine Page.

Here are the links if you are interested:











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Thanks for the links..my sister wanted to see it but missed it.

And the train keeps pushing..she's expected to sell another 500-600K next week. She's smokin' everybody.

It will be interesting to see how she does after Xmas. I think she will continue to do well even after gift giving season.

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