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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead

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Clay Aiken has never sounded more at home than he does singing the lushly arranged classics on his fifth studio album Tried and True - the international pop phenomenon's first album for Decca Records. The bulk of the album - which showcases Aiken's powerful tenor voice and considerable interpretive gifts - is made up of songs from the '50s and '60s that Aiken grew up listening to as a child in Raleigh, North Carolina

First Floor Seating Chart

Balcony Seating Chart

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Opening Banter

"We're doing songs from an era I have no recollections of." *g*

"Kind of a romantic show so if you came with someone you love, snuggle up to them. If sitting next to a complete stranger, it's your business what you do with them."


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We're Back.

Intro to Quiana: "She talks too much but she's looking real pretty."

Many songs he's performed over the years that he's enjoyed singing live. Songs that have been Pop songs that he'd like to sing in this show but hard to do with this show and keep the vibe. So maybe should do what they'd sound like had they been recorded in 1952.

The Way.

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Clay asked audience who knows words of Invisible.

Called on 14 year old but she 'messed up' the lyrics

Now talking to another fan who knows more of the words

Clay sang some of the words the way originally sung.

Quiana: Cry Me A River

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Radio Banter:

Clay: "Any listeners to Top 40 radio?"

Lady Gaga, someone else, Liza Minneli (sp ???????), Bieber, Jonas Brothers.

Explains difference between recording back in the day versus now.

What SM would sound like 2011 style......gives demo.

Clay: "It's beautiful isn't it?" laughter.

Clay: "I think Lady Gaga is extremely talented. Actually, Justin Bieber has a good voice. Some who actually can sing that are on the radio right now but....

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Banter ...

"Who's Sorry Now?" shtick

not techno .. we don't know what that is ...

Polka ...

Who's Sorry Now Intro

Clay "Slowest of the slow songs; so we're going to do the opposite of the earlier set where we threw current songs back into that jazz sound with your help."

"Don't ask for Techno because we don't know what to do." Audience laughter.

"Quiana and I will probably destroy it." More laughter

Polka style

Do Wop style

Mombo (I know I'm spelling it wrong.)

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Crying is So gorgeous.

Clay - screwed him up last night when he did the song on the 'wrong' side of the stage. Messed up he and Quiana. Good to be back on the right side tonight.

No one he'd rather sing with.

Band Intros

Mentions it being Adam's first time touring

Ben back there on the piano with the accordian, strings, computer, dragging everyone back into the 21st century. Conductor, arranger. Arranged UM

Unchained Melody Intro

Unchained Melody

Clay back on stage.

"We're back. Hi!"

Only one person admitting to attending more than 1 concert in this tour.

Talking to fan who fessed up - has been to 3

Most beautiful song Clay has ever heard musically and lyrically

Both Sides Now

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Teasing about # of people hearing the concert with one ticket. Explains to rest of audience what cell certs are about. "And then there are people listening in covertly."

Teasing about # of shows fans attend

"We appreciate you if you come to one show, ten shows or all of the shows."

"Journey has lasted about 7 years longer than I expected it to." "For you in the audience and you listening at home.......you're greatly appreciated.

"In My Life."

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