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  1. Long night last night....our 19 year old cat, Quincy, succumbed to congestive heart failure overnight. We were told last week that she was eating less and less as the week went on, but was still moving around and such. By Monday night, though, she was starting to pant. Took her to the vet yesterday, who thought some medicine could help relieve the congestion. But last night, after Tony got home from work, she took a turn for the worse, and passed away in our arms. We miss her so very much.
  2. I'm baaaaaaack! It's been a long week, with one more day of vacation today to deal with all kinds of things before heading back to work tomorrow. Highlights: The Rock Hall of Fame is AMAZING. I could spend days there, and also spent too much money in the gift shop. If you follow me on FB, you know that our Christmas ritual is to watch "A Christmas Story" even Christmas Eve. Well, the house for that movie is in Cleveland, and someone restored it and opened it as a museum. It's very interactive (my husband and I reenacted the "gee thanks, honey, it's a blue ball!" scene on the couch), and just too much fun in general. The conference I went to was great. I've got all kinds of new ideas for work. Even better, my husband talked to a couple of job counselors (telling him things that I've been telling him for a year, but you know how that goes, it needs to come from someone impartial), plus he learned a bunch about techy stuff he might want to go into later. At the conference, the Friday night reception was at the Rock Hall, so we got a second look. Tons of food and drinks, plus they had something called a Silent Disco. Everyone got a set of wireless headphone, which were attached to 3 different channels (red, green and blue). If you were listening to the blue channel, for example, it was pop music -- and everyone else who you could see had on the blue channel was listening to the same music. Green was classic rock, and red was R&B. It was so much fun stumbling onto a group of people with your color, all of us jamming away and dancing! Godson's confirmation was yesterday. He's a sweet boy, who loves his hot sauce. Therefore, his gift (besides money) was 2 huge bottles of hot sauce from Costco. Lowlights: It SNOWED yesterday in Illinois. Like, 5 inches. So much for wearing a summer dress to the confirmation. Travel was a bit dicey, but we made it home. My 20 year old washer's agitator isn't working now. We're going to try to fix it first (YouTube is wonderful for that kind of thing), but I'd love to get a new washer/dryer set, as I'm sure efficiency is much better now. However, our finances can't really handle just one more thing! Have a great week everyone!
  3. A few pictures from the Rock Hall in Cleveland today. I simply LOVE this museum.
  4. Hi from Fort Wayne, Indiana! Halfway to Cleveland. While my phone was navigating our route, I see that Clay did an Instagram Live! Did someone catch it?
  5. Funny, I don't see his retweet anywhere, not even on his page. He must have taken it down for some reason. I think Joe's a great politician, but I really don't want him to run for President. His kind of politics just doesn't fly in the age of #metoo. I'm stressing out, because on Sunday, my husband and I leave for a mini vacation and then a conference. We'll be in Cleveland all next week! Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, bay-bee! But there's so much to do before we leave!
  6. Something (unfortunately) that Clay is never going to be able to live down.... Rosie O’Donnell Slams ‘Mean’ Kelly Ripa, Claims She ‘Gay Bashed’ Clay Aiken
  7. I think that is AWESOME! I really wish I could go....
  8. If there's any last minute people to donate to the FCA Gala ad, let me know. I'll be sending the money this weekend.
  9. Whoa. I do not understand this kind of hate. Retweet from Clay:
  10. merrieeee, please keep us posted on everything! Glamping sounds like a lot of fun! Anyone here was to join an NCAA tourney bracket? If you are, contact me! No real prize, and honestly, no real sports knowledge to join. There's been a few of us doing it for a few years now, and I've "won" several times. And I don't even watch basketball!
  11. Clay retweeted Meghan McCain, who replied to a tweet from President Donald Trump, criticizing her father, Senator John McCain (military veteran and now deceased). However, Meghan deleted her tweet, and Clay did as well. (Or I can't find it at least)
  12. Hey nmerrieeee! Just keep in touch, OK? I'll text you if anything Clay breaks out.