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  1. The Ruben and Clay Instagram story has backstage stuff from yesterday, including a bit of Don’t Save It All... Also seeing elsewhere that Clay’s Drop the Mic episode may see the light of day soon. Trying to find the promo...
  2. Fear, hope everything turned out OK today and that you feel better soon. ninna, that’s cool! For the record, Mary Poppins Returns is very cute. Not mych plot, but tge music is great, and much of the cinematography is awesome.
  3. Yay! I received “The Children of Harvey Milk” from my husband. Can’t wait to read it!
  4. Wishing everyone here an early MERRY CHRISTMAS! Tonight is our Christmas Eve service at church, and I'm providing a piano solo as special music. In a break from the past, we're not visiting my brother tomorrow (he's got too much going on with his family), so we're opening presents and making a big breakfast. Then we'll go to church again, followed by an open house with some friends. They make a drink called a Red Rooster for it -- I've never had one but they say it's really STRONG. (Good thing my husband doesn't drink, he can be the designated driver!) After all that, we've got tickets to see "Mary Poppins Returns." May those of you struggling because of missing people, or just because.....know that you are loved. Clay, thank you for bringing so many of us together, and I hope you have a great last week for the show, and that the new year brings you all you want.
  5. That was so much fun! And my question was asked/answered! (Broadway in their future? Hopefully yes!)
  6. people.com See Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard Slip Back Into Their American IdolGear, 15 Years Later
  7. That People magazine article is really good! Now off to watch the Wendy Williams interview....
  8. Clay and Ruben will be on broadway.com's Live at Five this Friday. https://www.broadway.com/buzz/194406/this-weeks-liveatfive-includes-american-idol-alumni-the-grinch-more/