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  1. Clay just retweeted Meghan's tweet/instagram from last night.
  2. Now that I'm at work and have some time... First, that video from Meghan's wedding is fantastic. I've always loved that song, and I wish we could have heard the entire thing. It's such a good bluesy number, and I bet there were a few growls... Secondly, more about the video last night. Watched it again on my big screen TV (love my Apple TV with the Facebook video app!), and he looked really good. Loved seeing him with Harlem, such a cute dog. The other thing he mentioned in the video was that we would be REALLY excited with the keynote speaker, because he's thrilled with the choice. However, he was a little taunter and basically said "I can't tell you yet, nyah nyah..." Needless to say, speculation abound! Flights from my city are $340 round trip, but it's a direct flight. Plus the ticket cost, hotel, and food....sigh. With hubby still out of a real job and a work related trip in April (which we've tacked on a small vacation), I don't think this is doable. But if hubby suddenly finds a job, I'll be there!
  3. Info about the Gala has been updated! https://www.inclusionproject.org/gala-2019/
  4. Clay's FB Live: merrieee, I would LOVE to come, but the finances are just too crazy anymore with hubby still out of a permanent job....sigh.
  5. February 28 Chrissy Tiegen (she of a TON of followers) tweeted this a few days ago. Clay replied tonight:
  6. Out at the moment, but I did get to see most of it. The big news? He’s doing the “On My Way Here” album as the concert. Sigh. Would love to go!
  7. merrieeee, I hope everything works out for the best! That's pretty amazing having your house get that quick of attention.
  8. Hailey Bieber (the female co-host of Drop the Mic) retweeted the clip. She has over one million followers, so this is GREAT!
  9. thehill.com Clay Aiken says ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett should be ‘made example of’ if allegations are true
  10. Another piece of the interview from The Hll: https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/431408-former-american-idol-star-clay-aiken-discusses-trump-administrations-global 11 minutes worth!
  11. February 25 Retweet from James Corden, the executive producer of Drop the Mic.
  12. Thank you James Corden! (He's executive producer behind the show.) I love you on late night, and I love you even more now!
  13. Well, with the change of date to the Gala -- time to see if we can gather enough for an ad in the Program! The one we seem to be able to get every year is $175, which is a half page B&W ad. A few of you have donated already, and i thank you. If you haven't, and would like to, please contact me with how much you'd like to give. I will keep a spreadsheet to see how much we gather. If we have extra, I will donate to the National Inclusion Project in the name of FCA. Contact me via PM if you wish to donate, with how much, and I'll send you payment options. Closing date for payment is March 22, 2019. Thanks!
  14. etonline.com Clay Aiken Tweets About 'Damage' Jussie Smollett Caused After Their Episode of 'Drop the Mic' Is Pulled 161 people are talking about this Sources told ET, meanwhile, that Smollett is back on the Empire set after posting $10,000 of his $100,000 bond on Thursday. According to ET's sources, the actor headed to the location where the Fox show films in Chicago. The visit came shortly after Smollett appeared in court for a hearing after surrendering to authorities that morning. According to the bond slip from the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, the bond deposit was posted by Lauren Criddle, who is listed as a friend. Smollett was also asked to surrender his passport. His next hearing is set for March 14. A source close to the Empire production team told ET earlier Thursday that a meeting with Fox was expected to happen on Thursday to discuss Smollet's future with the show.
  15. For those of you who have a key to the Clayversity Vault....there's a little something over there. Something unaired. You might want to check it out. Also, if you do have a key, they are doing their annual fundraiser. Consider donating if you can! And since I'm asking for money....with the Gala coming up again SOON, we need to think if we're interested in donating for another ad in the program. Be thinking!
  16. ETOnline picked up on Clay’s tweet: https://www.etonline.com/clay-aiken-tweets-about-damage-jussie-smollett-caused-after-their-episode-of-drop-the-mic-is-pulled
  17. I'm going to be at a work thing for the next few days, with very little chance to keep up with Clay (if he does anything). On the other hand, maybe my being away will mean he announces something big!
  18. https://www.inclusionproject.org/gala-2019-registration-info/?fbclid=IwAR1xJnd63BN7WQIq8Xgj2QBURy5AH0-f7_9kim0NcqvSa2AQGuNuBYT0iXk More info on getting tickets for the Nation Inclusion Project gala.