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Verona, NY: Turning Stone Casino


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I see some of the great East Coast Clack goddesses are scheduled to be in attendance tonight. Fingers crossed, AIW-style, that they have good vantage points and aren't hassled by security of whatnot.

This page from Turning Stones website has rotating pictures at the top that show the venue.

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The CV cellcerter has checked in. The venue has about 800 seats, and is sold out.

CV's stream is not going to start until Clay starts, so I'll check back in closer to 9:00EST.

Wow thats a pretty small venue...so intimate...I am jealous.

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MarLovesClay from the Simply Clay board is sitting in the front row. She reports that he's wearing the black striped suit and orange shirt that he wore at the AMA 2004.

Can't wait to see that outfit with the hair. *g*

And is the CH still behind? He's at WW on the CV cellcert.

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Crap! Clay started early - he's already singing Winter Wonderland!

From CV:

sounds like a lot of love -- hard to hear what he's saying but something about 3 generations there

he has no class, he feels stupid, he went to the SPA?? doesn't know what fork to use, controversy boy, puts his hand over mouths!

Post-WW banter:

Talking to the gentleman in the front. Bill from Canada. Mocking an over-enthusiatic woman. Something about his zipper? AMA fat jokes. Howls about something he said, but I can't decipher it. More talk about his fly. Screaming laughter.

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From CV cellcert:

Clay said he went to the spa today!

Asked about if everyone was done Christmas shopping?

Made some comments about putting hand over everyones mouth.

Very funny tonight---very loud lots of clapping and laughing from crowd.

Singing WW now

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He is on...talking but its not very loud...

coming in and out.

hatting again.

You are waiting for me to trip on this.

Gentlemen in the front tonight which is somewhat rare.

Where are you from? CANADA!

Talking to people in the audience.

Lots of laughter. Can't make out what he is saying.

Some lady is making him nervous.

She said his pants are unzipped!!

Mentioned that he is getting fat. Talking about being on the AMAs and how he got a text message that the weight looks good on him. What do you do with that? Is that a compliment?

LOUD LAUGHTER but can't make out what he said.

Talking...laughter...more talking...more laughter (we need clack!). Talking to Diane.

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Talking about someone being forced to come to a show...forced to wear a pin.

(oh, I wish I could understand what he is saying...the audience is laughing so hard!)

I'm an enigma, he said.

How long have you been married? He says 42 and she says 41. Talking about how many concerts the guys been dragged to and that he is holding the video camera. More hysterical laughing from the audience. They are loving him. SO MUCH LAUGHTER!

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He is really cracking them up tonight. The laughter is SO loud. He is bantering with people at the front of the audience. I heard him say the word "enigma". No idea what is going on, but man, I sure hope we are getting clack. ;-)

ETA: They are laughing right over the start of TCS!

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Simply Clay reports that there will be clack from the front row.

I caught something in the cellcert about people thinking they were getting tickets to a Josh Groban concert!

He's really chatty with the audience this evening.....

Word of the night: fermata!

(Hee, I know that one too!)

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omeone yelled Happy Birthday!

Telling story how lady on the plane thought he was 29. Says he is older and fatter!

Talking about how close it is in here. Talking about one table is empty no one showed they thoughe probably they were getting Josh Groban tickets.


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"Older and fatter." Someone in the audience suggests the pineapple salad is making him fat.

Pointing out an empty table - thought they were getting Josh Groban ticket.

He's doing the bit about a Claymate displacing the husband in the front row.

Other stuff I can make out.

I think he's talking to the conductor. Leading up to word of the night. Jamie doing her bit. I can't understand the word... Buffering...

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