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Job Highs and Woes

Couch Tomato

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I work for my university and I just realized (after finally deciphering their pay system) that they owe me for 3 weeks worth of work. :/ At least one week's worth is my fault (in that I didn't catch the problem sooner) but this is my first job and I was royally confused by their pay system. I've emailed my bosses to see if they're going to handle it (which, it's partly their fault, so that's a real confidence-booster) or if I need to go deal with payroll myself. Ick.

Anyway, just needed to rant a little. Wish me luck in getting my money!

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well I went to an accounting temp agency today. Tired of looking for work so I thought I'd just try this way. I got a good job working through an agency before and I honestly don't even care if I get permanent work. I don't mind going to different places.

I had to go in and interview, take 6 tests.. fill out a bunch of paperwork and then meet the team that wold be finding me work. I think it went well so we'll see how it goes.

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Good luck, Couchie! I think that's a good option too. But my advice would be not to limit to ONE agency...register with several and see who keeps you the busiest. Not a violation of ethics at all, most agencies expect that you will do this.

One of the ha-YOOJ work websites in Canada has set up their own Youtube channel, and they have quite a lot of stuff up already.

Some of this might be useful for those still looking....

Workopolis on Youtube

Clayzy....doesn't matter how long ago it was....they are required to pay you for your work. Go get 'em!

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Well since I talked about my lows so much I thought I'd come in and talk about the highs and also encourage any body else out there still looking for work.

The job I ended up taking, was a full time position but the "permanent" was kinda iffy LOL. They have people out on long term leaves and they might want to move people around. Anyway I knew it would last awhile and I needed steady income NOW. Anyway, it's going well. The day I took it they threw me a curve ball and said I was going to start training with the purchaser.

HUH? I've never done purchasing in my life. But you know..I am really really enjoying it and am learning something totally new. You won't believe what I'm purchasing LOL. FOOD! 300 pounds of that. 200 pounds of that. 150 dozens of that.

The new things I'm learning of course is food from every culture. The metric system and other units of measure that my 5th grade teacher told me I would need to know one day. That day has come.. Our clients are international in scope so they don't even talk about food the same way I would. I'm trying to quote a product and I'm going what the hell is a pork neck or beef feet or a white cream biscuit. Of course they also use brand names to just say they want a certain thing. Anyway, in May I will be on my own for two days for the first time. I found that out after I submitted my vacation for July and one of my dates was already requested by the other food purchases. Thankfully it's not July 23..the date I need if I'm going to the first show. So I've been working not really knowing how long my job would last but it appears safe now. I have days scheduled through November which I have to be the only purchaser. It's very fast paced and I've only been working 3 hours a day doing it during this training period -- the other 5 hours doing AR. I have one month to get it all down. I've just started learning how to do the quote -- every thing else i feel I can muddle through the day. But I have a month to get faster on it and to become more knowledgeable in food from India, PHillipines and the middle east. I know most of the other Asian food since that's my favorite.

I like my co-workers. All the OT i can work. And one more month and I'll have healthcare!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It feels good to get up and go to work everyday.

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