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We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Yah, I did it. So pleased I was able to do it. Tech support was no help, because they said we have "customized" (i.e., played with the colors) and all we could do would be to revert to the default colors and supposedly that would make the menu go away. As I suspected, it actually wasn't a problem, but something Invision added that they thought we'd want - a "transparent" menu that you can use to quickly get to various places, or search various places, or something. Now that it's gone, I don't remember exactly what the options were. IMO there should be an option on the back end somewhere as to whether we want that transparent menu or not, but there wasn't. So now we really have "customized." I deleted that sucker from the global template.

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Interesting weekend for me so far.  

Received an email last night — I’ve won a M&G, along with two tickets to a show, and signed merchandise for the vocal group Straight No Chaser!  It was some silly “follow us on Spotify” contest, and lo and behold I won!  Therefore, I’ll be going to St. Louis in December along with my husband.  I’ve seen them a few times before, and they are GREAT, but this will be my first M&G with them, other than a brief autograph line.

And then today — I upgraded my iPad!  I also have a new keyboard case.  My old iPad was 5 years old, and actually, it sitll worked pretty well.  But, it’s nice to have a speedy iPad, and an easier way to type on it!

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Congrats Ldyj!

The guys have another post on Facebook. I’m having trouble bringing it over but it is basically the same but the wording is different.  It says “ Even Simon the Scrooge couldn’t ruin this holiday for us. We’ll see you at the Imperial December 7th”

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Happy Halloween everyone!  I'm not normally home on Wednesday evenings, but a last minute change meant that I would be home.  However, I bought no candy!  Therefore, I'm going to hide in my basement, with all our lights turned off in our upstairs area.  Hopefully no eggs at our house!

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