First show...Genesee Theatre, Waukegan, IL


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They are talking about geekettes Ipod now...

they saw Jaime but it seems like they don;t think the dogs are there...thats not too clear

no Jerome sighting.

EEEEEEEEEEE...they think its about to start...

Mary is there and they were setting up the set list...they ended the reports to get the other phone ready...

that was a cool my heart is starting to beat a bit faster now...


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From CB:

talking about all the girls there..lot of fun..ethel lmaking way up and down the aisle saying hi to everyone.. certer sitting next to 3 10yr old boys.. waiting for their reaction to extrodinary..gorgeous..white winter land outside..

announced no camera..cell cameras video.. lots of clack gathers there so they are trying.. jojo there..charlotte in the pit..not seen jerome or any security..


Clay came in...and there is a light show...

everyone is settling in... report on how he looks yet

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There was laughter ...he mustlve done something cute

he is more expressive ont hsi song that old JNTs...and the EP...

voice sounds excellent...again some little giggling and cheering I bet he was dancing.

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Great way to start....I miss the girls voice in the end...

MY GOD the woudl think they haven;t seen him live in a year.

The First Noel...the first real test of his voice...

beautiful he is singing with great delicacy...

so very expressive...

WOW ...I love the way he si signing this tonight...he is nto forcing anything...

the great..with his voice here...not trying to showboat tonight...standard version

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I assume that it is the people who don't give into the music, but know every line and know if he misstates a word or mixes up a verse.

I really don't pay attention to the words, so I never know. I have all I can do to listen.

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Talking about his birthday yesterday...hearing on the radio today that he was 29...hee.

And he thinks he looks 21. Good for you Clay!

Talking about being alone with the orchestra now.

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Clay talking about performing with a full orchestra for the first time - he doesn't know the fancy music terms. Much screaming, so I can't hear the next part.

Hand over the mouth joke - "That's rude".

Travel story - lots of snow in Chicago. Leading into MCWL - talking about Allison.

Black and green socks.

ETA: I see the joke was "5 people wanted pictures of me with my hand over their mouth. That's rude."

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Wow his voice is great very worries tonight...he gave it a little more flourish in the end.. beautiful

YAY...he is talking to the audience now...talking about his birthday...soemone on the plane thoguht he was 29...when he left hoem he said he thought he looked like 21...then asked the audience if he looked 21

then he said he was a bit nervous cos its the first time he is signing live with the orchestra...then he was

oh wow...there is some great cheering...I don;t know what he said..I think he is joking about ripa...he said don;t put your hand on my mouth that is jsut rude...

now he was talking about coming in tonight...and the snow put him in the christmas spirit.

MCWL...he made some other joke and they are really laughing it I want to see the clack to this...

its like he is doing stand up...

he is on fire witht he banter.

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I love how he is singong this song...not forced at all...he is not steeming through it...

again missing the girls part here...

beautiful...he is taking care of his voice...

he he had timing problem but he covered it up so well..

wow his voice is just getting stronger...this is probably goign to be my favorite version of this song

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Wow great control with the high notes...and the transition to head and chest notes are excellent...

hee...he had to do his own back here...he must be missing Q&A for that...

wow...that was great.

WW....this is mostly piano I think...

some laughing..I think he is rpobably trying to do a little dance...

his voice is really excellent tonight...usually he is tigh on first night..but not tonight.

I bet he did rehearse this afternoon.

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Some cheering and clapping during the intrumentals...I bet he was doing some two steps...

I love his verison of this...very playful and flirty...

so far no real changes in the arrangements

banter...he is talkign with an audience member

She said they drove for seven hours and talking to the husband and said he is very patient...oh talkign to someon doing a cellcert

he is busting them...he said they are stealing the concert...

and they are taking picture...OMG...there is so many funny stuff.

asked mary how old she is ...41..I think its their anniversary

Christmas he squed to that song very smoothly...he is such a pro now...

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Some conversation with a couple in the audience from Ohio? He also sounded like he was dinging somebody (humorously) with a cellphone - compared to illegal downloading. I think that ship has sailed a long time ago dude. :P

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OMG...his voice is jsut so beautiful on this song. He has developed his interpretation so much...even better than last years versions.


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