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First show...Genesee Theatre, Waukegan, IL


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From CH:

his might duplicate but...

Clay: "Waukegan, who here is actually FROM Waukegan?" It was my birthday yesterday. Tghe lady on the plane thought I was 29. I felt like going home. I thought I looked like 21.

I'm a little nervous this evening...I've never performed live with a full orchestra... they're all dressed nice... sleek... I'm not that classy, so I'm a little scared.

They are using big words, like ?? and Leonardo... I just say things like slower, faster, out... lol.

We're going to do soemthing different this year.

OMG, he referenced RIPAGATE. :LOL

He's a comedian!

Told people not to go around sticking their hands over people's mouths -- it's RUDE!

He has the Xmas spirit early because of the snow.

MCWL (Merry Christmas with Love).


ok..I usually have problems with this song...and so far he hasnt pushed this too much....GAH his voice is just so pwerful that the phone cannot handle it.

From Ch...

Someone in chat said gray sweater, blue shirt.

From CH...

People got in late. Jim and Carol.

Drove 7 hours through the snow

Jim, did she pay you?

Jim says Carol slept the whole way.

She's got friends on the phone and he is teasing her.

This more than just the Clay singing show, he's bantering away.

GAH...he added some really great vocal flourishes...without really losing control...WOW ...just WOW...I lvoed that...

again a favorite version...


How can he just get better and better and better..

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From CH...


This is like cabaret Clay - just Clay and the music and his audience.



totally agree with this...its like a Cabaret...intimate performance with great banter...

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Talkign to somone in the first row and about hwo they are watchignbhis feet and did they know they would be watchign that...

introduced Jesse Vargas...and talking about the orchestra and how professional they are...that he is not...

he said something else that got people saying AWWW

sayign a lot about the orchestra...he is asking where people are from...now he is pluggin a performance of the orchestra. and plugged the community theater

and then there was a lot of applause...did he strip or something?

oh he went to the piano? I don;t know...he did soemthing and everyone is laughing...

gah the banter is just so good


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I honestly don;t know what the lyrics of this song should be...

I think he started with some ooooos

he is trying to get back in the mood for the song...

MY GOD...that vocie is jsut soaring...

he is singing this a lot slower...

so much more expressive...how did he do that.

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Wow ...the bridge....and the glory note...was so great...

he is jsut singing with so much more feelings

if this is how he compensates for no back ups...I don;t think we need them ever...



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toni said he took off his jacket. Praying for excellent Clack!

this was why there was a huge...cheer

WOW...his voice is sooo strong....he scared me witht eh coughign a kidney remark...but I dont; think he will have a problem.

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Hi, everybody....Couchie and I checking in...She just said, "I'm just fat and happy." We ate some tri-tip and caesar salad and are sipping on some cabernet.

Life sucks.

At least you're not a fat 29-year-old. I gotta get a clear copy of this banter.

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