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Norfolk, VA:Scope Arena


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From CH,,,

Person on other end of cell phone is from Raleigh.

What's her address?

Lenheart Drive?

I'm sending her a bill.

Sounds like he had Bridget up on stage. I think he said "she cussed on my family show". I can't wait to see the clack of this!

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From CB

he got the words screwed up in that one.. but did good..talking about go back on the internet and hear I screwed up.. they know it already..

talking to a lady from Minn.. how old are you .. she said 40 something. ..what is forty somethin..I think she said I promise I will straighten up.. lots of laughter..

you been to allthese shows so far..cant make out what she said. .but heard her say but I don't know.. he said you know MDYK right..she said I know you alwasy mess it up..

he is on fire tonight.. mr entertainer..she has her fingers all over his leg..holy crap...and he aint backing off..

I think he's talking to mad4clay/Bridget - she just told him that he really messed up MDYK! He just invited her to come up and sing with him!!

he wants her to come up on stage and sing it with him...since she knows all the words!!!!

Did you hear what she said mom??? She said you did that one really bad...he called her up on stage to sing it better than him...crowd is roaring!!! Clay is on fire tonight!!!!!

he said how the hell did you know all the words to these songs.. he said I cused during a family show..I apolozie lady and gentlemen.. you dont get that from me very often.. I will try my best to think before I talk...

lady in orchestra is dying laughing don't think she can play.



Just turned to orchestra and said something like "I apologize, you don't get stuff like this at your concerts very often, huh?" (referring to fan/audience interaction)." Then said something like "they're a different breed" (meaning us hardcore fans)!

Told Bridget he would try to get all the words right to the next song - right into HTHAS/OCAYF.

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There seems to be some debate over who actually said "hell" - Clay or Bridget. We'll have to go to the Clack for the answer. The stream was buffering for me, so I didn't hear it myself.

from the reports bridget said something like that wasn;t good...but its him that said how thehell did you know all those words...then apologized for cursing...

at least that is what I am reading on the other boards.

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Animal protection issue! That's important too!

That's my passion!

He didn't do his usual "baby's that a fact" and no one screamed! Seemed weird to not hear screams at that line!

He seems to be taking a long time to come back out.

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good..why do people want to catch clay cursing....well I don't consider hell or damn a curse word.... heee but the man doesn't have to curse to get his snarky points across

And I'm not even sure he said "damn" last night. I just watched the clack again from Baltimore...and I could swear he's saying "dang."

But ITA couchie. Does cursing make him more attractive?

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there was something wrong with the mic...

the micstand had a lot of problems

he did the fly story turned around to check his fly

his brother was here voluntarily not like other men in the audience

mentioned Pearl Harbor day

grey suit and grey ashmere sweater and grey shirt and tie...

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The concensus is that there is major stubble. It doesn't look like he has shaved since last night.

And he better not shave until after Williamsport!

Sounds like a lot of people left for his half and even more before AIW.

Guess not everyone loves him. :glare:

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Clay danced with her twirled her around

talked to somebody that bought 16 tickets of the front row

Bridget went to more than 40 concerts

Clay was sitting on the stage and Bridget was standing in front of him

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when he snarked about the binoculars they said that its to see his hair...

then he said do you see my grey hair

and then he said that his mom dyes her hair and he said he canot lie...

then when he talked about AHnging in the green his mom said it was sunday nights and he said oh I have been saying Wednesday...and when someone trie to interrupt him he said are you from my church? You are not mymom ...

after going to the audiencea woman asked for a hug at first he said if he gave ehr one he would have to give other one but then he gave her a hug anyway

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