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Greensboro, NC...War memorial Auditorium


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I was thinking pranks as well...I love final shows.

I do too...even if they feel very bittersweet.

I cannot wait to see the clack from this show....I hope I can find the time tomorrow to get some of it....busy all day.

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From CB:

lots of applause..he is talking now..must be playing with the mic..SR...clapping along.. sounds wonderful...lots of hooting and howerling.. giddy ;up giddy up lets go.. winter wonder.. giddy up giddy up its grand holding your hand..cheeks are nice and rosey nice and cozy are we..lovely weather for a sleigh ride with you..laughing again. sounded like his mic popped again..there it went absolutely crazy popping. .they are out of control......totally out of control...he is still trying to sing..

"We gotta get this mike fixed because we've got a Jesus song coming up."

Word of the Day, I think.

Hee I bet the soudn epople are doing it on purpose...

Word of the day...

flag·eo·let /ˌflædʒəˈlɛt, -ˈleɪ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[flaj-uh-let, -ley] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation


1. a small end-blown flute with four finger holes in front and two in the rear.

2. any fipple flute.flag·eo·let /ˌflædʒəˈlɛt, -ˈleɪ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[flaj-uh-let,

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that is the closest word to the word psoted in the CB...

In CB they posted it as flageloleto...but no word like that...only flag·eo·let ...so don;t know if that is the word.

but its soemthing with woodwind...

WOW that is the best laaaamb ever!!!!

this MDYK is the best...I want an mp3...

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Whiplash! From another fancy eye-talian term that sounds more than just a tad smutty right into singing about Baby Jesus. :blink: Only Clay could manage that.

And that's why I LOVE the man with the passion of a thousand suns....he's so multifaceted, and so contradictory. In other words, human. :P

Gosh, that was a great MDYK! But I couldn't tell...did he get the words right?

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What are they cheering about?????

I heard "Crazy" and "This is the South" in close proximity.... ;)

MGUCL banter. I think he introduced some of his family members, and is now talking about Brett. How could Faye listen to this song and intro without crying?

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